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How late can you stay on the ship the last day?


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Also depends on when your ship docks.8:00 docking figure 9:30-ish 10:00 docking maybe 11:30-ish.   As others have stated they want you of the ship asap. For the majority of passengers I believe they call by deck.  I'ts orderly but fast. 

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On 1/21/2020 at 3:46 AM, august1963 said:

I'm just wondering what time they actually kick you off the ship on the last day of the cruise.....    Thanks

On recent B2B's, we've noticed people getting 'thrown off', actually asked to leave around 1030! That's when we had to go get our papers checked by customs, before they'd let the next cruise begin to board!

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4 hours ago, august1963 said:

This is all good to know, as our shuttle is at 10:05 a.m. and I would rather be on the ship than outside waiting on the curb.  Plus, I can sleep in a little later.....Thanks to all!


Just remember that they want you out of your cabin by 8:30. 😎

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It's funny.  Sometimes we need to be among the first off to catch a plane or something.  Sometimes we have time to kill and linger.  Our most recent cruise seemed like we were about in the middle at around 9 or 9:30.  We always carry all our luggage off.

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2 hours ago, dockside31 said:

Get off the ship so the new people can get on!

Well put dockside31! They are just as anxious to get ON the ship as you were, when you were standing there in line, cussing those passengers who weren't debarking when they were asked to get off! Have some consideration for those wanting to get ON the ship when you SHOULD be trying to get off! Don't be so selfish!  

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I think folks are overly hostile in the responses. The OP was simply asking when was the latest you are allowed to stay on, nothing wrong with the question.  And nothing wrong leaving with the final wave or asking when the final wave is.  And less people crowding the exit when others are rushing to leave makes it easier for those wanting or needing to get off quickly.  Some people need to be at the tail end and there is nothing wrong with choosing to be part of that group.  As I read the question the OP was asking how long can I stay without being a problem, not anything to suggest the OP was planning on staying past that.

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