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Live from the 2020 Grand World Voyage

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Loved your photos of Sydney - even though I live here 🙂.  Morris & Sons is a great store for yarns.  Enjoy your sail to Townsville.  We were there not so long ago for the first time and found it a delightful place.  The cruise terminal is lovely with plenty of stalls.

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March 9, 2020


At Sea


Today was the beginning of the second half of the cruise.  I can’t believe we have already had half the cruise – the time went by so quickly.


We had three Judys, three Kathys (all spelled differently), and Bonnie at Sit and Stitch.  I went down at 10:30 to get yarn for my next Linus blanket (my current one is almost done)


Morning trivia was really hard.  The winning teams (3 tied) had 8 out of 15, we had 6.

1)Who sang the 1956 song “Ape Call”?

2.What was the first sport related movie to win a Best Picture Oscar?

3.To a golfer, what is a “frosty”?

4.Which city has an airport named after Galileo?

5.Which car brand’s name translates from the Latin “to roll”?


I worked on my Linus blanket (should finish it tomorrow) before lunch.  I finished one project yesterday and my socks today, so before Arts & Crafts I started a shawl with some of my new yarn from Sydney.  We made a card in Arts & Crafts but I couldn’t decide how I wanted to put it together so I did not finish mine.


We did a little better in afternoon trivia with 10 out of 18.  The winners had 15.


1.What is a “skulk”?

2.Where is the heart of a shrimp located?

3.In the early 18th century, Baroque evolved into what style?

4.What tree can be English, American, or Eurasian?

5.Pogonophobia is a fear of what human male feature?


There was a 6:30 trivia and I played with the “We Don’t Need Google” team.  We had 16 out of 20 and the winners had 19.


1.What color is the “all clear” flag in auto racing?

2.What mountain range is sacred to Hindus?

3.What does a bartender call 2/3 of a jigger?

4.Which is the last of a cat’s senses to develop?

5.What do Belgians and the Dutch prefer to put on the French fries rather than catsup?


When I got to dinner tonight, I was the only one at the table so I asked if I could join Judy (Margaret), Pete, and Susan at their table.  It was an enjoyable evening.  I did not go to the show.


Morning trivia

1.Nervous Norvus


3.score of 8




Afternoon Trivia

1.a group of foxes






Evening trivia







Smooth sailing until next time!

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March 10, 2020


At Sea


We had two Kathys, four Judys, one Nancy, one Sherry, and one Bonnie for Sit and Stitch.  I worked on my two new projects and Judy (Margaret) gave me suggestions for the shawl I am making (she gave me the pattern).


Hamish said he was using a different book of trivia questions because everyone complained that yesterday’s was so hard.  Today’s was no easier.  We had 6 out of 15 and five teams tied with 9.


1.What late 70s his included the line, “Ooh, you make my motor run, my motor run.”?

2.In what year was Betty Crocker introduced – 1921, 1930, or 1927?

3.Which is the world’s oldest science – astronomy, chemistry, or physics?

4.Gamophobia is the fear of what?

5.Which plant has the largest seed?


Before lunch I finished my seventh Linus blanket with the lovely yarn donated in Auckland.  In Arts & Crafts we started an Australian charm bracelet.  I will post the picture when we finish it.


Afternoon trivia was much better with 16 out of 21.  The winning team had 17.5.


1.Which country has the most donut shops per capita – Canada, Portugal, or the US?

2.Which animal never sleeps – dolphin, bullfrog, or horse?

3.Who is awarded the Art Ross award in the NHL?

4.What is the largest sapphire in the world?

5.Name the six states of Australia (1 point each).


With all the Corona Virus talk the ship has instituted some more safety measures.  During Hamish’s announcements each day, he explains the correct way to wash your hands and someone is posted by each Purell machine in the dining room and Lido reminding you to use it.  Serve yourself salads, fruit, and hot desserts are now put into small bowls in the Lido and you have to ask for the cookies.  We also received a notice about people coming aboard. 


There was another 6:30 trivia so after the 4:30 one I got ready for dinner.  I did not have a team so I played by myself and got 11 out of 18.  The winning team had 17.


1.What is the term for a hybrid of a tiger and a lion?

2.Shylock is a character in which Shakespeare play?

