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Live from the 2020 Grand World Voyage


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January 4, 2020




Leaving Fort Lauderdale




I woke up just before 8 am because luggage collection began at 8:30. Cruise Specialists has the bags collected and brought to the ship so I had only to take care of my carry-on.  Since they had well over 100 rooms to collect from, they did not get to me until 9:35.  My assigned bus time was 10:00, so as soon as they took my bags I went to the lobby, checked out, and waited for the bus.


The bus left the hotel at 10:15 and arrived at pier 26 at 10:40 (there were seven ships in port so there was a lot of congestion). First we went through security and then waited in a long line to check-in.  It took almost an hour but Sherita and I were in line together so we could talk to pass the time.


After checking in we could go directly onto the ship.  I was in my cabin by noon, took some pictures, and went to the Lido for lunch. 


When I returned to my cabin, my first suitcase had arrived so I unpacked it.  After the lack of storage space in my 2018 cabin, I was amazed by all the closets in this one.  My second one arrived just as I was finishing up the first so I unpacked it as well.


The first stage of the muster drill began at 3:45 and it finished up just before 4:30.  It was then time for the sail-away party.  The Station Band played, some danced, and much alcohol was consumed.  I met a number of people from the 2018 GWV as well as some who knew me from Cruise Critic or the blog.  After a couple of margaritas I went up to “my deck” (the area in front of my cabin in 2018 on deck 6) and watched two of the Holland America ships leave and then Adventure of the Seas.  We were the only one left.  The captain announced that we were delayed because all the provisions and luggage had not been loaded.


I returned to my cabin and suitcase #3 had arrived which I emptied just before #4 was delivered.  I had enough time to empty it before we started to sail away just before 7.  It had started to rain by that time so I stood on the Promenade Deck as we sailed out of Fort Lauderdale.


I arrived to dinner a little before 8 and am at a table for six by the back windows.  Only one other person showed up but she is moving tomorrow night to be at her usual table with friends.  There were very few people in the dining room so hopefully I will have some tablemates tomorrow.  If not, Kathy and Mike (from the 2018 GWV) invited me to sit at their table.  We were given a pretty rose as we left the dining room.


There was no show tonight.


Smooth sailing until next time.



Thanks to all who are following along!


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January 5, 2020

At Sea

After a good 8 hours of sleep, I woke up at 8:45.  Today was our first Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.  We had a huge turnout – probably over 200 people.  Being the second time I started the roll call and having to actually speak in front of everyone, I am getting better at it and wasn’t really nervous.  HAL provided coffee, tea, some muffins and cookies and most everything was gone by the end.  We had a sign-up sheet for a Cabin Crawl (where you go around the ship and see different types of cabins) and had about 25 people sign up.  I finally got to see Marilyn and Rodney (Australian trivia partners from 2018) after looking for them yesterday.

At 11:45 we met for trivia.  It was in the Ocean Bar and the place was packed.  We met up with Diana (who was another member of our 2018 team) and we formed a team.  We have six members (the maximum) – Rodney, Marilyn, Diana, Sherita, Margaret (also from Australia), and me.  We did not have a great start with only 9 out of 15.  The winning team had 13.  As a request from two of my die-hard readers (just for you, Frances and Nancy), I will be posting the answers before the pictures.
1.  A “skulk” is the name for a group of which animals?
2.  “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” was the working title for what 1936 novel?
3.  Traditionally in the UK, what food is eaten the day before Ash Wednesday?
4.  Mycology is the study of what?
5.  What country won the first World Cup?
6.  What is the only sea without any coast?
After trivia I had lunch in the Lido and read for awhile out on deck to try to get warm.  The temperature onboard has been very cold (I even turned my cabin thermostat to warming rather than cooling).  Today has been mostly overcast with the sun only peeking out a time or two.  Air temperature was only in the low 70s.

We met for Arts & Crafts at 2:30. Nancy Grace is the instructor again (she was also on the 2018 GWV) and I enjoy her crafts.  She handed out the schedule and talked about some of the things we will be making starting tomorrow.

