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New rules come in force this April, once again Costa is changing the game for it's most loyal customers.


Suite rules stay the same.


I'm out after this year, even if we cancel our booked cruise, they don't care about long term clients.

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17 minutes ago, drsel said:

What are the new rules exactly

OK, the salient details part 1.


Art. 5 – How Costa Club points are awarded
5.1    Costa Club points (hereinafter “points”) are the basic unit of calculation used by Costa for determining a Member’s Costa Club level. In the subscription phase, each Member is assigned an ID number in the Costa database, associated with an account where the Member’s points are tallied.

5.2    Members earn points based on the number of nights spent aboard Costa ships and total onboard purchases as indicated below:

- Cruise night points: points are earned for every night of the cruise based on the type of cabin Members have chosen:

a.    Inside cabins: 100 points per night;

b.    Outside cabins: 150 points per night;

c.    Balcony cabins: 175 points per night.


For those who book at least 90 days prior to departure, cruise nights points are doubled.
For those who book at least 360 days prior to departure, cruise nights points are tripled (except for Suites).

Members travelling in Suites (and Minisuites) earn 450 points per night.
Those who book a Suite (and Minisuites) at least 360 days prior to departure receive 600 points per night.

Members who book with a group rate are awarded points for every night of the cruise according to the cabin they have chosen (see details above). But their cruise night points are not doubled or tripled, regardless of how early they book. Company incentives and student groups are not awarded points.

Points per night are doubled or tripled on the basis of the date the booking is confirmed by the Costa’s booking systems and the date of departure based on the above system.
The date on which Costa receives confirmation of the booking from the Member's travel agency, and therefore registers it in the Costa booking system, always takes precedence. If the Member's travel agency confirms the Member’s booking without providing Costa with confirmation at the same time, the booking date will not be valid when calculating how early the booking was made, and the booking confirmation date will remain when the agency confirms the booking with Costa and receives confirmation back from Costa. Having confirmed the booking with the travel agency, the Member, along with the agency, is responsible for checking that the booking has been sent to Costa.
If the booking is subsequently updated with a change that results in the updating of the confirmation or departure date by the Member or their travel agent, the system will update the points calculation as a result.

Points are awarded based on the type of cabin booked and the price at the moment of purchase in the booking phase. In case of upgrade with onboard payment, the cabin points awarded for the difference in the price paid for the upgrade will be awarded and counted as onboard purchases, as will be explained in detail below (i.e. for each euro spent, 2 points will be awarded). Promotional and BASIC rates do not allow for point accumulation.


- Costa flight points: points are also awarded for Costa flights included in the cruise package as follows:

a.    Spend up to 350 € per person: 250 points;
b.    Spend over 350 € per person: 500 points.

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Part 2 


“Costa flights” refer to flights included in “flight+cruise” packages. The amount is calculated on the basis of all flight legs that the Member has purchased. Other transfer costs, such as buses, trains and private transfers, are not included. Flight points are awarded only for rates that allow for the accumulation of points per night.


- Onboard points: regardless of cabin rate, 2 points are earned for every euro spent aboard - excluding fractions of that amount - and are registered on the Member's card. Sums spent at the casino, on medical expenses, expenses covered with Costa onboard credits, and sums spent by a Member but registered on the Costa Club card of another person, even if they share the same cabin, are not included. By definition free services are not included, nor are onboard credits or group excursions. Points for onboard products and services will also be awarded for purchases and bookings made before the cruise on the MyCosta website. In this case Costa Club points will be awarded to all those who use the services and not the person who made the booking or purchased the services on the website. In case of excursions purchased for underage persons (children or guests), points from the purchases for said minors will not be counted.

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5.3    No points will be awarded for cruise nights and flight expenses if the cruise was purchased at promotional or BASIC rates, with a special discount, or if the ticket is free. Members must always check on the Costa Cruises website or with their Travel Agency to find out whether the rate they have chosen entitles them to earn Costa Club programme points.
Furthermore, points will not be awarded to Members if the cruise is cancelled due to reasons independent of Costa’s will or for safety reasons. Moreover, points will not be awarded if Members themselves cancel the cruise, regardless of how early they do so or their reasons.


5.4    Points are automatically awarded 30 days after the end of each cruise. Members can check the points they have earned online, by registering in the reserved area on the website www.costacruises.co.uk. Should they want to, Members may verify their point totals onboard at the interactive totems (when present) or by request at the Costa Club Points when they are open.


5.5    For informational purposes and the sake of maximum transparency, Costa Cruises informs Members that any awarding of bonus points to Members may depend on and be associated with the launch of promotional or specific marketing campaigns dedicated to single Countries in which Costa operates and sells its products.


5.6    Members who think that their points total should be higher than the total in their account should send Costa Club copies of cruise tickets and payment receipts for onboard expenses incurred during any cruise they think has not been counted, within 2 months of the final day of the cruise in question. Members can make requests for points to be updated by sending their full name and Costa Club card number, along with the required documentation, to costaclub@uk.costa.it, or by post to Costa Club Customer Service, Piazza Piccapietra 48, 16121 Genova, Italy.


5.7     Points are always awarded at the end of the cruise and not during the cruise itself, even if the cruises are consecutive. It will not be possible to change Club category while on consecutive cruises, even if they are a part of separate bookings. If Members interrupt a cruise ahead of schedule, they will be awarded points for the number of nights they spend aboard at the rate they booked.



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Hope you are keeping up with all this, I will quiz you later😀


Art. 7 – Costa Club Levels
7.1    There are 6 different Club levels depending on the Member's points total:

1. Ambra Club, for Members who haven't travelled with Costa and therefore accumulated any points, but who have joined the programme: 0 points
2. Acquamarina Club: for Members who have earned a total of 1 to 2,000 points in the last three years (from 15 June)
3. Corallo Club: for Members who have earned a total of 2,001 to 5,000 points in the last three years (from 15 June)
4. Perla Club: for Members who have earned a total of 5,001 to 13,000 points in the last three years (from 15 June)
5. Perla Oro Club: for Members who have earned a total of 13.001 to 26,000 points in the last three years (from 15 June)
6. Perla Diamante Club: for Members who have earned a total of at least 26,001 points in the last three years (from 15 June)

7.2    Members who move up to a higher Club level after a cruise or move down to a lower Club level when points expire do so automatically, based on the point ranges mentioned above. Members can always check their status on their profile on the Costa website in the related section.



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6 hours ago, drsel said:

I think the only changes are that you get double points and triple points if you book 90 days and 360 days in advance



That's not a change. It doesn't look as though there are major alterations - except Perla members will no longer get 20 euros OBC.

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World cruises usually have special rules for counting Costa Club points. My friends 2 years ago received 10k points for the balcony for approx 100 nights cruise.

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Somehow, the cost per night of a world Cruise is disproportionately higher than a normal 7 or 10 or 30 night Cruise for the same cabin category.


Example -- if a 10 night Cruise is 500 euros, a 100 night Cruise is much more than 5000 euros.








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