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Recent Medallion delivery timing?

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I'm on the Royal January 4...so, just over three weeks away...

Just wondering about recent experiences withe delivery of the Medallions.

US mail, correct?

How many days in advance of embarkation have people been receiving them?


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10 minutes ago, voljeep said:

2 weeks before by FEDEX for us 


Thanks.  Fedex is good.  Timing could be better:  I'm sort of hoping they beat that two weeks by at least a day...Two weeks, for us, would be December 21.  But, we're leaving for Portland the late afternoon (evening flight) of the 20th to visit the daughters.  I guess I'll have to hope the package gets here by the 20th...then, if not, contact Fedex and ask them to hold it for delivery until we're back home on the 26th...


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For the recent Royal Princess sailing I ended up taking a move over offer from, we ordered medallions roughly 3 weeks before the sailing date, and had them in hand within about a week.  Oddly enough, ours seem to have been delivered from Singapore...

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37 minutes ago, Bruin Steve said:

It sounds like they've been beating that two weeks...GOOD!

So, if they're shipping by Fedex, is there any kind of advance notice--like an email with the tracking ID number?


I got notification that I was getting a package from Singapore a couple of days prior to receiving the package 

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We also received an email when they were shipped but there was no tracking number for the FedEx packages.  We received the latest set of them over 2 weeks in advance (sorry don't remember exact timing).  I thought it was because they were coming from LA and that's why we got them so quickly.  I'd think you'd get them a little more than two weeks beforehand because of your location in the valley.  I have about 30 friends on that sailing too and those that didn't finish their online check-in were getting notices last week to get it done which to me, means that they're ready, or almost ready, to ship them out.

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So, funny thing.  I received our a couple of days ago and we sail on the 22nd.  I called Princess the day before they arrived to ask about them and was told they were going to be shipped in the next day or so due to the battery life.  This was after the person put me on hold to check about it.  So, first, they arrive the next day and the agent didn't even know and, second, I have learned that there is no battery.  While they arrived on time and look great with our names and sail date engraved, I am guessing that Princess's own agents might need Medallion Education 101.  But, we're going a big ol' boat for 2 weeks . . .so, it's all good!  Happy sailing.  🙂  

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Okay, first, apparently, there IS a battery!  There is another thread on the board where someone took one apart...and, yes, it contains a battery...


Okay, I still don't have mine in hand yet...BUT...


Yesterday, I got a little excited.  I got a text message directly from FedEx telling me I had a package arriving by the end of the day.  I thought "this has got to be it".  Then I realized that I could log into FedEx's website and get more information.  I found out that it wasn't it.  We have a stockbroker/investment advisor who, every holiday time, sends us a big cooler full of meat from Omaha Steaks.  That package yesterday was coming from Omaha...and, sure enough...Omaha Steaks.


Still haven't received a notice from Princess...But, this morning I once again logged onto my FedEx account...and there was a new item:


"Estimated delivery date: Tuesday 12/17/2019 by 10:30 am


Label created

Shipment information sent to FedEx














Travel History

Monday , 12/16/2019 2:47 am  Shipment information sent to FedEx"


So...looks pretty good that I'll be receiving the Medallions Tuesday morning--18 days ahead of embarkation!!!
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We drove to Florida before Thanksgiving for a Dec 1st cruise on the Regal

We told Princess not to ship our Medallions and we picked them up at the pier.

We had the fastest embarkation experience on Princess that we ever had.

We were on line for the dining room lunch at 11:50 AM

The Medallions worked very well and it was nice to be able to open the cabin door without having to stick a card in the slot or even touch the Medallion.

You can also locate others in your party with the Ocean App



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We boarded the Regal yesterday and it was the quickest boarding ever. I did not deal with the Medallion app on my phone because we were coming to Fort Laud a few days early and I just didn't bother. I figured out the app while our plane was taxiing to the terminal last week, so I did everything but download our passports.

We arrived at the port yesterday at 10:10 AM and we were put right through and our passports were scanned and our medallions were already there for us. We were told to go through the waiting area and board the ship (we are elite) and we boarded at 10:20 AM......amazing! There were lots of people in the terminal filling out forms for the medallion.

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