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A GLORIOUS New Year's Eve cruise. Review of Glory 12/29 sailing


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On 1/16/2020 at 3:49 PM, scuba_ninja said:

Jamaica Mon! Happy New Year Mon! Want some pot?


That basically summarized Jamaica. But I feel like some of your like details and pictures, so here goes. But before I begin, here's a picture of what I believe to be a frigate bird that was following the ship the day before. He was diving down and catching fish the ship's wake displaced. Pro tip, watch the ocean. You'll be amazed what to actually see off the ship that so many people will miss because it's noon and they're already on drink 15 of the drink package. 



Jamaica was New Year's Day. YAY.

The room stewards had some nice towel animals on their carts today.




There was one carved watermelon at the buffet. I was surprised in general how little carving there was of fruit on the ship. On the dream 2 years ago it was everywhere, on Glory, maybe one or two a day on the buffet line. I didn't really eat at the buffet much, but I'd pass by hoping to see a carving. Or snag some Mortadella. mmmmmm... mortadella. We did hit up lido for breakfast that day. Meh. The eggs looked gross and we didn't get any. We got some chocolate muffins instead, which were actually really good. And I got a sausage, because... sausage. 




Pulling into port was uneventful There were some neat ships in the harbor though. 









Originally we had booked the Croydon Plantation tour. Without warning, and with no explanation Carnival cancelled our expedition a few months ago. We got a prompt refund, but it was weird to have no reason. Even the email was blank. It said "we had to cancel because " and then nothing after it. Who knows why the cancelled, but it looks like that excursion is completely gone from the Carnival site, and a few other shore excursion sites. Maybe tourists were getting eaten by ghosts or something. 


Everything else in Jamaica was either really expensive zip lines, or really really expensive beaches. We opted for a more low cost option and decided to try the hop on/hop off bus. Not worth it. I didn't see a lot of info about it on these boards, and even when I asked, people didn't have much info, so here's what I can tell you. 



First off. Pay no attention to that sign. Well, maybe a little. I'm sure getting caught bringing drugs onto the ship is bad. Which reminds me. First day on the ship, someone was CLEARLY smoking pot somewhere near my cabin. It only happened that one time as we first walked up to our cabins. Maybe that person wised up/used up their supply/got kicked off. Who knows.


Anyway, back to Jamaica. They sure as hell don't give a flying Bob Marley about you doing enough drugs to make Willie Nelson look like an amateur. I don't do any drugs, I don't really even drink. I grew up in a very strict teetotaler home. I don't have any issues with people who indulge, I just never got a taste for that stuff. Personally, I actually think pot is less of a nuisance than alcohol. I don't see a lot of pot heads getting crazy and trying to fight someone in the hot tub because they think you looked at their girlfriend funny. Pot heads are just more likely to make the lido buffet crowded. That being said, it is pretty obnoxious when people are constantly trying to push drugs on you, then trying to make you feel bad for not doing drugs. ***** Jamaica?


The HOHO bus stand is right inside the terminal as you get off the ship. The terminal is super bare and boring. It is literally an empty warehouse. 


If you can't read the sign, the bus stops at Rose Hall, Doctor's Cave Beach, Margaritaville, and then Montegeo bay craft market. 


The buss is $25 per person and they only take payment using S&S card. It's not worth it. Take a Taxi to Dr's cave beach and call it a day. 


Rose Hall shopping is pretty crummy. I'm not going to say that my wife didn't buy anything there, she did. And it wasn't a terrible "deal" that the guy made, but the shops are overly pushy and EVERYONE TRIES TO SELL YOU POT. Also, people who help you in the stores demanded tips. Look, Jamaica, like most islands ships visit is economically depressed. But Jamaica was the only place I've ever been where they were just... rude about it. Everything was a pushy money grab. It was a very slow day in port with only one ship. So I'm sure they were a little extra that day, but c'mon. Like I said, my wife bought a little sparkly thing that was marked $275 and got a deal on it for $35. I'm sure it's actually worth $10, but whatever, she likes it, it made her happy. She didn't pay $275. 


The shops were not particularly nice. The bathroom there was OK at least. They are the furthest stop from the port, and also the bus' first stop. After traffic and everything, we ended up wasting a lot of time getting there, and shopping. Next time I'll skip Rose Hall if I ever go back. 


