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Question about spa passes


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Does anyone know if spa passes are transferable? Going on The Panorama next month and my friend bought a couples spa pass for herself and her husband when there was a special. Now he is saying he won't use his. Can I go in his place? We are NOT trying to share a pass. I'd be buying it off of my friend. Just trying to save a few dollars since she got the passes when there was a special. I'm just afraid it will be tied to his folio number so they won't allow it. If that were the case, my friend would be better off just canceling his and I could buy my own but now it will cost more. I will also call Carnival to see what they say but you know how you can talk to 10 different people and get 10 different answers.🙄

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2 hours ago, Elaine5715 said:

Did she have to put names in when she bought them?

She bought a single pass for the 3rd person in her cabin and that one has that persons name on it but she bought a "couples" pass for herself and her husband and it only has her name on it. u don't know if she had to select his name when she bought it. 

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I think, since her name is on the pass it’s tied to her room. When you check in at the spa counter you exchange your room key for the spa key. They check names at that time. The only way “around” that would be for her husband to check in, give up his key and give you the spa key. That’s a lot of hassle. I would suggest she call carnival and ask if she can change the names and cabin number. But that would mean you’d also need to purchase the third pass. (They’d all be tied to your cabin) you’re honestly better off just to purchase the pass yourself. 

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I called Carnival and got kind of a vague answer. I wasn't really expecting a definite answer. The rep thinks my friend should be able to change the name herself in her booking. She is going to try that. The rep then said that if that doesn't work we should have our TA call Carnival. Not sure whey we'd have to involve our TA since things like spa and shore excursions generally don't have to be handled by the TA. I just want to make sure it can be done before we go because if it isn't transferable, my friend would be better off just canceling her husband off the spa pass to save herself some money. I would really hate to board and be told it can't be done and by that time it would probably be too late to cancel her husband. Also, at least as of last night there were no more spa passes available to be purchased on line. I don't really need the pass. I won't be upset if I don't get one. I was just hoping someone here would be able to say, "Oh yeah, we switched out someone on a pass with no problem."

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We think we got our answer. My friend called Carnival and this rep said that as long as it's in my friends name only, it doesn't matter who the other person is. My friend is sure too that when she purchased the couples spa pass, she only selected her name. I'm sure I'll have to go to the spa with her the first time but after that I should be fine to go on my own.

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We have done this several times with my wife and her mom(separate cabins). They will give you a sticker to put on your SS card. You hand them your card and they give you a key card to get in the heated rooms. On the Horizon they gave us the sticker on card as well as a wrist band to wear while there.

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