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It all depends on the offerings at the time.


We booked on board a month ago when they were offering extra OBC.  Prices dropped over the weekend.

I gave up $200 in OBC to get a price that was more than $500 less out of my pocket.  Another cruise I had already done one price adjustment on, giving up $200 OBC but dropping $400.  It went down another $500.  So, I’m happy to give up that extra OBC.  

The current special has one “perk” included, and all 4 for a reduced price.  For a 7 night cruise, all four perks was only an extra $140 per person.  Well worth it.

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Outside of final payment time you can usually "rebook" to the current rate and perks.  That might end up better, might end up worse.  It depends on the offer they are running at the time.  You might lose perks or gain perks.  I rebooked my upcoming cruise a few months back and ended up with all 4 perks (versus the 3 I had)  and it also saved me a few hundred dollars. 

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Having a good cruise/travel agent can be very helpful when it comes to repricing options.  Like many things in life, deals can sometimes be negotiable, especially if the customer has some leverage.  In the cruise world you do have leverage if you have a refundable deposit and have not yet made your final payment.  The leverage is you can simply cancel the cruise (there are many other cruise lines/ships, cancel and then rebook, etc.   Sometimes you might lose some perks (from the original booking) but might gain other perks, save a lot of money, or negotiate a very nice upgrade.



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For U.S. Celebrity will adjust prices up until final payment.    You may or may not loose perks depends on the promotion.   I recently repriced a reservation and reduced my cost by about $1,000 but had to give up 3 of the 4 perks.   Worked fine for us but you will need to calculate the net-net price with and without perks or compare like for like.


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As others have stated, now that prices frequently include perks in different combinations with refundable/non-refundable fares, a price drop on paper may not actually be a better deal for you. IMO the easiest way to find out whether the current deal is better than the deal you already have is to do a dummy booking on your TA's website, or X's website if you booked directly. You should be able to see what the total price including various combinations of perks is that way, and make your final decision based on how much you value the perks or refundable fare, etc. I use an online fare tracker and any time I get a notification of price drop, I do a dummy booking to see what the real value is.


We refared our upcoming Solstice cruise during the Veterans' Day sale to a good price with all four perks and although there have been several "drops" in the base fare since then, they didn't include all four perks so they weren't a good deal for us - that is, until the most recent promotion. With the current promo I was able to get a price including all four perks that was $100 less in fare and gave us $75 more in OBC, so $175 net gain.

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I believe it depends on the promotion... currently there is a 4 perk deal... so if you price is less now (when compared to the relevant perk offering). We adjusted our Dec 2020 cruise last Veterans day .. were able to go from no perks to 4 perks at about the same price as we had booked. Since then I have seen a few occassions where price was a tad lower... but fewer perks... so decided to keep what I have. Looks like they are playing around with various perk offers... which essentially keep the overall cost about the same. I have seen more 4 perk deals than I recall seeing..I wonder if they are testing the idea of an all inclusive program. The price of the cruises seems higher than in the past...

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