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What’s good at Horizon Court first day


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35 minutes ago, PRINCESS Sweet Pea said:

Are there items in the dining room that are worth going to lunch there?  I am thinking the menu is small.  Thanks!

They have a lovely shrimp and avocado starter; one cruise I will get up the nerve to order two or three and just make that my entire lunch.  I used to like the chickpea soup, but the past couple of cruises, it's been only so-so (way too much cumin).  The main course salmon is quite nice; I've not tried any of the other mains. 


You're right that the selection is limited -- certainly in comparison to a buffet!  But the pleasure of being served and just relaxing, especially after the bustle of taxis and security lines and funneling through the gangway tube and so forth, more than makes up for any limitations of the menu. 

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3 hours ago, arowe6 said:

Another vote for avoiding the buffet on embarkation and finding someplace else. Much much calmer and more enjoyable, IMO. 

enjoy your cruise! 


Andrew you are 100% correct. I totally agree with you. 

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We enjoyed the DR for lunch on embarkation (CROWN).  I was surprised to be handed a small card with dining options as we stepped aboard.  (This included the Da Vinci DR when it is well-reported this lunch is almost top-secret).  I was literally the first new passenger to board and perhaps they were handing these out to the first group knowing it was Elites and Suites.  Seems hard to believe they handed out 2,000 of those.  (It was our first time boarding as Elite).


We had done Alfredo's often on the Royal Class ships or the buffet (which is not an issue when among the early boarders).  This time, I decided the MDR was good to try and four of us enjoyed it.



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Assume lunch? A lot depends on the ship. Royal, Regal and now Sky will have extensive buffets open for lunch on boarding day. Hot, cold, salads, tacos, carving station, plus more & more & more. Dining is indoors or outdoors, you select. These ships also have Alfredo's, no charge, which in my opinion is a nice choice. On almost all ships the International Cafe, sandwiches and salads is also a nice choice. We frequently go to the gill or pizza by the pool. Also nice, it's the kind of comfort food we enjoy. While the DR is open noon to 1:30, maybe 11:30 to 1:00, we personally don't like it. It just takes too long to eat lunch.

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jefa:  Our last couple trips on the Regal....no deep fried breaded scallops.  We hunted but to none to be seen.  Even asked chef w hat standing in buffet and he said they had none.  So disappointed.  We had to settle for deep fried breaded shrimp.  Poor us.   We're on the Sky soon, so we'll hope they have the scallops.  

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8 hours ago, jefa said:

I have always gone to the buffet on embarkation day as it's the only day I see deep-fried breaded scallops, and I make an absolute pig of myself!

I think breaded prawns/shrimp too.  Yes, we enjoy those too. I'll find out for sure on Wednesday. 😄

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On 11/23/2019 at 7:43 PM, weedpindle said:

Well, knowing that the menu varies each day how do you expect to know what they will have on any particular day?

For many years the first day at the Horizon Court was generally the same for each cruise.  There were things I looked forward to on embarkation day such as blintzes, fried scallops, hearts of palm salad....all of which have been "removed from rotation" according to the staff.  Things have changed drastically the last couple of years (for the worse) so I don't know what they offer now.



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