Here's the best pics I took at Rose Hall. Yes, the plants were the most interesting part. 











Ok, Fine, maybe the naughty pot paraphernalia was the best part. 



Like I said, I didn't really enjoy this stop. I did pick up some Jerk seasoning as gifts here because it was cheap, but I feel like I could have gotten the same thing cheaper on the "hip strip". 


Ha! That’s my family in your photo of the “Hop On Hop Off” bus line ....this backside view of myself is encouraging me to get my butt to the gym 😂

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On 1/28/2020 at 6:59 PM, jefffrompawpaw said:

Great review, I will be on the Glory in March.  Any more restaurant recommendations? Im there for a 2 days after my cruise ends. Also looking for things to do with my 2 teenage kids if anyone  can think of anything.

Yes, more coming! With pics!

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On 1/31/2020 at 7:32 AM, grandmarnnurse said:

Currently in NOLA for our cruise this Sunday and because of your review, we will be eating breakfast at the Ruby Slipper this morning. We were shocked last night, though, as how expensive the restaurants were here! Any advice for a woman who does love all foods and one picky beef eating man? Lol!

I"m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Coming from chicago, I was actually surprised how reasonable most of the food was other than a few famous places. Ruby slipper is worth every penny. And 2 of us shared one meal and we are NOT small eaters. Trolly stop is also good. And Johnny's po boys in French Quarter. Sorry again for not getting you more names sooner. 

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On 2/1/2020 at 9:31 AM, LandlockedCruiser01 said:

I couldn't agree more.  It seems like in most US cities, especially those outside the East Coast and the Rust Belt, historic sites are something you visit tourist-style, and many locals seldom, if ever, spend time there.  That is, there's a historic downtown or a district, and you go there to see it, while the rest of the city is a modern, bland sea of chains and parking lots.  But in New Orleans, the city is the history, the history is the city.  It's an inherent part of the city's fabric.  Without history, it wouldn't be New Orleans; it would be Blandsville, Louisiana.


I went to New Orleans several years ago.  It's not a cheap place.  Although, we stuck to touristy areas, since the city's safety reputation is kind of iffy.  We ate most of our meals at the French Market, since it was warm enough to eat outside, despite it being December.  We also got snacks and beer at convenience stores.  It was cheaper than restaurants, but not as cheap as, say, McDonald's or cooking your own meals.  All in all, we spent $40 per person per day on food.  Given the huge selection at the French Market, that's where I'd suggest for you and your husband to eat.  You can get crawfish ettouffe (sp?) over rice, and your husband can get a roast beef sandwich.


Speaking of sandwiches, do try a muffaletta.  It's deli meats with an oily, vinegary olive salad, on a flattened crusty bun.  That's something all but the pickiest eaters can enjoy.

Well written, and yes, the muffaletta at central grocery in particular tastes like history. 

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Sorry folks. I only go on vacation once every few years, and now I remember why. Everything goes to poop when I get back. I have a close relative who just had to have a brain tumor removed. Sucks. But that's why I've been so spotty. 


Anyway, back to NOLA, since I promised. 


Here's a few more pics that should give you a sense of the history and the beauty in this city. 



And that house:









And beignets. Because Beignets. 







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A few years ago I became a fountain pen nerd. I love using them. In a word where I'm about as important as the gum on someone's shoe, it makes me feel special. NOLA has a store called Papier Plume that is well known in the writing and fountain pen community. They have all sorts of writing goodies, wax seals, etc. They also make and sell their own custom inks in store. 






I bought a bottle of the red beans and rice ink. Great stuff. If you know anyone into journaling, writing, etc. This is a great shop to visit. 


They have a range of pens too, from crazy fancy to affordable. And an awesome skull pen holder that my wife wouldn't let me buy. 😞



The one in the middle here that is black and gold is actually made with metal from the titanic. If I had $8,500 to spend on the pen.... I might have. Maybe. But not brought it on the cruise. I feel like that's bad luck. I'll stick with my $20 pens. 



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more photos
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The French market is a hoot.


You've got a few different sections of it. One part has lots of food


and some gifts, then there's a section with a little higher end gifts, and the tent-ish part outside is a flea market of sorts with cheap gift things. Great for picking up a souvenir. Some of the items for sale are actually great. I picked up a few little trinkets there. 






The snowball stand in there isn't the BEST I've ever had, but decent. They also have a shop selling apple beignets. Those are darn tasty. 

