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To add some humour...

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This was posted in May:


On 5/13/2020 at 2:03 PM, John&LaLa said:




What nonsense.  No such thing happened in June.  In fact:


I have always suspected the media have a private mailing list where they agree in advance what made-up stories they are going to put out when it is quiet.


. . . .


Oh, lordy.  I did a search for "future disasters 2020" and this came up: 2020 Preparedness Calendar.  I thought this was a spoof but is the 'Official website of the Department of Homeland Security'.  It includes expected and terrifying end-of-the-world horrors such as:

  • Back to School (I should have thought most parents are looking forward to that);
  • National Preparedness Month in September (shame that wasn't at the start of the year, really) including Save Early for Disaster Costs but if it's the end of the world, who cares?
  • Fall Safety, yep, watch out for those wet leaves.  Is this site really funded by the taxpayer?  It also "details the potential effects of hazardous space weather".  Yep, it must be taxpayers' money.
  • I assume National Community Planning Month is like family planning, but for small, rural communities.
  • Home-made flammable safety decorations for your Christmas tree.  For real.

I wasn't expecting quite so much potential for humour on a government web site!  I can imagine a stand-up comic having a field day with that lot.  Still not as funny as the Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases public information film:


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5 hours ago, S-and-J said:


I thought that must be fake, but apparently not.  It is the vast, semi-submersible, heavy lift ship MV Blue Marlin:








Description: https://www.shiplilly.com/blog/blue-marlin-ship-ships-shipping-ships/


Some technical blurb: https://www.msc.navy.mil/publications/pressrel/press00/press22.htm


Discussion: https://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/23913/is-this-a-ship-shipping-ship-shipping-shipping-ships


Sorry to be off-topic, but the original post was such a jaw-dropping photo.  Imagine seeing something like that as your cruise ship comes into port.  Nobody would ever believe you.


I just wonder what they use to stack them or get them down, the bottom one is a floating dock but it must sink really carefully then the next are same but the ships are stacked pretty high, a little way and it seems they would tip?  Or do they have a couple of really large cranes that can pick and stack the ships on top?

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2 hours ago, S-and-J said:


No pre-breakfast?  (Overnight hot chocolate and biscuits on CMV.)  No cake and cocktail for elevenses?  No cheeky pizza?  No high tea?  No actual dinner?  No bar nibbles?  No midnight buffet?  Amateur!


One day on a BBC Radio 2 early breakfast show (the one with Bubbles Latrine before she got sacked), the presenter read out an email with thing something like: "This is how dumb people on cruises are - I heard someone ask what time's the midnight buffet?"


The show was inundated for days with emails and letters from people about why the midnight buffet is sometimes scheduled early or late, about 24x7 buffets and all-night pizzerias, evening dining sittings and all the other eating options.  When someone asked whether there was anything else to do on cruises besides eat, it just turned into a show about cruising.


I wonder if there's a demand for a 24x7 Zoom chat room about cruises?


We cruised Carnival a lot back in the 90's


I think I recall around 8 official dining times

My favorite was the gamblers post midnight buffet. It was around 1am and set up outside the casino 

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On 6/21/2020 at 4:43 AM, John&LaLa said:





That reminds me of this sign I saw in Scarborough:




where I thought this sounded like a cheap, nutritious meal:




Now you know what happens to the old donkeys.

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