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From a very early age my Dad threatened to disown my elder Brother & me if we either got a tattoo or started smoking,that was in the 1950's so to say that nobody knew that smoking was dangerous is rubbish,Bob Newhart knew what he was talking about,let's face it how could putting dried leaves wrapped in paper between your lips & setting fire to it ever be anything other than bad for you!I

While I do feel sorry for those who suffered as a result of tobacco it worries me more that people get so upset over the old cigarette ads.

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4 hours ago, PompeySailor said:

I think the consensus is they are not FUNNY or humorous.

This is a Humor thread ... See title 


plenty of smoking threads and tipping threads and other related threads, but this is a humor thread 🤣😂😅.


knock knock who’s there?


My last word on the subject,we are all different & I do find it funny what people once believed & thought the norm,do we wipe out every film & tv show where someone smoked,it happened & we can't pretend it didn't,people chose to smoke & you can't change that either,I do find it frustrating that people seem unable to accept that others have different views to their & are more tolerant.

Back to the fun please!

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The Real Secret To A Happy Marriage


Jerry was at a marriage seminar, and the lady leader of the seminar

asked everyone how long they had been married. When it was

Jerry’s turn, he said he was married for almost 50 years.


“Wow” the leader gushed. “That’s amazing, perhaps you can share

some insights as to how you stay married to the same woman for so long.


“Well,” Jerry said after thinking for a few moments, “I try to treat her nice,

buy her presents, take her on trips……and best of all, for our 25th

anniversary I took her to the Bahamas.”


“Well that’s really beautiful, and a true inspiration for all of us” the lady said.

“Maybe you can tell us what you’re going to do for your 50th anniversary”

she said with a smile.


“Well” Jerry said, “I’m thinking of going back to the Bahamas to pick her up.”

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22 hours ago, MrsTravelBug said:

I am very sorry for the battle your family had with lung disease.  My father died of lung cancer when he was 62 after being a chain smoker from an early age.  I wasn't trying to be insensitive but I know my Dad would approve of any 'humor' that would point fun at the tobacco industry


I love the nostalgic ads, please keep posting. There are always going to be some who aren’t happy. 

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