Since there had been so many people at morning trivia, I went up to the Crow’s Nest early to get seats for us.  The dance class was meeting up there and they were packed in.  In the past they have met in the Showroom. 

We had five for afternoon trivia (Margaret does not play in the afternoon).  The acoustics were terrible in the Crow’s Nest and it was a major undertaking just to hear the questions.  We persevered, however, and tied with another team with a winning score of 16 out of 17.
1.   What continent is home to five of the eight longest rivers?
2.  The developers of Snapchat attended which west coast university?
3.  In “The Life of Pi”, which animal was named Richard Parker?
4.  What was the gift for the 12th day of Christmas in the song?
5.  How many US states begin with the word “New”?
6.  What is the maximum number of clubs you can carry in golf – 10, 14, or 18? (the one we missed)
After trivia I went to visit Sherita’s cabin.  She was not very happy with hers (she had a guarantee, also) because of its location on the deck with the walking promenade around it and because it was further forward than she liked.  It also turned out to be a few feet shorter than mine (I have an extra closet and about three feet from the end of the bed to the desk – she has only a few inches).  She then came down to see my cabin.

After Sherita left I finally unpacked all my shawls from the compression bags I brought them in.  I cut it down from all that I have made and only brought 22!  I really need to start making something else!!! 

I was the only one at the dinner table tonight.  Turns out only one other person was assigned to the table for six.  Along the back window there are no more than four at any of the tables.  Seems rather strange not to put people together at a few tables instead of putting them together at a few.  The maître d’ came over to talk with me and arrangements have been made for me to move to the table where Kathy and Mike are sitting (I was at the same table with them in 2018).  There is another couple assigned to that table but they have not been either night so it may be just the three of us.

Since I was finished dinner early, I swung by Guest Services because I had been charged a second time for the internet package.  This happened to a number of people but it should all be straightened out now.

Went to the show entitled “On Tour” with the Amsterdam Entertainers (used to be called the singers and dancers).  They did a variety of songs mainly from the 70s and 80s.  It was a good show.

When I returned to my cabin we had pillow gifts which was rather unusual because we normally get them on Gala Nights, the first of which is tomorrow night.

Morning trivia
1.  Foxes
2.  Gone With the Wind
3.  Pancakes
4.  Fungi
5.  Uruguay
6.  Sargasso

Afternoon trivia
1.  Asia
2.  Stanford
3.  Tiger
4.  Drummers
5.  4
6.  14
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I know when I was on QM2 - I never showed up for my assigned dinner table. I don't have clothes to meet their minimum 'evening standard' let alone a formal outfit. 4 of the 8 nights were formal.


But that shouldn't be the reason for your 'no-shows' - I'm glad you are now set-up to eat with your friends. 


Ships even colder than usual?? - I already always have my room on warm [there is a reason I live in Florida [not because I like dodging hurricanes], my room hardly ever seems to be warm enough.


Did you and Sherita have the same level GTY? That's a shame hers is so much smaller.


My trivia ability has not changed - 😞


Thanks, Kathi.

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11 hours ago, Scrapnana said:

I was the only one at the dinner table tonight.  Turns out only one other person was assigned to the table for six.

I don't know why HAL does that, and it makes me so angry. I request a table for 6 because I want to dine with 5 other people, not because I want a large table per se. Then they do put me at that table size, but with only a couple more people! I look around and see other large tables with few people, too. 
I just don't get it; it sure is disappointing. Happy you were able to switch. 

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The adventure begins!  I just returned from an appointment driving through a snow squall and I couldn’t wait to read your update.  Sorry it is cold but your shawls are beautiful!  No wonder you couldn’t choose!  And a win at trivia...but I now have to google the 4th US state with new in its name as I can only come up with 3.  I’m getting ready for a face palm moment.  Oh and love all your storage in this cabin!


edited to add: New Hampshire...how could I forget the one closest to where I grew up?!  I told you it would be a face palm!

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