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⭐Live Allure TA 🚢 March 1, 2020 - Time to rub the lamp 🧞

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Our numbers here in Northeast Florida are still going up. As far as I know, every part of at least the lower 48 is in the same boat. I can’t imagine any travel cranking up again till the numbers reverse.  

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6 minutes ago, jagsfan said:

Our numbers here in Northeast Florida are still going up. As far as I know, every part of at least the lower 48 is in the same boat.


I recall reading that as the results for the tests administered come in as well as the newer tests that have the shorter turn around...that because of the delay, the daily case loads would be inflated as the tests from previous days finally come through and merge with the data from the new ones. I had read it would be a week before the new daily accounting could reflect the current state and to expect surges in numbers until then.

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Cordoba, The Gypsies


Sorry I missed my morning briefing. Gave Bella a bath this morning since I had to cancel her grooming. 


The tour bus let us off at the Roman Bridge, and we made our way up to the Mezquita (Cathedral/Mosque)

I was bringing up the rear since I kept stopping for pictures. Next thing I know, Pat is being detained by a female, I'm guessing gypsy, but I'm no expert. Their schtick is to place an olive branch in your palm and them begin praying for you. And they won't let loose until you pay them.  He was hopelessly out of his element. So I head over and try and find a single Euro. I gave it to her and grabbed Pat. But apparently that wasn't enough, she wanted two. 


Then her accomplice grabs me and starts praying. By then I'd had enough, and shouted 'No, let go" and broke loose. They were all up and down the street.  So if we get the Virus, that was probably where it happened.  We then caught up with the group and got our headsets, headed off with our guide to enter the Mezquita




Anybody want to translate this? Looks like a poem





Right before we got accosted





Patrick, no worse for wear



Our guide. He was really good, even though he forgot to get our entry tickets

No worries, he got it straightened out in 5 minutes



Lets head inside



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Cordoba Inside the Mezquita


I showed you a few pictures last week, and I have several hundred, but they do it no justice.

This place is ginormous, It's measured in acres, with the courtyard it could hold 40,000 people

Well that was until the Catholic Church built a cathedral inside of it and reduce occupancy. 

After the Cathedral was finished, the Spanish King said something like "You've take something spectacular, and made it ordinary."


At one point I really wanted to go to Granada and see the Alhambra, in retrospect, I'm glad we saw Cordoba.

I think Pat enjoyed it. I'll see the Alhambra when we return for the Harmony TA next fall.


First off we have phone pictures

I think this is my first impression. I knew about the arches, I just didn't realize how big it was



Modification made during a rebuild



Columns were quarried from all over Spain and many were reused from Roman times



Panoramic mode on the S9+



The dome of the Cathedral


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Cordoba Inside the Mezquita, continued


And now some camera pictures📷

The 10-22 performed very well in my opinion, but truth be told, the phone worked fine



Everybody takes pictures









This might be the Mihrab, kind of like an altar from what I recall





The choir



Inside the Cathedral 











The smaller of the two pipe organs



The Apse of the Cathedral



Conservation at work



The altar of the Cathedral




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Cordoba Mezquita grounds and tower


We were inside for over an hour and a half. I could have stayed the whole day. 

Lets walk around the courtyard and venture outside the walls



Orange trees



This was also the original minaret. I think they built around it





The Cathedral pops right through the roof of the mosque



Found this on Wikipedia

Like I said earlier, it's immense





You could walk up the tower, but that was to much for me to attempt







Raphael was adopted to ward off the plague in the 18th century



You see him everywhere


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Cordoba - Old Town and Roman Bridge


Let's wrap up our visit to Cordoba


View of the Bell Tower from the Street of Flowers.  Very iconic.



Unfortunately it's a dead end, so let's go back the way we came



Inside the oldest Synagogue in Spain. It was many other things after the Inquisition. 



I think it's being restored



Raphael on the Bridge



Roman Bridge is almost 2,000 years old, but most of this is from the 8th Century Moors



Thirsty bird



I think the orange blossoms did Pat in, but they smelled nice to me





City Crest






Let's go back to Malaga. 



Thanks for tagging along. If you get the chance make sure you visit Cordoba yourselves.

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3 hours ago, Ocean Boy said:

Just as well, the last survey that I received had the wrong itinerary.

Rest assured that Royal Caribbean is using this downtime from creating never ending fake sales to correct all of the bugs in their IT systems. :classic_unsure:

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Thanks for the review of Cordoba. Next time I get to Malaga, I'll put that one on my list. Your pictures are very impressive.


And in the "other news" department … my points have posted and they got the double points part right, so if all goes well and I get to take the November TA, I'll get an Allure crystal block. 🙂


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1 hour ago, island lady said:


I picked up two as well...bring on the Margaritas!!  🥃

One of our local Mexican restaurants are offering margaritas to-go.  I was tempted yesterday when I picked up some food from them.

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Hope you don't mind, but commercials today don't grab your attention like this one. Ricardo Montalban said that he happened to be in a play in Detroit and a Chrysler executive's wife I believe saw him when they were coming out with the new "small Chrysler" Cordoba. He wanted to pronounce it COR-doba as it is Spain, not Cor-DOBA.

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2 hours ago, bobmacliberty said:


I like what you did here!  📷👍


That's why I said I could have spent the whole day in there. Plus there were a ton of people, and you really couldn't tell.


Lighting was the biggest challenge

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