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The Riverwalk shops/mall across from the terminal very clearly caters to tourists. And that's necessarily a bad thing. You've got your usual smattering of mall shops. A few have some very touristy gifts. Some actually have really lovely NOLA gifts too. Crescent City creations has some funky sparkly clothes my wife likes. You'll find your usual assortment of t-shirt shops and such too. The Fossil outlet store often has good prices. If you've forgotten some clothes for the cruise, this is a good place to grab 'm before you board. 



Yay! Ugly stuff made in China!




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If you're into Sushi, Mikimoto in NOLA has been around forever and is really great. Get a box roll! I've never had anything like it before. It is a layer of rice, some crab (real, not the fake stuff), more rice, then raw fish. Super good. 



Also, the fried oysters I had there were the best I had the entire time I was in NOLA. They were super fresh and delicious. 



My wife used to come here a lot in college, and it is a MUST stop every time we are in town. I certainly don't complain about it. 


Did I post these yet? I love how festive the city is! 



Also, you have to love cajun-claus




I also really love how full of live everyone is in NOLA. This gentleman was totes rockin' out, and just enjoying life. He wasn't high or anything, just... full of life and jazz. 



More random NOLA architecture for good measure. 







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Toups south is the restaurant at the Southern Food and Beverage museum - https://southernfood.org/




Let's start with the food first. 




I regret not getting the cracklins, because I love cracklins, but we certainly had a super delicious meal. A+++. This place is fantastic. 


The biscuits with crab fat butter were divine. Crispy on the outside, fluffy pillows of love on the inside. The crab fat butter was certainly crabby, but smooth and full of amazing flavors. Just the right amount of seafood, salt and happy. A perfect match to the biscuits. 



The Octopus was somethin' else. Lemme tell ya. The sauce was unctuous, smooth and delicious. A great balance of flavors. The octopus was so so tender too. You could really taste it too, the sauce was not overpowering. I wish I had ordered 5 of them and not shared with my wife.  



The restaurant is stark, but nicely done. All that separates it from the museum is a curtain. So you can get a drink from the bar and then tour the museum. I think you can also rent it all out for a big awesome party. 



The bar is also apparently the oldest operating physical bar in the US. It isn't at the original location though. It was rescued from its former location and set up here. Kinda cool actually. 


We had come a little early that day, so it was pretty empty. i'm sure it fills up fast. 








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The museum itself is great!!!! If you are into food, especially southern food, you'll love it here. 

They even have a copy of an original popeyes biscuit recipe~!









They also have all manner of artifacts from southern food life. From Absinth spoons and bottles to BBQ. 










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I really enjoyed your review, just finished or just got caught up.  Your pictures are beautiful and I love the humor.  We've actually spent two different weeks in New Olreans (1996 and again 2018).  From your pictures, we still have a LOT to see.  So I'm also enjoying your section on New Orleans too.  We were on Glory in 2010, so nice seeing a review of an old friend.  But the collision - ouch!  Glad she continued sailing.  Friends will be boarding her tomorrow for a Journey cruise.  I haven't been on CC much due to being busy and trying to cut computer time, but we have a cruise coming up in May and booked another one for 2021.  I came to CC to research ports since two will be new for us this trip, but can't resist reading reviews.  Thank you for taking the time, I really enjoyed it. 

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21 hours ago, pghsteelerfan said:

I really enjoyed your review, just finished or just got caught up.  Your pictures are beautiful and I love the humor.  We've actually spent two different weeks in New Olreans (1996 and again 2018).  From your pictures, we still have a LOT to see.  So I'm also enjoying your section on New Orleans too.  We were on Glory in 2010, so nice seeing a review of an old friend.  But the collision - ouch!  Glad she continued sailing.  Friends will be boarding her tomorrow for a Journey cruise.  I haven't been on CC much due to being busy and trying to cut computer time, but we have a cruise coming up in May and booked another one for 2021.  I came to CC to research ports since two will be new for us this trip, but can't resist reading reviews.  Thank you for taking the time, I really enjoyed it. 

Thank you! I'm so glad you are enjoying the review. I'm sorry it's dragging on so long. Stuff is getting in the way, but I'm determined to give everyone what I promised. 


New Orleans is a really special place, I don't know if you could see it all in a single lifetime. 

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