3.Where were the 2006 Winter Olympics?

4.Which TV talk show host is famous for wearing colorful suspenders?

5.What two features are longer on a hare than on a rabbit?


All of us were back for dinner which was billed as “Aboriginal Night Fire Dinner – Indigenous Australian dinner theme with the mesmerizing sounds of the didgeridoo.”  The decorations were not what I would of called “aboriginal” with the servers in sequined vests and ties and bows tied around the black chair covers.  There were three dishes on the menu (one starter, one main, and one dessert) that were supposedly native style.


I skipped the show.


Townsville tomorrow.


Morning trivia

1.My Sherona



4.marriage or commitment



Afternoon trivia



3.high scorer

4.Star of Adam

5.Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia


Evening trivia


2.The Merchant of Venice

3.Torino, Italy

4.Larry King

5.ears and legs


Smooth sailing until next time!

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March 11, 2020


Townsville Australia


I had been to Townsville when I first visited Australia in 1997 so I did not take a tour.  My plan was to leave the ship by 9:30 but when I woke up is was raining so I was in no hurry to get off the ship.  By 10 the rain had let up to a drizzle although rain was forecast for most of the day.


There were a number of craft stalls set up in and in front of the terminal.  I made a quick walk around and then got onto the shuttle bus.  Downtown Townsville has some beautiful old buildings but it was sad to see so many empty storefronts.  Over 25% had “For Sale” or “For Lease” signs on them.  There were very few people walking around other than people from the ship. 


The rain had let up so I did not have to put on my raincoat which I dragged along once more.  I walked as far as the Aquarium (which I visited in 1997) and then walked back past the shuttle stop.  I knew there was a McDonald’s nearby and I found it and spent an hour enjoying the pancakes and free WiFi.  I walked back towards the shuttle stop and stopped in to the Woolworths (grocery store) and picked up a few things.


After taking the shuttle back to the terminal, I walked around and looked at the crafts, buying a couple of small items.  I was back onboard in time to get lunch in the Lido before it closed at 2 pm.  Judy (Lee) found me and had a sock emergency so we agreed to meet at 3 in the Crow’s Nest.


When I finished lunch, I stopped by Guest Services to check on something for Sherita (who has been on an overland trip to Uluru) and then went to the Crow’s Nest.  I taught Judy (Lee) how to make socks two at a time and she had a question about it.  We worked on our knitting until 4 when I needed to go to the Piano Bar for afternoon trivia.


Only Debby, Diana, and I were present from our team but we won with a score of 13 out of 18!

1.In knitting, what does the abbreviation “PSSO” mean? (Yes, there really was a knitting question!)

2.Which punctuation mark has the same name as a type of butterfly?

3.What is the Japanese word that means “God wind” or “Divine wind”?

4.Are butterflies more colorful in warmer or colder climates?

5.What is lowest number on the Beaufort Scale?


I had a little time to start on Project Linus blanket #8 before getting ready for dinner and evening trivia.  None of my team was present so I played with the “We Don’t Need Google” team.  We won with 15 out of 19!


1.What is the common name for a Coccinellidae?

2.The Canary Islands are named after which animals?

3.What do boxers strike when using the illegal rabbit punch?

4.In a bowling alley, what is a turkey?

5.How many deserts are in Australia – 0, 5, or 10?


I yawned all through dinner so I did not go to the show which was a second performance by Brett Cave.


Afternoon trivia

1.pass slipped stitch over






Evening trivia



3.back of the neck

4.three strikes in a row



Cairns tomorrow.


Smooth sailing until next time!

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March 12, 2020




Cairns, Australia




When I was here in 1997, we had an excursion to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef.  It was an amazing experience and I had considered doing the ship tour to the reef.  I am glad I did not.  The boat they were on lost an engine and it took them three long hours bobbing around in the rough seas (cyclone brewing – more on that later) to get back.  They never even got in the water.  Good news is they are getting a full refund ($300) back.




Once again I woke up to rain against my window so I puttered around until it let up a little around 10.  I headed off the ship and it was just sprinkling.  By the time I was out on the street it started to pour.  I was near Jennifer (who sometimes eats at our dinner table) and she shared her umbrella with me although I did have my raincoat on.  I thought I would pass out it was so hot with it on.




