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Transportation from NYC airport to port

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We will be flying into NYC to catch a Carnival cruise in mid September.  Is it easier to fly into JFK or LaGuardia? Taxi or Uber to port? Any idea on the cost to get there? Thanks!

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7 hours ago, SCcruiser123 said:

Is it easier to fly into JFK or LaGuardia?

They are both awful for their own reasons but generally LGA is easier domestically with JFK being the better option from an international flight standpoint. But I agree with the previous poster-- New York isn't New England so you might hear other things on the East Coast Departures. 


7 hours ago, SCcruiser123 said:

Taxi or Uber to port?

One of the few times that Uber might not be the best option. Taxis are plentiful. From JFK taxis have a flat rate of $52 into Manhattan. From LGA taxis are on the meter but its generally between $45-55. 

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10 hours ago, SCcruiser123 said:

Is it easier to fly into JFK or LaGuardia? Taxi or Uber to port?


Easy is a subjective term that isn't so easy to answer. I've lived here my entire life and I try to avoid flying into LGA anytime I can. Whenever possible, and it almost always is, I aim to go out of JFK, and if not, Newark...more recently because I don't live in Brooklyn or Queens anymore.


A lot of what can affect your ground transport, which is what you've asked about after arriving into either airport, is the time of day - rush hour/commuters - and the weather...oh and if there's an event happening near LGA (baseball game, tennis or something else near Flushing Meadow Park vicinity) because traffic can be pretty intense. 


There are ways to get into Manhattan via mass transit from either airport though these aren't always appealing for out of town visitors; they are more reliable, generally, and much less expensive. The shuttles (coach buses) tend to be pretty good and less expensive but again, if there is traffic, it'll take a bit longer. I had a particularly dreadful trip home last year flying home from Houston into JFK; just lots of traffic, it took so long because we had to go over the 59th Street Bridge aka Ed Koch Bridge, getting there was not quick.


Almost missed a plane out of LGA on a Saturday morning because a commuter train just stopped en route...by the time it finally got going I caught the M160 bus to LGA in Harlem and made it in time to the security line. Basically, even with mass transit, shuttles, you just never know. I can't think of a time I've ever taken a taxi except when I lived about 3 miles from the airport for 17 years, it was a local car service that cost probably average about $8 over the years. Even when I moved to Brooklyn, for a time, I'd go back to my old neighborhood and park, take the taxi a few miles to the terminals. So spoiled!


(Mass transit options from JFK are the A train, subway, and LIRR, commuter rail goes into Penn Station, both reachable via SkyTrain from terminals)


Long story short: whatever you decide to do, allow plenty of time for travel day so that you have plenty of time to make it to port. As was mentioned, Grand Central Terminal (where the shuttles arrive at) has many restaurants on the lower level that are decent and some higher end restaurants too if you care to sit down for a proper meal. The Terminal itself is lovely and historic and full of locals and visitors alike, you'll see lots of people taking selfies and sometimes even brides and grooms posing for pictures. You never know.


Also, if you were thinking of taking the shuttle to the city, it's arguable to simply take one ride and pay the money for the taxi instead. Making all the transfers to get from the airport to the city to the port would be exhausting; not having to make any transfers at all would be worth the cost of a taxi if you've never been here before or had a lot of luggage or just weren't particularly into a multi-step journey prior to starting a relaxing cruise. 


Fares are set and you cannot be overcharged by a yellow taxi or car hire app. If you use a yellow taxi, be sure to get in the queue at the proper place curbside because there are people there managing the process. 


Whatever you decide to do, have a safe and wonderful journey. 🙂








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