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There is part of the report on the quarantine of the Diamond Princess:

Princess Cruises identified the 10 who tested positive as nine guests — two Australians, three Japanese, three from Hong Kong, and one from the U.S. — as well as one Filipino crew member.

The confirmation set off a round of testing for 273 people who either showed symptoms or had close contact with the patient who disembarked in Hong Kong, Kato said.

Ten of the first 31 people tested were positive for the virus, he said. Samples from the 242 other passengers and crew are still being tested.


It was announced that one of the Australians is a 10-year-old boy. Maybe the other Australian is one of his parents. One would hope that a 10.y.o. would not be taken to a foreign hospital without a parent in attendance.

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Updated February 4, 2020 at 6:00 PM PT

Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus on Diamond Princess

Princess Cruises can confirm that the first phase of health screening of all guests and crew onboard Diamond Princess, by the Japanese Ministry of Health, has been completed. We were notified that amongst the samples that have completed testing, 10 people have tested positive for Coronavirus. This includes two Australian guests, three Japanese guests, three guests from Hong Kong, and one guest from the U.S. in addition to one Filipino crewmember.

These 10 persons, who have been notified, will be taken ashore by Japanese Coast Guard watercraft and transported to local hospitals for care by shoreside Japanese medical professionals. It has been confirmed that the ship will remain under quarantine in Yokohama. The length of the quarantine will be at least 14 days as required by the Ministry of Health.

The ship plans to go out to sea to perform normal marine operations including, but not limited to, the production of fresh water and ballast operations before proceeding alongside in Yokohama where food, provisions, and other supplies will be brought onboard.

Guests will continue to be provided complimentary internet and telephone to use in order to stay in contact with their family and loved ones, and the ship’s crew is working to keep all guests comfortable.

Princess Cruises will continue to fully cooperate with and follow the instructions of global medical authorities and the Japanese government.

We will also be cancelling the next two Diamond Princess cruises departing Yokohama (Feb 4 and Feb 12) and will begin notifying guests today.

Princess Cruises confirms there are 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew currently onboard covering a range of nationalities. Approximately half the guests onboard are from Japan.

Cancellation of Diamond Princess – February 4 Cruise (Yokohama)

Princess Cruises thanks the Japan Ministry of Health for their thorough review of the health status of guests and crew aboard Diamond Princess. The cruise line has decided to cancel the next voyage of Diamond Princess to help facilitate the health screening and records review process.

Diamond Princess was due to depart Yokohama (February 4, 2020) for an eight day round trip cruise. However, the decision was made to cancel the cruise because of the time needed for the authorities to complete their comprehensive review.

All guests will receive a full refund. Each guest will also receive a one hundred percent future cruise credit.

While this decision will be disappointing for our guests, we feel they will understand the commitment to continue to work closely with the health authorities because we share a common goal of looking after the safety and well-being of our guests, crew and the places we visit.

Princess Cruises confirmed there are 2,666 guests currently onboard covering a range of nationalities. About half the guests are from Japan.

We will provide a further update once we have more information. 

Yokohama, Japan (Feb 4, 2020 GMT+9)

Princess Cruises has confirmed the turnaround of Diamond Princess has been delayed for approximately 24 hours to allow Japan public health authorities the opportunity to review the health status of all guests and crew on board.

On the previous voyage, a guest from Hong Kong, embarked in Yokohama on January 20, sailed one segment of the itinerary, and disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25. He visited a local Hong Kong hospital, six days after leaving the ship, where he later tested positive for coronavirus on February 1. While on the ship he did not visit the ship’s medical centre to report any symptoms or illness. The hospital reports that he is in stable condition and the family members traveling with him remain symptom-free.

The safety, security and well-being of all guests and crew is our absolute priority. The review of the arriving guests and crew, by Japanese health authorities, is standard practice after a guest tested positive for coronavirus and we are working closely with the local authorities to provide detailed records to facilitate their review.

Diamond Princess arrived in Yokohama early from a 14-day round trip itinerary, which departed from Yokohama (Tokyo) on January 20 and was scheduled to return on February 4. There are 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew on board. 

We will provide a further update once we have more information

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This is dreadful.  I feel so sorry for that man.  Why could they not have some food delivered to the ship from local sources if they feel their own food might be contaminated with the virus? 

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1 minute ago, freetalkfreelaugh said:

That man needs to call the doctor on board and explain his condition. I am sure there are quite a few medical teams on board.

Im guessing the onboard medical staff is probably overwhelmed at the moment

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7 minutes ago, Cairn Mom said:

Apparently Princess isn’t feeding the passengers aboard the Diamond. It sounds insane but listen to this guy

The problem is that with the ship placed in quarantine, the ship must follow the direction of the Japanese authorities.  If they want ship operations stopped, then ship operations stop.  If they are concerned about the food or food prep (maybe one or more of the cruise members involved then it stops).  I would not be surprised if they end up getting packaged rations, for at least part of the time.


If he is concerned he should call medical and let them know.  They would be in a better position to address his issue.

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The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) of Taiwan just said that they will refuse entry for the cruise ships which have carried passengers confirmed or suspected of suffering from coronavirus in the last 28 days.


Source: https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202002040022


Looks like the Diamond Princess would not be allowed entering Keelung on 2020/02/25 (Sail from Yokohama on 02/20).


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2 hours ago, loge23 said:

Aboard the Emerald 28 day LA RT Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti. Just received word from the Captain that both port calls in Samoa (Pago Pago & Apia) have been cancelled due to the coronavirus issue. More details are forthcoming but the Emerald will extend in Hawaii in place of the Samoan ports.

Cruise is wonderful so far!

Just canceled a cruise (actually 3 of them)  that included several pacific island locations.  On one of the cruises 5 of the 6 ports have already stopped accepting cruise ships (it included the 2 Samoa ports). I expect other islands to follow suite, they do not have the facilities to deal with this)  Samoa just got hit hard this year with a measles outbreak with a number of deaths so I expect them to play it very carefully.

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33 minutes ago, Cairn Mom said:


OMG!  That poor man and probably many others who have a medical condition requiring them to get something regular nutrition,  I hope he calls medical now and gets their attention.  

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Yes, passenger above says he is diabetic.  Has not received food in about 15 hours.  Told face-to-face by a staff person that there is concern that the food prep areas might be a contamination source, so no food is available.

Passenger is concerned about potentially falling into a diabetic coma.  Requesting media attention for his situation (as he is providing updates to the media about conditions on-board).

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If you go to his page, you'll see that this passenger has now received both breakfast and lunch in his cabin, and he's in good spirits again. Although he seems quite eager for media attention, he says everyone can now stop calling Princess on his behalf.

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He just did a live feed a bit ago and said thanks to all the social media response and people contacting Princess on his behalf, he has plenty of food which is fantastic. Boy do I give this man credit, he is so incredibly positive.  





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3 minutes ago, Host CJSKIDS said:


He has gotten a few meals, looks like lunch came 30 minutes after breakfast!

Thank goodness. What a nightmare. Cruisers can learn a lesson here. Take extra medications. Keep snacks drinks in cabin. I hope others are being cared for too 

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6 minutes ago, Host CJSKIDS said:

He just did a live feed a bit ago and said thanks to all the social media response and people contacting Princess on his behalf, he has plenty of food which is fantastic. Boy do I give this man credit, he is so incredibly positive.  






Indeed, I applaud his courage.  But,  I'm just heartbroken for the passengers with medical conditions requiring medications that they may not have enough of.  I hope Princess can figure out a way to resolve that.

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