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Central Park Balconies


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I haven't actually stayed in a Central Park balcony but I'll share the reasons I won't stay in one:

  1. I like to look at the ocean when I sail.
  2. I dislike having to have my curtains drawn so that the people across from my can't see into my room.


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1 hour ago, tomroach said:

Could you give me any pros or cons that you have experienced staying in a Central Park Balcony.


They can be hot because they don’t get a lot of breeze.  But in the evenings there is always beautiful soothing music being played, so it is nice to sit on your balcony and listen...

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We always try and book Central Park staterooms when cruising on Oasis class ships have always been extremely pleased with them and find them fantastic value.

We’ve never had a issue with any lack of privacy or air circulation and if we’ve ever wanted a view of the ocean we can always find one.

They are just so peaceful all day and in the evenings find nothing better than sitting on the balcony with a drink whilst listening to the superb music that is being played from the park below.

Oh and of course you are near our favourite Trellis Bar.


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In the past ten years I have sailed at least once on each of the four Oasis class ships.  The only ocean balcony was arranged by my older daughter, where we had two connecting cabins.  One was a handicapped cabin to accommodate my son-in-law who is in a motorized wheelchair.  I shared the other cabin with my teenage grandson, who spent much of his time sleeping, with the drapes closed.  I joined DD & DSIL on their balcony a few times, but I was more interested in the entertainment and exploring the ship, as this was my first cruise.


On my second cruise, I traveled with my younger daughter, and we chose an interior cabin to keep the costs down.  Next time out, we got a Central Park balcony, and we were SOLD!  That’s the only kind we’ll choose now.


 I have never found the cabins to be too hot, and don’t have any problems with privacy.  The only time we feel the need to close the drapes is after dark when we are dressing with the ceiling lights on.  When we are clothed, and without the bright lights on, we keep the drapes (and often the balcony door) open.


As others have mentioned, the view of the park is beautiful and soothing, the live musicians in the evening are very enjoyable, and people-watching is fun, especially from decks 10 & 11.  We often sit on the balcony to play cards or Scrabble.  Before you base your decision on the nay-sayers (some of whom have never even stayed in a CP balcony cabin), if not overlooking the ocean 24/7 isn’t a deal breaker, I suggest you give Central Park a try.  


I almost hesitate to encourage more people, because it might make it harder for us to get the cabin we want on future cruises, but my daughter and I think these cabins are the BEST for us.  (For more comments, check my post on a thread about neighborhood balcony perks ending.)

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I've never had a problem with CP balconies (had them on Oasis and Harmony), but I don't necessarily "prefer" them -- they're just often cheaper than an inside!

Biggest pro -- low cost.
Other pros -- you can clip your wet swimwear to a chair to drip dry, and you have a balcony to sit on if you like that sort of thing.

I don't really have any cons to them -- I'm on a ship, I'm a happy camper.  

I've never had any problem with privacy -- I don't go onto the balcony in a state of undress, nor do I perform any private acts on the balcony.  It's really quite difficult to see inside the room unless it's nighttime and the lights are on and all the drapes are open... and the room steward always pulls the drapes shut as part of turn-down service, so it's never been an issue.  

The fact that you can't see the ocean from the balcony isn't an issue for me, either -- I typically cruise in an inside room.  I have cruised in insides, oceanview windows, CP balconies, and oceanview balconies on a multitude of ships, and I just am not a person who uses a balcony (even with an ocean view) -- they're a waste of money for me, as I'd rather be on the pool deck / solarium area.  Other people use their balcony every single day for hours and hours -- for those people, a balcony is an essential part of their cruise experience and worth every penny.  


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1 hour ago, cruisegirl1 said:

Wouldn’t there be the  same issue with an ocean view balcony on deck 14?


Indeed, we avoid the deck under the pool whenever possible. Unfortunately,  many older ships have suites on that deck. When they designed Oasis, they realized that shortcoming

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12 hours ago, John&LaLa said:

The ones that end in 229 and 629 have dbl width balconies. Thats nice.





Nice! Well unfortunately ours isn't a 29. We are about 3 or 4 from aft. We'll squeeze us on there if we have too! 😁



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We tried one for the first time on Oasis 2 years ago.


The biggest "pro" was the significant price difference between the CP balcony and the ocean view balcony across the hall (we still have a school-aged kid at home and have to cruise during peak weeks).


We had ZERO issues with privacy or the balcony being too hot.  It was lovely at night, with the music playing.  The complaints about privacy always make me laugh - the rooms are narrow and deep, so unless you are naked on your balcony or right by the sliding glass door, the peeper across the way would have to work really hard to see all the way into your room - and it's so easy to just close the drapes if you're worried about seeing or being seen.  Literally takes less than a second.


Some will cite the free bottle of wine as a "pro", but we're not wine drinkers.  I brought the bottle home to my daughter and she was not overly impressed with it.


I still love an ocean view though so if cost was not an issue, I would look to book those first - but I enjoyed my cruise just as much in the CP balcony.

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We have sailed in CPV a few times.  Found the cabins slightly larger then the Ocean view.  Liked the big picture windows on deck nine and the balconies on the other decks (except under the pool deck)   It was nice and very cost effective- you get light and can see outside- a little freaky not to see the sea- but so much better then a small oceanview or inside cabin.

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