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Grand Princess Suite laundry question

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We are booked in a suite on our upcoming Hawaii cruise.  As we will be away for a total of 20 days with pre and post cruise travelling, wondering how the laundry service is.  Is it safe to send all types of clothing, should it be limited to socks and undergarments?  Would definitely help with the packing if I can count on laundry.  Is it better to just make time to use the self-laundry?

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I have enjoyed Suite Laundry services on the Grand on several occasions.  We sent everything from jeans and socks to bras and blouses.  Never had a single problem.  I certainly would not spend a minute doing laundry on my Hawaiian vacation.

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I just like to tell you check your clothes when you get them back for little holes. It has happened a couple of times to me. 😡

(See Photo) The holes are small but after you wash them again they get bigger & bigger. 



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We used the laundry service on Crown Princess on a transatlantic cruise and had no issues at all.  Sent blouses, shirts, trousers etc and were back next day all pressed and ready to go - great extra for suite passengers - make the most of it.  

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I've sent almost everything out.  If I have any concerns, I use "dry clean" instead of laundry.  Dry Cleaning is not the normal one used on land.  


I haven't had any problems, but then again, I wouldn't chance sending out really good stuff.


  • Best part about suite laundry is that it will come back within 36 hours.
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Don’t forget to mark the ticket for same day. If you get the laundry in by 8-9:00am it will be delivered that night. We generally set out the laundry at night after getting ready for dinner, and it’s

back in our cabin the next evening while we are at dinner. Same day has no extra charge for suite passengers. We have had some problems, but find the convenience worth the risk! They once shrunk a new sweater of my

husband’s - must have been laundered instead of

cleaned as marked, and we were reimbursed with no problem. 

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I don't send anything that is delicate or could possibly shrink.  Although I have been told that the laundry would be returned the same day, on my last two cruises it has taken 48 hours to receive the clean laundry back.  On my cruise on the Grand in October, I overheard another suite passenger asking our room steward the afternoon before disembarkation when her laundry would be returned.  I hope that she got it back. 

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Do not do laundry.  The suite perk of laundry service is invaluable.  Watch your onboard account.  You'll see laundry being charged to your account and then credited back for every load (unless this practice has been changed recently).  If it doesn't get credited back contact passenger services and they take care of it instantly, but also be patient.  You may see a charge in the morning and it is gone by afternoon.  I suspect that the charge and credit is an accounting and tracking need that they do to know that laundry has been processed for your cabin and then credited back based on your cabin class.


I've sent items for dry cleaning while on board, typically my work wear, which also doubles for what I bring to wear on formal nights.  I've sent pants, sport coats, ties, the whole gamut of dry clean only stuff to the laundry.  My wife has sent her dry clean only dresses, blouses, sweaters, etc., and they have all come back just as nice as our local dry cleaner.  Be sure to fill out separate laundry tickets for your dry clean only items and your regular laundry items, and bag separately.  I generally ask my cabin steward for multiple laundry bags and laundry tags at the beginning of the cruise and he keeps me stocked with laundry bags and knows to expect a couple of them each morning.  Delicate items should probably be bagged and tagged separately from your regular wash items, kind of like dry cleaning, and the tag marked as such.  The laundry bags are kind of small, so you may find yourself using many on a daily basis.


When you get your clothing back from the cleaners you'll want to examine for little sticky tags with numbers on them.  They are really sticky and kind of hard to get off; but if you don't take them off they can rub you the wrong way, literally.  These are the tags they use to track the items as they are washed, dried and pressed.


Have fun on your cruise and be sure to use all the suite perks.

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