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Explorer Suite 784


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Daisy -- I think the references to noise were from suites 1200/1201.  Anyway RonRick from Palm Springs had that suite a year or so ago and loved it.  Ask them for info.  We have booked 785 on the Splendor for the 14 March San Diego/Miami cruise.  I will take LOTS of photos as you can imagine...  And will post them here or you can e mail me about the suite which is the same as the 784/785 on the Explorer...no change in decor apparently.



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On 12/19/2019 at 7:13 PM, DaisyUK said:

Thank you both for responding! Gerry - can't wait to see your pics. I know you have been waiting a long time for this cruise, and am looking forward to hearing what you think of the ship and suite. 

So am I . !!

We leave 6 March for California...  then 14 March from San Diego.  I am literally counting the days -and soon the hours!  Take care, g

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I'm in 784 now.   I will post pics once we return, ship wifi is too slow to deal with the time it will take to upload. 


In regards to noise, it's very quiet 95% of the time.  The only serious complaint at this point is while docking, the room shakes for a solid 5 minutes if not more while the captain gets the boat positioned.   Makes for no chance to sleep in on days in port.   

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We have had stern suites on both Regent and Oceania (and love them -- SS Aft on Regent, Owners Suite on Oceania).  No matter which - when docking the captain uses the stern thrusters.  You will feel it.  So what?  You are on a ship, not in your own bed!!  If you are in the front the bow thrusters are used.  Same effect!


It doesn't last long.  Just long enough to get the ship positioned near enough to the quai to throw the lines across.


That is the only vibration we have felt, aside from one night on Riviera in the Owners Suite when we changed course, abruptly, for the Azores to do a Medical Evacuation.  The entire ship shook - not just our suite.  And this was due to the speed it went at.  Happily the evacuation was done (1000km range there and back for the Hélicos) and the passenger lived.  So - we lost some sleep!  Big deal!!


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Overall we were happy with the suite.  I do wish that the back part of the balcony had glass or a railing to see through.   We ended up spending the majority of our time on the side balcony, since it did have a view.   


Yes, it is a king size bed, the bedroom is quite spacious.   I'd prefer that they give some extra space to the living room though.  The furniture in the living room felt a bit oversized for the current space.   




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Thank you SO much for those photos, Snore42.  I am SO looking to being in 785 on the Splendor and really appreciate seeing the photos.


I have a question - is there a dining table on the balcony somewhere?   So that we can have dinner outside - and if so how many does it seat.  I see that the table in the living room only seats 4.     I particularly liked the canvas "roof" to the terrace and the lighting coming from it in the night time photo.   

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There is a dining table that has seats for four people.  It's small.  We had dinner outside, just us, one night and it was a lot of fun.   We did want to have a larger service and our butler (Ravi) said that wouldn't be a problem to make it for 6 people, we just ran out of time to plan that this trip.   There certainly is enough space on the deck for that many people or more.   The winds most of the time were non existent, there were some points where the wind was pretty strong though.  

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1201 living room IS bigger, just looked at my old pics of that room.  The dining table in 784 is smaller, holds 4 people.  I’m sure the butler can bring in a table for 6, but space is limited.  They should remove the single chair in the corner and move the dining to that area.  Right now in the 784 layout, the dining area blocks the entrance to the balcony.   

The chandelier in either room is VERY dangerous.   Many a heads have been hit on it.  Multiple butlers have told me they and customers have hit their heads on them.  Not sure if this is getting changed on splendor.  

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Seems that the BIG difference is that 784 and 785 have huge terraces and the other Grand suites have more room IN the suites.  (Which is just why I booked 785 on the Splendor for our cruise because we will be outside a lot (ins'Allah!!)


We can ask another couple for dinner - comfortably in 785 I think.  More than that - we have drinks...outside if we can ??


No matter what, Snore42 - thanks SO much for the photos.

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11 hours ago, Snore42 said:

784/785 are the safer choice.  I did like that the 1200/1201 had more direct sun on the balcony, but the wind and motion play a big factor in risking going with 1200/1201.   

We have been in forward facing suites before - Vista Suite on Riviera for example.  We loved the suite and the balcony was bigger than that of the Owners Suite (which we had for a TA)...but you could not use the Vista suite balcony when underway, nor could you even go out to stand outside because it was forbidden to have any light in front of the Bridge.  (Totally understandable!) .  Given we are cruising from San Diego southwards I am really looking forward to those Pacific sunsets viewed from 785's terrace...  And to being outside in the evenings.

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