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My View: A Merry Meraviglia Christmas in a Fantastica Balcony


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Some Views of the Ship:

As promised, I will be posting some pictures of the ship today.  I hope that the quality shows up better while posting from the iMac.  For some reason my Nikon pictures are getting downgraded when I post from the iPad.  Either way, it will at least give a few more views of venues on the ship.


Main Dining Areas:

One MDR is on deck 5 (Waves), while 3 additional main dining rooms are on deck 6.  This is the area on deck 6:













Panorama - Aft dining:



One of the 'olives'  😁









TIP:  If you have a specific dining request, you can go to the restaurant manager on boarding day to make your request.  Even though the ship had been fully booked, they honored our request for a smaller table.  Just know that they may not be able to accommodate the request, but they will try.

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My husband and I have done 35+ cruises, but the family going with us on the HOS are all newbies to cruising.  You gave lots of info, suggestions,  and superb photos that we have shared with them to get them ready for the trip.  Visuals are so important, as they have no point of reference for cruising, let alone on a large ship. 


There are 4 active, sports-minded children going, so Harmony should keep them well-occupied! 


Our first MSC trip in a few weeks on Mera is in Yacht Club, but your report filled in so many areas for us on the whole ship, which is a huge help for me in planning our activities. 


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Champagne Bar and Game Room/Library:

This area tended to be crowded on sea days.  They also have the future cruise desk here, but unfortunately only had one available agent to sell future cruises.








The bar area is beautiful:







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Deck 7:


TIP:  This is the best deck to get a good view of the dome shows, without having to strain your neck much - especially if you stand on the bridge in the center.


Forward view from the bridge:



Aft view from the bridge:



Kaito Sushi and Teppanyaki:







Butcher's Cut:

It really is awkward how the tables are set on the walkway where crowds pass you during dinner.  Not a very good design.






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TV Studio and Bar:


TIP: This is where you pick up your tender tickets if you visit a tender port like Belize. People seemed to have trouble finding it, but it is the lounge across the way from the pub.













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3 hours ago, APDMOM said:

Thank you, @LuCruise 🙂 One of these days we will have to end up on the same cruise!


I am with you on Oasis class - definitely my favorite for RCL - hoping to also sail Quantum class now that they are finally bringing a ship to Florida.  Prices are a bit steep, but we keep looking.


My next cruise is on Adventure on March 14th.  I told my husband we are definitely addicted if that feels “too far away”!   😂

Would be wonderful if one day our cruise paths crossed and we were on the same one. 😊


DH and I just got off Adventure!  Great ship!  I think you've been on her before, right?


I'm with you....especially after this last cruise, I am really itching to go on another (even though it's the shortest span for us between cruises).  Is that your spring break?  We go on Anthem that same weekend.  Yes, wonderful that Odyssey is out of Florida.  After some time, the price should be more reasonable....hopefully.  For us, NY is a shorter flight than to Florida so Anthem works well and excited to give her a try.


Thanks again for your wonderful review.  Happy New Year to you and your family.

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Deck 6 - Galleria Meraviglia:









By the Shops (Plaza Meraviglia):


TIP:  They had several raffles here with only about 50 to 70 people present.  You can just show up 10 minutes early, get a ticket, and have a good chance to win. You have to be present to win.





Meraviglia Bar and Lounge:

TIP:  They had complimentary potato chips and even eggnog and cookies some evenings.  This is also a popular venue for trivia and live music.







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TIP:  There are a couple of glass elevators kind of hidden from the aft elevator set.  They are past the Edge bar or guest services - just look on the deck plan for them.  At the start of the week they were not too busy, but when people found them they got really busy.  The best time to enjoy them is on a port day, when they are frequently empty:







Video of the glass elevator ride while in Ocean Cay:

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Finding your Cabin can be a Challenge!

The cabins are not numbered in a chronological manner.  For example, our cabin of 11390 was not even near 11392.  It confused us a bit at first, but I knew our cabin was not an 'inside' and had to be further down at the aft.  Don't follow the numbers on the doors - it can be very confusing.  Just look for your cabin on the deck plan first.  Look on this deck plan how the numbers go from 11392 to 11408, then you suddenly arrive at 11388 and 11390.  Another design flaw from poor planning:IMG_4205.thumb.jpeg.d06705808108d0810146f7a306b277b6.jpeg


A few pictures of more cabins:

On the last day, I snatched a few pictures of cabins that had already been vacated - just from the hallway, so they are not the best quality.  At least you can see the layout of the different cabins:


11284: Example of a cabin with bunk beds and the large bed by the closet



11286: Bed by the window/balcony:IMG_4909.thumb.jpeg.24edc1b7c3fec806870523de4b90b2a7.jpeg




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🏝️The End🏝️


Thank you for following along, for your kind comments, and for your contributions to Cruise Critic!  I look forward to ‘seeing’ you on our next voyage in a corner aft balcony on Adventure of the Seas (March 14th).


That is My “Glass Half Full” View from my Aft Balcony.  (But really, my cup overflows).



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   Thank you very much for your great review. My wife and I sailed Seaside 2 years ago for our first ever cruise and will now be going on the Meraviglia in March with our 2 children. I believe you said earlier you'd be posting pictures of some of the bar menus (I could have missed them) and I was wondering if you were still planning on doing that? Thanks a lot for the time you put into this and I'm glad you had a great cruise!

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7 hours ago, Danny61231 said:


   Thank you very much for your great review. My wife and I sailed Seaside 2 years ago for our first ever cruise and will now be going on the Meraviglia in March with our 2 children. I believe you said earlier you'd be posting pictures of some of the bar menus (I could have missed them) and I was wondering if you were still planning on doing that? Thanks a lot for the time you put into this and I'm glad you had a great cruise!

@Danny61231,  Thank you for asking!  I totally forgot about the menus folder.  I will post them shortly.  


Enjoy planning your Meraviglia cruise. 😊

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Our Experience at the Bars:

Unfortunately, I did not get any of the inside bar menus.  However, the prices and options are not bad.  Of course, you can also go off menu to order favorite drinks (like my personal favorite, Amaretto Sour).  


We do not drink a lot and tried to stay to a $12 per day budget for drinks.  MSC definitely has more affordable options than other cruiselines we have experienced.  There is a great Cabernet Sauvignon in the MDR for $6 plus 15% gratuity (La Terre, I believe - just ask for the house wine).  Here is the menu from Marketplace Buffet (I think it is very similar in the MDR, but with many more options in the MDR):








We had a very good Amaretto Sour from the Bamboo Bar (extra cherries from the bar tender) for $7.50 plus 15%:




I tried a beertail from the pub. Unfortunately, it had a VERY strong cinnamon taste.  I did not think any of the ingredients should contain cinnamon, as it was a Cherry Orchard.  I am no expert though, so I did not return the drink.  We just learned to stay with our favorite ‘cheap’ drinks to be safe with our budget.  We made it with spending only about $10.20 per day on average 🙂


Cherry Orchard:


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