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2-6-20 Thursday Weigh-In... Leap Year


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One more day in the year to lose weight Isn't that nice

Some months we will need ice to drink other days streets covered in ice


But no matter what all the Thursdays are weigh-in days

Hope we have lots of weight loss's to say


Also this month the day of flowers, candy and smiles

You can say I Love You..No candy..Let's walk a mile


Hope you have lots of cruises planned

One of the desserts might be a flan


So 2020 is a Leap Year for us to get Healthy and Thinner

To get both will make us Winners

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Thank you @Belle 🙂


I have no idea how but I am the same weight as the 1st. I am going to refer to my guy as MG. He left this morning for 60 days. I could be mopey but instead I'm going to look forward to April and focus on me 🙂 Plus he's coming on my next cruise in Jan 2021 and invited me to his sister's wedding in September 👰.


Can't wait to see everyone's progress updates!

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Thanks Belle for getting the thread started!


Congrats on no weight gain Jenny! Sounds like your new guy is a keeper! Hope the next 60 days go quickly - for you and me! My next cruise is in 79 days.


I'm down 1.2 this week. DH had got some bad news from the doctor - he needs to lose weight and get active or he's in for trouble down the road so keeping on track has been easier since he's now eating what I am. Of course, typical for a man, I lose 1.2 with diet and my workouts and he is down 5 in a week just from eating better and going for a walk on the weekend. 🤷‍♀️


Have a good week everyone! I'm trying to decide between booking a Mediterranean, British Isles or Panama Canal cruise for 2021. I'm leaning towards the Med.  

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Thanks for starting us Belle 🙂 


Good job maintaining Jenny.  I like your attitude of focusing on yourself while MG is gone.  My husband doesn't travel often, but will be away for a week in April (and even after 25 years together I'll still miss him ❤️ ) so I will also take some "me" time.  Plus DS will still be there and keep me busy.


Nice loss Robin!  I'm sorry to hear your hubby has a health concern, but it does help when you are both focused together.  Your cruise is coming sooner than mine - I'm 100 days out (get to do the double digit dance tomorrow though 😉 )


Maintaining is frustrating Diana, but at least it isn't a gain.  Are clothes fitting differently?  Feeling healthier?  Maybe you can find a win that way to encourage continued discipline for next week.


Jan, less than a pound isn't too bad but it is hard to see the number creeping up.  Best wishes in finding what works for you.


My clothes are fitting a lot looser, but I also had another maintain week.  We've been doing heavier weights in our workouts so hopefully the plateau is a matter of muscle density but still having fat loss.


Have a great week all!

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Congrats to all the losers and maintainers.  For the gainers it looks like small gains.  I last 2.6 lbs this week and have a cruise in 2 weeks.  I was hoping to lose about 5 more before I leave but doubt that will have.


Hope everyone has a successful week and the scale is nice to you 🙂



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Checking in for my second week. Didn't lose, but didn't gain either. Which I consider a win since we chaperoned the school dance Saturday night (along with the huge table of goodies!) and traveled Sun-Mon! Hoping Valentine's Day chocolates don't cause too much of a temptation next week! And hoping I make it to Zumba since I missed this week. Do you all like to do exercise classes on the ship? I did Zumba last time and really liked it. Fun to dance on the pool deck looking at the ocean instead of inside a gym!

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I generally don't do classes onboard (I haven't seen Zumba offered but sounds like fun), but we do run or walk (crowd dependent) the jogging deck and use weights in the fitness center.  We also try to find active excursions like walking/hiking or snorkeling.

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Good Morning this Sat..Hope you all enjoy your weekend.


Been busy getting ready for my cruises Had lunch and some shopping with my daughter today..

Had a salad and bought a blouse. Had a good day.   Today ( Sat.) not so good..have to clean the

house some. :classic_tongue:   Nails on Sunday, packing on Monday.

Didn't lose this week but didn't gain either. Which is good.  Hope to come back without any gains.


Seems like we had a pretty good week We did all three things. Loss's, stay the same and tiny gains..

We just have to keep at it.  Don't let the Valentine candy get to you this week and next.

Edited by Belle
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Good afternoon or evening depending where you are. That is if anyone reading........

no one talking!  I know you have a life and I have none!  To much time on my hands  or I could just not be doing

what I should be doing and being on the computer instead.:classic_rolleyes::classic_laugh:


Take care 

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Howdy ho everybody! Late checking in this week for no good reason except that I haven't been online much the past few days, which is really kind of weird for me!


Congrats to all those who've lost or maintained this week! 

And it sounds like those who gained didn't gain much, so that's always a plus!

I dropped back the 1.2 that I gained last week, so glad of that, but this cha-cha approach isn't getting me very far overall--still only down 4.5 for the year. But, my monthly measurements showed a couple of inches lost, and my jeans are getting looser, so I'm going to focus on that.


Robin, sorry  to hear about the hubby and I hope his new diet puts things right for him.


I'm jealous of all of you cruising soon; I have to wait all the way until summer! But, that just means that much more time to drop some weight.


Hope you all have a great week!

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Good to read how each week goes for everyone. 


Belle, you must be all packed now. Have a great trip.


I think I'll be leaving on mine when you get back. We fly to Fl. on March 14th, fly home on April 28th. 


Not sure how I'll do losing this week, meals out, not scale friendly........


Have a nice evening everyone,





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Hello Good-Bye Everyone!


I'm leaving tomorrow for my cruises. Be back on March 7th.  As you know I will try to check in

if the internet is working.


So will someone please start the weigh-ins the next 4 Thursdays. Thank You.


Hope you all have great weigh-ins.  I promise I will try my best not to have a gain when I come back.



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22 hours ago, Mommyof3sweetboys said:

My youngest just came home from school with the stomach flu! I really hope that's not my weight loss strategy this week!! 

Aww, hope he feels better soon and no one else gets it.  


Have a great trip @Belle!


I'm not sure how I'll do on Thursday.  Yesterday was busy with errands so we did a pizza meal - I had enough healthy sides that it was only 2 slices, but still not the greatest (although under calories for the day).  Tonight will be a tortellini soup loaded with veggies (and tomato vs. cream) and maybe use some of the left over pizza as croutons.  Tomorrow will be the big challenge: my "baby" turns 15 and while his dinner request is fairly healthy (Italian broccoli dip over chicken), dessert will do me in - Mr. Sticky sticky buns 😋.  Maybe I will just get 2 and spilt one with DH since we are both trying to lose.


Getting lots of walking in and tomorrow is a workout too so hopefully that balances out 🙂 

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