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To add some humour...

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🙂An Easter Joke!

(You might have heard this before, but I think it's a Classic!)

Once upon a Time...

...3 guys were in a car wreck and went to Heaven. They dusted themselves off and got in line to wait to see St. Peter at the Gates.

After a while, they got up to the front and it was their turn to approach the gates.

St. Peter: "I'm afraid I have some bad news. Heaven has been rather crowded of late, so many bad things are happening to nice people that we are flooded with applicants. You all are nice folks, but I'm going to have to ask you a question, kind of like a quiz. Understand?"

The 3 men nodded. St. Peter took the first one aside.

St. Peter: "OK, here's your question: what is the meaning of Easter?"

First man: "Oh, that's easy! The Easter Bunny brings around eggs to all the good little boys and girls, and there's cake and ice cream for everyone!"

St. Peter: (shakes his head) "No, I'm afraid that's not it. You'll have to take the lift down. Cheer up, it's not so bad, central heating and all. Off you go!"

The man disappears down through the clouds. St. Peter goes back for the next fellow.

St. Peter: "OK, your question is the same as the other guy had: Tell me the meaning of Easter."

The second man doesn't seem too focussed. "I think that's when we have the lights on the tree, and presents. And turkey, I do love turkey!"

St. Peter: (shakes his head sadly) "Let's hope you like Turkey in the summertime. Off you go," and the man heads down.

At his wit's end, St. Pete heads back for the third man.

St. Peter: "I hope you have better luck than those other two. What's the meaning of Easter??"

Third man: "Well, it's about when Jesus was crucified, they put his body sealed up in a cave for 3 days..."

St. Peter: "Halleluja!!! C'mon in!" and with that, St. Peter threw the Gates to Heaven wide, and the lucky fellow was admitted to the realm of the Divine.

St. Pete was happy and very relieved to have let him in after having to reject the other two. He gave him the grand tour: The tennis courts, the golf course, the Olympus-sized swimming pool...

St. Peter: "I'm really impressed with your knowlege of Easter, tell me more of your thoughts."

Third man: "Well, there's not too much more to the story. They rolled the rock away from the cave, and if Jesus sees his shadow, there's 6 more weeks of Winter!"
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