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Drink Package on Viking


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Booked on a Viking cruise down the Danube in May going with a group of friends.

I know that house wine and beer are available during lunch and dinner and that you can bring on any spirits that you purchase on land for consumption on board unlike main line ocean cruise lines.

Looking at the Silver Spirits Beverage Package for $150 per person.  They provide a sample bar menu.  Looks pretty darn good especially for our single-malt scotch loving guys that will be with us. 

For those of you who have purchased this package - was it worth it?  Really unlimited?  It states during operating hours.....what were they?  Or did the bar have limited hours?


Thanks in advance for your comments!! 


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We always get Silver Drinks Package. I like Rose wine, which isn't available on included wines. We aren't big drinkers, but a G&T before dinner goes down nicely. You only need to have another drink after dinner and it starts to make sense. I think Viking probably make a profit from us, but it is nice to know there wont be a bill to be paid after the cruise.

The bars are open pretty  much until the last person leaves! On our last cruise (Ukraine) most evenings, our group, (never met before the cruise) were the last ones out of the lounge, probably about 11.30pm, and the bar was open until we left. I can't say how much longer they stayed open - just in case somebody else pitched up.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for your answers so far. Glad to hear they stay open late.

When do they start serving??  Can I get a mimosa with breakfast??  


Does it include the high end single malts on their drinks menu?  The boys in the group NEED to know. Haha!

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All drinks up to 15$ each are covered by the drinks package. I think you will be OK with your malts, but hasten to add I'm not a whisky drinker. The bars aren't open at breakfast  but I do remember bottles of 'champagne' being available to make your own mimosa. 

Just as an aside real champagne does not fall within the drinks package, it is 16$. Prosecco is available however.

I've just realised my knowledge of the drinks package makes it look as if I spend my life in the bar, I don't - honest!

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Are you sure you're talking about the River SSBP? Prices on the River ships are in Euros, and as far as I am aware there isn't a per-drink limit as there is on Ocean where drinks are priced in US Dollars.

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If you have decided  to buy the SS package on a River Cruise depending on the current rate of USD to Euro you should pay for the package before leaving and will be charged in USD if you wait to board the ship it will be Euros! 

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We did the Rhine Getaway in April 2019 and really enjoyed the flexibility of the drinks package. I didn't care for the included beer (Bitburger) and the red and white selections each night were a little dull. I made my way through the high-end single malt collection over the 7 nights - always ordered a double (those pours are smaller by default) and never got charged. Certain bottles in the wine list were not included but everything else was covered by the package. 

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We were on France's Finest this fall and the available wines with the SSPackage were much better than the included wines.  I enjoyed Great French 75 c and Cosmo cocktails...my husband made his way through the great scotch choices and an occassional Grey Goose Martini....bartenders on each ship were GREAT!!!

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Here is part of my last post on this subject.  IME, if you are planning a couple cocktails per day, SS is a no brainer.  



I will say, our group all ordered Silver Spirits packages for the Rhine. At meals, we typically chose selections other than the defaults, and they ranged from quite good to acceptable. Note, there was maybe 2 bottles on the list that were NOT included with the premium package.


Another benefit of having the package was some conversation with the maitre d'hotel one night led to access to some wine not on the list for that cruise. Won't go in to detail, but that is probably not a perk one should expect on each sailing, and was somewhat unique to ours.


But really, here is my larger point: For US, I can not imagine a Viking Cruise without the Silver Spirits package, but not really because of the enhanced wine selection at meal time. Rather, it is "mandatory" for us for ease of access to the exact cocktails we wanted, when we wanted them. It was quite nice. If you think you would like a few cocktails, AND you would like to venture forth with different wine selections, it makes that choice a little clearer.

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On 1/27/2020 at 5:07 AM, old biddy said:

You are right, on the rivers it is €, on the oceans $, but in fact it is '15' of either, if you see what I mean. On the rivers there is still the limit, or was in September and has been on our 3 previous trips.


If you choose something over the 15€ limit can you pay the difference.   And apologizes if this has been asked and answered am new to this forum

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5 minutes ago, old biddy said:

Whilst we have never had anything over 15€, we do know somebody who had the SS package and was most upset to find she had to pay the full 16€ for champagne, not the 1€ difference.

Oh, dear me! That seems awfully picky on Viking's part.

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