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Encore / Live / Solo(*)- Dec 1-8-2019...


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5 minutes ago, sid_9169 said:

Have you ever noticed that some people are just completely oblivious to the entire world around them? Example: I was at the bar, and this guy walks up. He's leaning over the bar, and just starts coughing his lungs out. I mean over and over, and he's not even making any attempt to cover his mouth. I wanted to drag the guy up and throw him overboard. I guess he's one of those idiots that thinks everyone else's germs: bad. But, my germs: good... This is just one example, but there have been many...


Drives me nuts!!

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2 hours ago, deedle7544 said:



Glad you didn't get your eye!  Pretty sure it still hurt, tho.


1 hour ago, Mutumbojimbo said:

I'm glad you managed not to knock yourself out. The ship looks amazing , thanks for the review. I'm trying to give you and Greg equal time, but I don't think I'm reading much else on CC this week 🤣


P.S. I really can't fathom the bare feet and sleeping in the OL. Maybe someone could take pics every sailing and post them, sort of public shaming for truly gross behavior.


Could be a new website, kind of like those people of WalMart sites!


As for me, I don't even like my own bare feet, never mind other people's.  Yuck!

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10 minutes ago, kpark895 said:





Could be a new website, kind of like those people of WalMart sites!



Between the feet on the Encore and Greg's harrowing encounter with a man's stomach getting far too close to the Mongolian Wok on the Magic, I'm surprised we're not seeing ALL drink pictures on both reviews. It does seem like there would be plenty of fodder for a "people of cruise ships" site 


A couple personal notes: my wife and I were already discussing the timing for a pre-cruise pedicure - so our feet are presentable (they still don't go on furniture bare) and, as a big guy, I've never had trouble keeping my stomach out of the food (see St. Greg's review) only keeping the food out of my stomach. 🤣

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23 hours ago, sid_9169 said:

Every single seat is either occupied or "saved" on the main pool deck...




And we now have concrete evidence of what all of us feared in the "Everything Encore" thread.  How is this fun?  Even if you're lucky enough to secure a chair, you're elbow to elbow with strangers while on vacation.  

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Re:  Coughing dude.....never have I encountered more rude and narcissistic people as I have on a cruise....ON ANY CRUISE LINE!


Re:  “C”.....I’ve made the I feel badly for the “ex”.  Let me try an be nice/do something together to make her feel good, again.  After 24 hours...”oh yeah, now I remember”!  God Bless you for including her.  You’ll get points for that, I’m sure!


Carry on.  Loving it!

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3 hours ago, sid_9169 said:

I just came about one inch from a sure trip to the emergency room... I was laying down my towel, and bent down to put my t-shirt and phone under the lounger, and hit my forehead about two inches from my eye pretty good. It's not bleeding, but it's definitely going to leave a mark... Here's a picture of the new loungers. Notice the pointed tip at the end of the curved armrest...




Emergency Dr. on a ship = draining of the bank account.


Been there....don't do it Sid!!!

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I walked back and into the Galaxy Pavilion...



There were probably about twenty total people using the facility... There are several different virtual reality type games, which I assume cost the parents a small fortune...


They even have a Walk the Plank, except on the Getaway and Escape have an actual Walk the Plank...



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They had some snacks that looked good in the OL, so I got a plate. I was standing there eating, and an employee walked by and said "go ahead and have a seat, you'll be more comfortable" ... I just smiled and declined his offer... Meanwhile, these two were about ten feet away just snoring loudly...




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So I've been thinking about the foot problem and I think it mostly comes down to unrealistic expectations given the circumstances. Encore is a ship that's currently sailing around the Caribbean, where even though it's winter days are usually in the 80s (mayyyybe high 70s) and everyone is escaping the cold. The vast majority of the passengers are walking around in flip flops or sandals - ie shoes that you do not wear socks with - yet the expectation is that they wear socks on the furniture. So you're expecting them to have socks even though the majority aren't wearing footwear that requires socks. Expectations =/= reality. And expecting people to carry around socks with them is also unrealistic. 


If they actually want people to wear something covering their feet then it would be much more likely to happen if there were foot coverings to be had in the location - removing the need for passengers to not only carry around something that's only needed in one specific area but also removing the need to remember that.


To be honest it doesn't bother me that much -- do you think people are wearing socks when they're on the furniture in the rooms? Probably bare feet are all over that couch/chair in your cabin. And I would think the bottoms of shoes would be much grosser. 

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