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13 minutes ago, shipgeeks said:

I agree, grape jelly is an American thing, and probably the most popular flavor.  When I lived in Australia for 12 years, I had to do without it.  During a trip to NZ, I found some in a grocery store there.  Bought it to take back to Australia, inadvertently left it in the Kombi van I had rented for the trip.

However, we did have excellent orange marmalade in Australia!  The UK kind, not the awful US kind.  It came in big #10 tins.



When  lived in Australia, I set out to destroy the economy by buying either UK produce or local/NZ  equivalents eg Marmite instead of Vegemite.


I'm not into orange marmalade - lemon & lime or better still strawberry jam (with or without either Champagne or Scotch Whisky) on warm flaky croissants.





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4 hours ago, MaritimeR&R said:


9. I thought I wanted a career. Turns out, I just wanted pay checks.


Hope you enjoyed them. ---Sophie
Except that we say 'Cheques'.
I could tell you why they are called checks but it would suck the entire thread's humour from CC in one go.


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21 hours ago, MamaFej said:

I’m currently icing my knee which was nearly destroyed 3 1/2 years ago when a texting driver slammed into The rear of my car at 35mph while I was the fourth car stopped and a red light, and I approve this message. 

I was once rear ended as the 4th car stopped at a red light.  It was a guy on a motorcycle watching a a girl on the sidewalk.

No cell phones back in those days.....

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7 minutes ago, Ourusualbeach said:

2020.....the year of  “0” for..


cruises 0 for 5

drink packages 0 for 4

Cruises 1 out of 5

drink packages 1 out of 5  Got to use it in Feb on the cruise Dan did not make- still think he had COVID back then 

PS Figures this is also the year that you had the most cruises booked I believe

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4 hours ago, centurycruiser said:



LOL, I know the guy driving this truck. He is from LA and has a company called Icon 4X4.  They rebuild older iron into masterpieces. This truck is by far from what it appears to be. It is all modern technology with the body of a 72 truck.

Here is a link to the build information. 



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18 hours ago, CSHS1979 said:


Ha! I sat behind the steering wheel and Pop was under the hood. He yelled to let the clutch out, so I took my foot off of it. 
Are boys born knowing let the clutch out means press it to the floor?

’Cause girls sure aren’t!

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