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Cabin Room Trips and Tricks

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31 minutes ago, ccuttill said:

Magnetic dry erase boards from the dollar store, to communicate with other family members 


plastic suction cup hooks from Walmart, work great for hanging up suits in the shower, or stick on mirrors to hold lanyards 


On our last cruise on Harmony, they didn't stick to the cabin door.  The coating on the doors requires a stronger magnet. We're looking for something that works better.

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3 minutes ago, flamingos said:


On our last cruise on Harmony, they didn't stick to the cabin door.  The coating on the doors requires a stronger magnet. We're looking for something that works better.

I use these on the ship and they roll up too. 



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On 2/6/2020 at 7:03 PM, thegraminator said:

We like  to  bring  an over-the -door shoe bag.  We hang it on the outside  the bathroom  door  and store our sunscreen , lotions, lanyards ,  chargers, etc. in it.  It really  frees up the limited  counter space .  Another tip I have  read about, but never used, was to bring a small  blow up swimming  pool from  the  dollar  store  to use inside  the  shower to bathe small  children   ( which I  don't  have  ).  One last tip is to decorate  the cabin door  to help locate your  room easier .   Just don't  put up anything  that you'd  hate to have taken.  Sometimes  people decide  it's  funny  to steal other  people 's things . 

Agree about the shoe bag except we hang it on the inside of the bathroom door.

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2 hours ago, brillohead said:

A "flat iron" is for straightening hair.... they are allowed under Royal's rules, just like curling irons and hair dryers.  

A clothing iron, on the other hand, is not allowed.  


My bad! Didn't know the difference.....


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2 hours ago, shirazcruiser said:

I also bring "return address labels" so I don't have to fill out as much info on the disembarkation luggage tags. 

We also bring cruise "business cards when exchanging contact info with new friends we meet.


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2 hours ago, jagsfan said:

For non-Oasis class ships, I bring a couple of battery operated tea lights for the bathroom at night. From the Dollar Store, cheap and really lightweight,  they give enough light not to have to turn in the bathroom light at night, and one will last through a 27 day cruise. 

Side note:

Also, the tea lamps are cheaper than what you can buy the batteries that are installed in them for. If you use the same size batteries elsewhere, just buy the tea lamps, take the good, less expensive battery out, and throw the tea lamp away.


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1 hour ago, brillohead said:

I do this as well... saves that last-day scramble for pen and paper! 

We used to make them specific for the cruise like the (redacted) one below but there are always wasted left overs.

Now we use generic ones.



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For ships with shower curtains I buy a cheap plastic shower curtain from a dollar store and hang it behind the existing shower curtain and bring clips to clip the sides of the two together.  Who knows when, if ever, that existing curtain was washed and how many bodies it has blown in to.   I take it down and throw it away after our final shower or wrap damp suits in for the trip home..

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Bring a square of vinyl drawer liner to place in the wire corner shelf where all your items fall over or through the slats. You can trip to fit when you get there. Or if you know the exact dimensions... cut to size before you travel.

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The practical part: Husband and I bring two travel coffee mugs. First one awake goes to get coffee and bring it back to the room. We find this less intrusive to the person who is still sleeping than getting a phone call from room service before they bring an order up, and it's much simpler to walk back across the length of the ship navigating stairs or elevators and the room door handle with closed up travel mugs than the coffee mugs supplied on the ship. 


The silly part: we never use these two travel mugs on land. They are only ever our cruise mugs. We're odd, though, so.... 🙂 


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12 hours ago, shirazcruiser said:

I like this idea, too!


Just an FYI, my Dollar Store white board did work on Harmony. My neighbors wrote sweet comments on it throughout the cruise. I put it on the side of the fridge when we got home. The last sweet note is still on it.  


If you happen to be reading this post Harmony July 14, 2019, Cabin 12610 - Hello and thanks for the messages!  Your former neighbor 12612

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On 2/8/2020 at 7:06 PM, shirazcruiser said:

Wonderful idea!  We bring too many pairs of sunglasses... DH declared Genius!  DH also agreed about the clutter on the vanity with my hair products and tour tickets. I found a pair of mesh pocket hangers at Amazon.



I learned from a similar thread about 6" silicone sink stoppers. It seems that our bathroom sinks always drain when DH is shaving or I am washing delicates. These have worked so well. 



 I bring a flat iron to touch up wrinkled/washed clothes. I also bring a rechargeable nightlight for the bathroom. 




Those mesh bags would work on the wall.  Mine is flatter with an actual built in hanger at the top....but those would work.  I’d ditch the hooks though and use 2 magnets instead thru the holes at the top that hold at least 7 lbs on the wall.  

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On 2/8/2020 at 1:41 PM, ARandomTraveler said:

One of these to carry your drink cup so you  can have your hands free (1000mL size)


AUPET Water Bottle Carrier,Insulated Neoprene Water Bottle Holder Bag Case Pouch Cover 1000ML or 750ML,Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Great for Stainless Steel and Plastic Bottles https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012S9GKLS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ycWpEbJFQ0J6T

How wide of a glass will this take? It looks narrow.

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49 minutes ago, ReneeFLL said:

How wide of a glass will this take? It looks narrow.

I have the 1000mL size and it was big enough to fit a 1L water bottle as well as the soda cup they give you on the ship (as of summer 2018 anyway, unless they’ve changed the size of the drink cups).


We also brought this one with us (link below, 40oz size) and it was also large enough for the drink cup. It has the added benefit of having pockets to keep your phone and seapass card, or money when you leave the ship. 


Both are pretty deep in length so a regular .5mL water bottle falls inside and you have to pull it out every time you want to take a sip, but for taller water bottles and the drink cup it’s the perfect size because you don’t have to pull it out when you want to take a drink. But I use it for smaller water bottles too.


Wild Wolf Outfitters Water Bottle Holder for 40oz Bottles Black - Carry, Protect and Insulate Your Best Flask with This Military Grade Carrier w/ 2 Pockets & an Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WWD7151/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_tJpqEbFJZ3076

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On 2/8/2020 at 4:18 PM, jagsfan said:

Not a cabin hack, but I take a Word document to leave on the bed on the first day. 

Sometimes stewards don’t get to meet us until after dinner. 

I type a greeting to the steward and introduction. 

I let him know our preference for bed configuration. 

I can’t sleep under a duvet, so I request a top sheet and blanket instead. I also need a couple of extra pillows. 

I also request ice twice daily. Some cruise lines do once unless requested. 

I thank him in advance 

That way I get it all out of the way, and he doesn’t have to memorize what I and 10 other people are requesting. 


Don't forget to mention the extra polish for your tiara



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6 hours ago, RBKL said:

Small packets of Woolite or a Tide to wash quick drying tshirts and underwear. Rarely use them but nice to have in case of a spill or extended stay.

The shower gel in the dispenser works great for this, without having to pack an extra item!

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