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Carnival gift cards???


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17 hours ago, Cruisinforsun8 said:

Hi, best place to buy discount carnival gift cards???  Don't see through AARP anymore........TIA


I also do not have Allstate Ins. but joined Allstate Rewards & have bought many discounted cards through them.


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  On 10/28/2019 at 7:31 PM, Laurab23 said:

Sorry for asking what is most likely posted but too many pages to read. Do you have to have Allstate insurance to get the Carnival gift cards?




It's a little more complicated for non-Allstate customers to sign up because you have to use the app first. Here's the rundown I posted a while back...


For non-Allstate customers, you must create a new Allstate Rewards account through the Allstate Mobile app. Install the app and accept their terms of service. Then click on Create an Account under the orange Log In button. On the next screen, non-customers need to choose Drivewise Only (No Allstate policy). If asked, you have to turn on location tracking through your phone's GPS. I'll go into more detail about this later. You'll probably have to agree to another terms of service. Then fill out your information (name, address, etc.). From there, I can't remember where it takes you, but it should be self-explanatory from that point.


Drivewise is their safe-driving program. You can use the app and Drivewise to track you via GPS (this is why it wanted you to turn on location tracking during setup). You'll earn points by staying under a certain speed limit (I think it's 85 mph) and avoiding braking hard. After you travel so far and meet their requirements, you get points. I think it takes at least a couple days to earn points each time. With that said, I have never used the Drivewise tracking and never will.


Once you create your account with the app, you technically don't need the app anymore if you don't want it. I've deleted mine. If you want to use it, you can enter promo codes and buy the gift cards using the app, but you have to have location tracking turned on, even if you don't use Drivewise. Another reason why I don't use it.


You'll get a bunch of points for signing up. I think it's 10,000 for registering a new account and another 5,000 the first time you go to the rewards website. In addition, go back through this thread. It's a long, tedious process, but it's worth it if you want the points. There are dozens of codes shared in this thread that will literally get you tens of thousands of points. Some of them have expired, but many of them are still good.


If you don't want to use the Allstate app, you can login through their rewards website: https://myaccountrwd.allstate.com/anon/account/login?campaign=145. You can also go to https://www.allstaterewards.com, but that just redirects to the other URL. Enter promo codes at the top of the page. You purchase the gift cards by going to the Gift Cards tab, then the Travel category.


The ordering and shipping process for Allstate Rewards is identical to the old AARP Rewards for Good program, if you were a member of that. Allstate's Carnival cards are the physical cards that get shipped to you, so you'll have to pay shipping. They haven't had e-cards in a long time. If your order totals under $500, the cards will be shipped to you through USPS and you will not have to sign for them. If your order totals $500 or more, they'll be shipped via UPS and you will have to sign for them. For orders that are shipped UPS, I recommend creating a free UPS MyChoice account and installing the app. It'll let you track your gift card order from their site or your phone, and also provides some other services, both free and for a fee.



You can thank Organized Chaos for this info

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I started buying them through my Swagbucks account. When you buy them you essentially earn points. I then cash out my points to PayPal. The gift cards are electronic so the whole process is pretty easy.

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We buy them when Kroger has their 4x fuel points. We end up with about 4 free fill ups of gas at 35 gallons each. So if gas is $2.30 per gallon then we are getting $81.00 of free gas for each fill up. Much better than the 10% that we used to get thru Verizon or AARP.

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