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Seaside yacht club inclusions??

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After weeks of trying to use the search function and not coming up successfully I decided to start asking some questions!!


I am sailing with my husband in July in an interior yacht club cabin on the seaside. 

the yacht club experience states all drinks within the yacht club and all other restaurants and bars, to me that sounds like no matter the price, we get it, no upcharge. Wouldn’t that include the drinks from venchi also? Does being in the yacht club include a certain drink package? Premium or plus? My booking confirmation states the easy package and internet and $100 obc have been added to your stateroom, so do I only get the easy package or does the yacht club trump that package?

I’m also interested in what yacht club guests get for free, or in other words, what everyone else would normally be charged for but is gratis for yacht club. Has anyone had an experience where you thought something was being provided as a yacht club amenity but were charged for it? I have read room service menus that have prices on them, pizza and such, but have also read reviews of people that had their butler bring them pizza, has anyone gotten charged for this or other services? I would hate to ask for something and assume it is part of my cruise experience and then be charged for it.


Also the new private island Ocean Cay, I have tried and tried to find the lunch menu for the yacht club restaurant, I realize that it may change and that I still have 6 months before sailing to read others posts and reviews but I’m just putting it out there to anyone sailing now or recently or upcoming I would greatly appreciate your input!! 

please don’t tell me to do a search or to look on YouTube, I already have, extensively!! 

thank you!!

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LOL, the subject of what drinks are included is interesting...will vary by poster and will vary by your sailing vs others and might even vary by which day you ask the bartender.


However, bottom line, you essentially have the Premium package in the YC. So, that will include almost all drinks...the really expensive ones aren't included.


I say "essentially" because in the YC you might get a drink that elsewhere on the ship you would be charged for...or one that isn't normally covered by the Premium package.


But the bartenders will tell you if there will be a charge.


Unless you have expensive tastes, you will be fine. If you are worried, upgrade to Premium Plus and then everything on the ship is included.


The basic thing you get for "free" are things like access to the minibar, snacks throughout the day, etc. MSC's website can give you an exact list. But even this is open to debate with some posting the minibar is endless and always restocked and others posting there are limits on it. Again, you won't know these details for sure until you get there.


Gelato is another thing...maybe. We sailed and got free Gelato and crepes *after* it was supposedly no longer free (and we didn't have a grandfathered package). We were surprised and happy, We are sailing again in a couple of weeks and I don't expect it to be free, but maybe it will be 🙂 You never know with MSC.


Lastly you get free access to the Thermal Spa. This is amazing on the Seaside.


You'll enjoy the YC...it is extremely relaxing.

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Sitting in the seaside YC topsail lounge as I type this. Most drinks are included. Not all. I know they charge extra for Hendricks 🙂


there’s a menu that has the prices of the non-included drinks


butlers will go out of their way to get you almost anything you want. Inside and outside the YC is like night and day lol. 


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I was actually charged for a upscale scotch in YC  , so not all drinks are included, but premium covers all drinks up to 12 dollars anywhere on the ship which is about 98 percent of the drinks. We did upgrade to premium plus for about 18 a day and that includes 100 percent of drinks by the glass. If you are into really high end scotch 21 year old stuff and XO cognac and French champagne I would upgrade but other that that it wouldn’t be necessary 

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1 minute ago, eastoftheboston said:

Sitting in the seaside YC topsail lounge as I type this. Most drinks are included. Not all. I know they charge extra for Hendricks 🙂


butlers will go out of their way to get you almost anything you want. Inside and outside the YC is like night and day lol. 

Charge for Hendricks?? Oh noooooo!!! I guess as long as there’s tanqueray I’ll be ok!

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1 hour ago, alyssamma said:

No...you don't pay the difference...you pay the entire cost.

Yes I found that strange, that was one of the reasons we upgraded to premium plus, also I loved that you could get doubles, mostly drank Johnny Walker blue, some XO cognacs , champagne and chevis 21 year old. Wine selection was ok not great by the glass.

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