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38 minutes ago, Jamietravelstheworld said:

Would someone please let me know if there are outlets available bedside, specifically 110v wall outlet? 




as I recall there are outlets bedside but they are European. I use them to charge my cell phone, using it as a bedside clock and alarm. I use the European 2 prong adapter. The phones will charge on either 110 or 220 ( as will most current electronics like ipads and laptops).

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I left my last Navigator cruise this past Oct 25, 2019.  We were in Suite 704 - A Deluxe Veranda Suite. Here's a picture of the receptacle panel that was right next to my bed.  As you can see, there was only a 220 volt receptacle.... NO (U.S.) 110 volt outlet.  I needed our room steward to bring me an extension cord that would reach from the 110 volt receptacle on the bar/dresser table across the room over to my bedside table, in order to plug in my CPAP machine.  If I had happened to bring along a 220 to 110 volt adapter plug (I will next time), I would not have needed the extension cord ( since the CPAP is a dual-voltage capable appliance).  Regards.



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That is an Italian 3 pin plug - 220v.   If you want to run a US 110v appliance off that you must have a transformer to step the voltage down to 110v not just an adaptor plug.


With an adaptor plug US/two pin European you can charge electronic "devices".  They run off both voltages.   I can use a Swiss 2 pin plug in the Italian socket shown.  I am not sure about UK or French 2 pins fitting into it!  If this is what Navigator has (and it is so long since I have been on board I don't remember...and for us it isn't an issue anyway(!)) then chances are Voyager will have the same.  Maybe someone on board now can take a photo?

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True - it’s very important to understand the difference between an ‘adapter plug’ and a ‘step-down transformer’ or ‘converter’.


I think most of you know this, but if you look at the input specs on your device, you’ll see if it’s rated for one specific voltage or whether you can plug it into anything.  I usually bring a 5 or 6 port multi-voltage USB charger and just run everything off of that.  


If you somehow plug a 110V only device into a 220V outlet using a plug adapter, well, you’ll be made aware of your mistake very, very quickly...and sometimes in spectacular fashion.   😳💥🔥

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If you see on your "device or appliance"  - 110-240v   it doesn't matter what the voltage input is.  If it says 100- 120v - do not, under any circumstances, just use an adaptor plug.   For those you must have a transformer. 


iPhones, iPods, laptops - normally no worries.   Hairdryers - normally have a 110v to 220v switch.  Flip that depending on the input.  (and don't forget to flip it back when input changes!  It doesn't matter if you put it on 220v and the input is 110v but it DOES matter the other way around).

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