So where is a good place to go when it is pouring ?  The mall, of course.  Cairns Central was about four blocks from the terminal.  It was nicely air conditioned and had free wifi – who could ask for anything more?  I looked around and went in the Target (although the name and logo are much like the US one, they are not related) and K-Mart.  I visited the Coles grocery store but I had stocked up yesterday at Woolworths.  I had a good lunch at a kebab place in the food court and had time to get through my e-mail and catch up with some of the blogs I read.  I really wanted an ice cream but could not find any place in the mall to get one.  There was a Daiso store which I have enjoyed in a couple of countries.  Think of it like a Japanese dollar store but most items are AUS$2.80 (about US$1.81).  They have some of the cutest items, especially paper products.




I walked back to the ship a different way than I had come.  It was still raining but not as heavily as when I was walking to the mall.  I found a shop and bought a few souvenirs.  It finally stopped raining as I was walking from the terminal to the ship.




Although I had walked less than in Sydney, I was exhausted from the heat and humidity.  I had a cold Coke in my cabin, and  worked on my knitting.




From listening to the TV, I understand that coronavirus is now being called a global pandemic.  Needless to say, there is a lot of talk on board about it.  Crystal Serenity has cancelled the rest of its world cruise in Perth and is sending everyone home.  People talk about what HAL will do with us.  So far, the Cunard world voyage is continuing and it is part of Carnival Corp.  just like HAL so we may go on, too.  One problem, however, is that some ports are refusing entry to cruise ships that will likely mean more changes to our itinerary.  In fact, I heard a rumor today that we will not be going to Madagascar (we had it cancelled two years ago because of the pneumonic plague).




I finally roused myself for 4:30 trivia.  Diana and I joined the “We Don’t Need Google team”.  We had 15 out of 18 and the winning team had 18.


1.Which magazine, which began in 1922, claims to be the most read one in the world?


2.What name is given to a piece of land rented to grow food?


3.A sericulturist breeds what creatures for the material it creates?


4.What game was Bing Crosby playing before he died?


5.JVC released the first VHS in 1976.  What does VHS stand for?




I had already planned not to go to the MDR because there was an 8:30 game.  I had dinner in the Lido right before sail-away.  The captain announced we were almost underway around 5:30.  He also mentioned that we were going to miss the tropical cyclone which is moving in the opposite direction from us.  Captain Mercer came back on just before 6:00 saying that there was going to be a medical disembark and departure would be delayed.  I watched on deck as the ambulance arrived but left for 6:30 trivia before the passenger left the ship.




None of my team was there so I played with Janet’s team (I did not get their team name).  We had 17 out of 20 but the winners had 19.


1.What is the closest living relative to the T-Rex (DNA-wise)?


2.What type of gas gives neon its color?


3.How many points is a bullseye in darts?


4.What soft drink is believed to have gotten its name because its pH is over 7?


5.What five types of tastes humans can sense?




I had not had dessert before trivia so I went back to the Lido.  There was a piece of chocolate cake that looked good but it had coconut all over the top so I decided I would wait and get the room service chocolate cake.  Was I ever disappointed when my cake arrived and it had coconut!




I was too tired for the 8:30 game and plan to make it an early night.  I expect to be in bed by 11 pm.




Three sea days ahead!




Afternoon trivia


1.Reader’s Digest








5.Video Home System




Evening trivia










5.sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami




Smooth sailing until next time!


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Scrapnana, I am really appreciating your blog and cruise info. My parents are on the cruise with you and they are both elderly and have health conditions. I know there are many, many people on board but when I saw your sentence about a medical disembark my thoughts naturally went to them. 
Is there any chance you have more information now about this? Like where the person was from? I don’t want to out anyone’s private info, but if they weren’t from Florida at least I would know it wasn’t either if them. I hate the thought of calling and making my mother panic that something is wrong on this end. 
Cheers again for your “reporting from the GWV”!

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1 hour ago, Kindergirl said:

My parents are on the cruise with you and they are both elderly and have health conditions.


(((Hugs))) to you, Kindergirl.  I know it’s hard not to worry.  Don’t forget.... no news is good news!  🌷

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