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Panorama LIVE - Feb 29th - Mexican Riviera +Vegas +Hollywood

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1 hour ago, grandmarnnurse said:

I cruised 5 Carnival ships before deciding to try RCCL and NCL. I’m glad I got the experience, and was able to compare, and we agree with you, Carnival is way more fun. We returned to Carnival one year ago sailing the Breeze, and have since cruised the Glory this past February and are leaving soon for a B2B on the Magic on April 5. I am looking for a Panama Canal cruise for 2021. We have never sailed Disney, but did price it one year, as our daughter wanted us to sail with them. I could get a balcony or suite on Carnival for what an inside cabin was on Disney! And Royal is also getting too pricey, and they loved to nickel and dime you once onboard, not to mention reserving for all shows prior to cruise. Same thing happened with NCL. We are very happy to be back with Carnival where the food is great and plentiful, the music is everywhere, the price point fits our retirement budget, and it is fun all day and night. 


Thanks for the positive feedback on your trips!  I was always nervous to book Carnival because of the Triumph fiasco honestly.  As I have been reading reviews that concern has gone away and then add on the Havana area and it sealed it for us so we booked the Vista.  One of our biggest issues with cruising is not being able to get chairs or enjoy the pool because of the crowds so the Havana area seems to be the perfect compromise.  We love the pool and lounging and usually our vacations are at an all inclusive where we can relax.  

Disney was expensive when we went.  Now for our family of 5 it would be over 10k when we can cruise so it is just out of the question.  Our kids are 16, 11, and 8.  We are taking them to the Dominican Republic this year and the total cost of that with the all inclusive and airfare was about 4k.  Before the Disney cruises were around that same price range if we found a cruise we didn't have to fly to (we drove to the Mexican Riviera cruise from Texas to LA).  The second Disney cruise was out of Galveston and it was around 5k so in the same ball park.  It also helped when we could cruise when they were younger and didn't have to go during prime season.  Now our teen cannot afford to miss school so we have to go during summer or prime vacation weeks.

Anyway thanks for the encouragement!  I'm looking forward to the fun.  Sorry to hijack Saint Greg's post.

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2 hours ago, ummgood said:

I’m a little late but I loved your review. We live in Texas too and I loved the whataburger ketchup. I was wondering if someone would notice and one person mentioned it. Did you put them in ziplock bags?


We have our first carnival trip booked for Sept on the Vista. The more I read about Carnival trips is they do seem more fun. We will see. We have had two DCL Cruises With our three kids and then a RCCL just the two of us. Disney is getting crazy expensive and RCCL was a bit too slow for us so I am hoping that Carnival will be a good combination of fun and price. 

Anyway it was fun following along. One of our DCL Cruises was this exact itinerary so it was fun to compare. I plan on going back now and reading your Vista report. 

Only one person mentions I think because the others have read other reviews of mine. I think i started bringing my own ketchup three cruises ago. I did a ziplock bag the first time and had a 50% survival rate. Now I use this and it’s 100%.





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16 minutes ago, Saint Greg said:

Only one person mentions I think because the others have read other reviews of mine. I think i started bringing my own ketchup three cruises ago. I did a ziplock bag the first time and had a 50% survival rate. Now I use this and it’s 100%.


Smart!  I'll probably bring on some whataburger spicy with me.  We also really like the sriracha ketchup.

We are participating in a gift exchange type thing (our first time) and I was considering giving everyone small portions of local hot sauce.  My concern is not having it burst in the bag and also will security have a cow.  This idea comes from partially me thinking all the food is bland so I tend to bring my own hot sauce places and I figured since we are cruising out of Texas it would be generally well received.  Maybe I am wrong but as long as I justify it in my mind I'll be good with it.

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1 hour ago, TravelGirlinDallas said:

So glad you still got to do your tour of Hollywood! It's surreal to see all of those famous places in person, at least it was for me. 

I got it in. Wish I had the second day so I could’ve made some of the stops.

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34 minutes ago, Saint Greg said:

I got up at 6:30. My flight is 11:15. I need to leave at 8:15 to be there at 9:15 and I’m throwing in an extra 30 mins in case we do the LAX IT thing on the return trip so 7:45 is the plan.


You don't do the LAX-IT thing on a return drop off trip.  Uber/Lyft drops you of in front of your terminal.

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9 hours ago, Saint Greg said:

I mostly know about this place from the opening of 3’s company. In that opening they rode a carousel.... And it’s still here.







Come and knock on my door, we’ve been waiting for you!

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15 minutes ago, sanmarcosman said:

We always want to leave you wanting more. Hurry back 🙂 

Unfortunately this is the long break. I don’t cruise again until August 29th. Carnival Magic out of Miami to Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Aruba and Bonaire. That will be my first 8-day (non coronavirus), my first time out of Miami, and my first time to Aruba, Bonaire, and Half Moon Cay.

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lol!!  If he gets lost on the way to the airport, tell him it's where that cool Jetson's looking building is and all the airplanes fly up and down from that area lol!!

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