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Jim Zim's Norwegian Joy Cruise with Photos & Videos

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22 hours ago, mking8288 said:

Thank you, nicely done.  It's been 10 years since we sailed the Mexico Rivera (Norwegian Star then) ... I don't think DW wanted to fly west just to catch the refurbished Joy.  But, she's coming our way on the East in 2021 - should be on our bucket list.  


Arzeena ... I trust RJ and you are going to pencil this in the calendar, at some point 👴

We did this some years back. On the Star. LOVED it. It was from San Pedro to Miami, 15 days. It was supposed to be a once in a life time cruise, but did it twice again on Carnival...once a full transit and once a partial transit. And yes will do it again since we really enjoyed it every time. Trying to schedule one in may be next year. But I want to go to Hawaii again on Princess RT from California. And they are both long cruises so will have to plan.

I have filled several buckets with my list of to dos. RJ wants me to make a spread sheet and note all the bucket contents down...yeah like I have time for spreadsheeting! I have separation anxiety from Cruise Critic.😊What if I miss an excellent review!!!!

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21 hours ago, snorklinbarb said:

Mistake on my part.  You are right and I meant PV as I already have whale watching in Cabo booked.

Have the shorex plus the extra shorex credit so booking through the ship.


Nice to see your name here and hope we can cruise together sometime again!


RJ and I still remember you from the Dawn 2010 repo cruise. But we never met after that. So I too am hoping to see you soon on board.

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Thanks for the awesome review, Jim!  I admit I've been kind of "meh" on the Joy and newer ships, mostly because of the trend towards what are easily land based attractions.  But you do a great job of explaining just how awesome everything else is!  I would absolutely consider a Joy cruise now.


Question - What "level" of internet did you have?  I've been getting conflicting information about if the unlimited and unlimited premium is the same.  Some people say it is, at least one person has emphatically maintained that it's not, that premium is much, much faster.  Wondering if you have anything to add to that.  My husband simply CAN'T be away from work for an entire week, and I prefer to drag him along with me...

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I never tried any of the pizza onboard.  I get lots of pizza in my normal life, so I rarely eat it on a cruise ship.  Cruise ship pizza tends to be in the traditional Italian style, which is not really the way I like it.  I'm a California boy, who has grown up eating the pizza in California...  and it's not the way they make it in Italy.  Cruise ship pizza doesn't do it for me.  I like a thicker crust and a lot more toppings than what they serve on cruise ships.  I bet I would have a great time trying out pizza places in New York or Chicago...  and I look forward to discovering the best pizza places in my new home in Washington state after our move there next Fall...  but cruise ship pizza has always been a disappointment for me.

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We were on the Joy for the January 17 Panama Canal cruise. I agree with most everything you reported, especially the absolutely wonderful Observation Lounge. However, I have to say we LOVED the production of Footloose. We actually went twice. Different strokes for different folks, but just my two cents.

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On 12/22/2019 at 1:15 PM, Spaniel Lover said:


Room For Improvement




  • The Cruise Director was from Italy and spoke with a very thick Italian accent.  I would expect that on MSC or Costa...  but not on NCL.  In fact, in my nine cruises with NCL, I've only had one really great Cruise Director and quite a few really bad ones.  Whoever hires the Cruise Directors for NCL needs to pick much more qualified people...  and especially people with excellent speaking skills, with no trace of an accent.  After all, the vast majority of NCL passengers are Americans.








Ok, am I the only one who has a problem this this statement...


"Whoever hires the Cruise Directors for NCL needs to pick much more qualified people...  and especially people with excellent speaking skills, with no trace of an accent.  After all, the vast majority of NCL passengers are Americans." 


While you may be right, on most itineraries, Americans do make up the majority. But this statement rubs me raw...with no trace of an accent...🙄 I for one, have never had a cruise director where I couldn't understand them due  to their accent (maybe due to the speaker system) and even if I DID have a hard time understanding them, I certainly wouldn't want NCL to choose people just based on where they were born and if they have "no trace of an accent" 


I thought your review was pretty good and very informative, but really, that just made me want to 🤮Everyone IS entitled to their opinions but this one leaves a sour taste my mouth and had to give my 2 cents on it. 


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