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Diamond Princess passenger "tested positive for Wuhan coronavirus"


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12 hours ago, Caymus88 said:

Getting the most shock value for a future book/movie deal 

As Ron White says " when life gives you lemons, fund dungeons that life gave vodka and make a party "😂

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On 2/28/2020 at 7:35 AM, kathy49 said:

Well today after  Sally being positive and David negative...now both are positive again. What a roller coaster for them.


I wonder how accurate these tests are.


Not just this couple, but others who tested one way and then another within a day or two.

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On 2/28/2020 at 8:13 AM, kathy49 said:

You know given the unreliable nature of these tests being used in Japan (and elsewhere) I go back to the departure of the US passengers on the flight.....I can't remember were they all tested before departure or only those with symptoms? 


They may have all been tested, but a number of those who flew back to the USA did not have the results of the tests back before the flight. So if they had been positive, the planes were a perfect place to trasmit the virus to those who did not have it.


In addition, after boarding the buses to go to the airport, results fif come back positive for 14 of the passengers. People spent five hours on the buses while the USA State Department and the CDC debated whether of not those 14 should get on the planes. The State Department won and the 14 were divided between the two planes.


What a SNAFU:

a) Others on the buses for five hours in close contact with passengers now known to be positive

b) Not following CDC advice not to put the positives on the planes

c) Dividing the positives between two planes instead of putting them on just one plane. Give equal opportunity for all negative passengers on two planes to be infected during the flight instead of just those on one plane.

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3 hours ago, Farts said:

That makes 6 deaths/~700? If so, then we are sitting at just under 1% mortality. 

Bear in mind that cruisers are not a representative sample of the general population. Younger people, particularly kids, barely seem to notice this bug. Kids make great spreaders of flu-like disease for exactly this reason. Hence the closure of schools in several countries.

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Without knowing how the currently ill pax will fare, you cannot calculate a meaningful mortality rate. 705 known cases, but only 16 known results, with 6 dead and 10 recovered. 689 remaining cases, of whom 36 are serious or critical. If no one else dies, less than 1% mortality. If half of the serious die, it goes up to 3.4%. Too many unknowns right now.

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22 minutes ago, AlyssaJames said:


How does that change the death / patient ratio?

 the ratio is impacted 2 ways 

older demographic - may  increase death rate stats 

being constantly monitored and therefore receiving immediate care - may reduce death rate compared with real life were that monitoring will not happen. 

This subset is flawed and  cannot be used  to define any stats 

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