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Poll: Would you take an Orlando Caribbean 7 Day Cruise on 2/15?


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Hi everyone,


We're scheduled to embark on the Breakaway on 2/15 for a 7 night Caribbean cruise.


I see lots of talk about an even worse situation on cruises happening now or in the future in Asia, but wanted to get your take on this cruise.


Would you take this cruise, or just kiss what you've paid goodbye, and stay home?


My opinions:

Reasons to go:
* We paid a lot of money, and really want to go!
* We've been looking forward to it for months
* It coincides with mid-winter break (school) in our area, we can''t just go again in a few weeks.
* We can be very health conscious, with wipes, and masks and etc if we must.

* The southeast of the United States has had zero cases, as have all the Caribbean countries. It's about as far as you can get from the epicenter of the epidemic in China.
* Our boat has just been moving around the area, hasn't been in Asia recently.

* What's happening on the Diamond Princess right now sounds like actual hell. Your cabin turned into a prison, waiting two weeks to see if you catch corona virus.

* I anticipate more ships will have problems in the area over the next week. 
* With air travel and nights before/after the cruise, we're away for 10 days. That's a long time, a lot can change in 10 days. 10 days ago there were 4,500 cases, today there's 30,000.

* Are we even going to be able to have fun on this cruise? I don't know, I'm pretty paranoid about it now, in peaceful Seattle.


I see three options, I'd love to hear your opinions:

* Go on the full adventure as planned
* Fly to Orlando, do something else, just write off the cost of the cruise.

* Do nothing, stay home.


Thank you!






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There is always the possibility of getting sick on a ship.  With the heightened awareness and precautions (I believe the screening is taking place on ALL ships, not just those in Asia), Norovirus (several outbreaks last fall) and the flu are more likely - but ships don't go into quarantine because of them.  Ships go into "clean mode" if they suspect a viral outbreak.  So go, wash your hands often, and enjoy your vacation.

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We are sailing the same week as you. I’m actually looking forward to going on a cruise so that I can get away from all the cases of the flu and sick people in our school district.


In my humble opinion, obsessing over all the “what if’s” will only drive you insane. And I do consider your fears to be a bit irrational at the present time. The epidemic and quarantined ship are literally 8,000 miles away. Can the corona virus make it over here? Well, yes. But so can a litany of infectious diseases that are much more likely found in the Caribbean. Remember good ol’ Zika virus and Dengue fever? They may not be making headline news anymore, but they are still a threat in the tropics. Neither has been fully eradicated. But that’s not going to stop me from cruising. I’ll just take precautions as I always do.





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As of today, 12 people in the US have tested positive with zero deaths.  10 of the 12 contracted the virus while visiting Asia while the other two were spouses of 2 of the 10.  Right now there is no reason to cancel your cruise.  As comparison, this flu season about 10,000 people have died in the US so far.  

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I've been poking around the HAL board tonight. Before a recent call to Half Moon Bay, it appears the Bahamian govt is requirung each passenger to complete a health form prior to clearing the ship. Not sure if you are heading to Bahamas from PC, and no reason to expect a problem, but it sounds to me that, at a minimum, there is a heightened sense of awareness regarding the virus.

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If this flu got going here in the USA like it is in China, cruise vacations would likely be halted.  Who knows what the future holds here in the USA but I’m not panicking about my upcoming sailing.  Had I not already made final payment, I’d probably not be booking a cruise right now, but if I were sailing in a couple weeks, I’d  be comfortable going and just making sure my family was practicing proper infection control.  

We sailed on the Jade 2 week Mediterranean late October/early November.  I was simply amazed at the poor hygiene and infection control practices some of my cruise mates displayed.   I know the flu vaccine isn’t a guarantee but we got our flu shots 2 weeks prior to flying out of Seattle.  We didn’t get sick. We didn’t eat buffet, didn’t take elevators, washed hands with soap and water... Didn’t hear much coughing at first on the ship.  A couple of sick passengers at the beginning of the sailing turned into a big ship full by the end of the sailing.  A fellow passenger on one of my excursions was complaining about her horrible cough, fever, sore throat and headache.  I asked her if she had a flu shot.  She went on some anti vaccine rant. I asked her why she was on the bus instead of in her cabin. She was out and about because everyone else was sick and not staying in their staterooms so why should she?  This is the mentality I saw. People spent good money. They were not going to hole up  inside their staterooms.    

im more concerned right now about my flu shot immunity wearing off. I think they say about 16% decrease/month which can make for a nasty regular flu outbreak in the spring. If nothing else perhaps the, “I can do whatever I feel like when contagious,” mentality will no longer be tolerated on ships. 


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56 minutes ago, dexddd said:

No idea.  Report now of RCCL ship being screened in NJ.

Read the same thing...and they reportedly came from the Bahamas.  We have a cruise out of MIA on Feb 29.  I have no intention of cancelling but that's not to say that NCL won't cancel on us if things take a turn on this side of the world.  Until then, my bags are still packed.

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I would definitely NOT lose all my vacation money over "what if's".


I would prepare for extra screenings and possibly longer lines for boarding, bring extra prescription meds just in case.


And if you're in an inside cabin, cross your fingers & toes extra tight because having to do 24/7 in there for a quarantine sounds terrible!

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Well, I’d go.  In fact, I’ll be cruising out of Port Canaveral a couple weeks after the OP with no plans to cancel.


That said I do understand the OP’s concerns.  New Jersey is also far from Asia, yet Anthem of the Seas is making headlines this morning due to coronavirus  concerns.  And the Orlando attractions draw huge numbers of travelers from around the globe to Central FL and MCO.  There is a chance one or more of those travelers was incubating coronavirus and has unknowingly spread it.

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