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Celebrity Silhouette - Review - February 23, 2020 - March 6, 2020

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Monday 2/24/20 - Continued


After the Meet and Mingle we went on the cabin crawl.  It was very well organized and we travelled as a group to visit different types of cabins.  At each cabin you received a playing card for the poker portion.  Most of us took the stairs but some needed the elevator.  If I remember correctly we saw an inside cabin, a balcony cabin, 2 different Sky suites, a Celebrity suite, and our cabin (Royal Suite).  


We ended the crawl at our cabin.  Alex (the butler) set up a nice spread of cheese and crackers, shrimp, and fruit.  They also determined the winner of the poker run part.  






We planned to go to lunch at the Lawn Club Grill for burgers.  Two of the couples were also going so we all went together.  Charlotte and Joe (NanaChar) and Jeff and Tracy (Bluedog13).  






I had a W*** burger with no sauce (Cruise Critic is blocking the name of the burger but it’s the second one on the menu);  Scott had the Deep End (tuna burger).  While I took pictures of our food I didn’t bother anyone else to take pictures of their food.  




Inside pictures of our burgers




For dessert we shared the ice cream skillet.  I talked about how good it was on our last trip that each couple ended up getting one to share.



We had a nice time at lunch with new friends.  

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Monday 2/24/20 - Continued


After our leisurely lunch everyone went about their afternoon plans.


We stopped to order the boarding photo that we liked and it will be ready for pickup tomorrow after 7pm.


We stopped in the shop and bought a ship ornament and a ship magnet.


We were using the Celebrity App and saw they had the Deal or No Deal game show so we headed to Celebrity Central but nothing was happening there when we got there.  We assumed they cancelled it as it didn’t show in the paper copy of the Celebrity Today.


Back in our cabin the snacks for the cabin crawl were already removed and the table straightened up.  


We went in the jacuzzi on the balcony.  I know many think it’s a waste of space but we like it.  It’s so nice to sit in there bubbling away watching the ocean go by.  


After some jacuzzi time Scott wanted coffee so we stepped at Cafe Al Bacio.  There were a lot of people sitting there relaxing but we just got our beverages to go.  Iced Cappuccino for me and a hot Cappuccino for Scott.


We stopped in the Retreat Lounge because our little reminder card for Murano had the wrong time on it - it was off by 30 minutes.  They checked and said I had the right time (7pm) and not to worry about the misprint on the card.


While we were there I noticed they had scones with clotted cream and preserves so we stopped and had a little snack.  Scott hasn’t had this before but once he tried it he really enjoyed it too.


We went to the casino for a little while.  I’m branching out and trying some different games.  Normally I like poker games whether it’s poker slots or poker table games.  I have been trying some cute games like Dancing Drums and similar ones where I don’t really know what’s happening but there are bonus rounds and the machines are loud and it’s just fun and different.


We showered and changed for the evening.  We stopped and took pictures with the photographers but ended up not liking how these came out tonight.


Our pre-dinner cocktail was at the World Class bar.  





I had the Ciroc Tropically Yours which was pretty good.




Scott was looking through the menu and the bartender asked him what he liked.  He said Bourbon so she said she will make him an off-menu drink with Bourbon.


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Monday 2/24/20 - Continued


We went to dinner at Murano; I asked Scott to pose behind the podium since the host was seating someone else when we arrived so wasn’t there.




We were brought in and offered our choice of table.  The employees are very nice and attentive.





I like how the butter is shaped like a cone and the sourdough bread with pointy ends (I’m amused easily).




They started us out with an Amuse Bouche - shrimp with carrot and ginger.  This was good and a nice light start to our meal.



For our appetizers I had the salmon and peeky toe crab parfait.  Scott had the scallop Wellington.  Neither of us were thrilled with the appetizers; they were a bit too fishy for us.





For our entrees Scott had the Murano Lobster which they flambé tableside.  This was good but the sauce made it a bit on the heavier side.  I had the Dover sole which was deboned tableside; I don’t think I’ve ever had this before.  It was a nice light flaky non-fishy fish.





They walk around with a cheese cart if you are interested, but we aren’t into most cheeses.  Neither of like blue cheese, goat cheese, etc (any smelly cheese).  We like basic cheese like mozzarella or muenster.



For dessert I had the crepe which was also prepared tableside.  It was OK but had balsamic which I don’t like.  I probably should have asked them to skip the balsamic part and I would have enjoyed it more.  Scott had the Grand Mariner soufflé which was undercooked.








The little tray of candies/chocolates was good.



While it sounds like we didn’t like our meal that’s not the case.  We enjoyed it very much.  We will be back and will order different things; there is a lot on the menu that we look forward to trying.

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Monday 2/24/20 - Continued


We went to the 9pm show “Life” and sat in the suite section that is set up on chic nights.  Alex was there and brought us drinks.  The show was good and we both enjoyed it.





We walked around after the show just enjoying being on the ship.  We spent some time in the casino.


When we got back to the cabin the bed is turned down with chocolates, beach towels, the planner, etc.


We have to move our clocks forward an hour tonight.  We often mess that up so let’s hope we do it right this time.



Scott ordered a room service hot dog which he enjoyed as we watched some TV before going to bed.


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18 hours ago, weregoingcruising said:

Was Scott's family in the restaurant business?  I met someone on deck 5 aft smoking that I think might have been Scott. H e mentioned his family was in the business.



That may have been him.  He does have family in the restaurant business.



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Tuesday 2/25/20 - At Sea


Scott was up before me and got ready for the gym.  He went into the living room and shut the bedroom door so he wouldn’t disturb me and I could sleep a little longer.  Then I heard knocking on the bedroom door.


I tried to open it and the handle came off.  Scott is on the other side (the living room side) and that handle came off which is why he was knocking.  I was locked in the bedroom.  Luckily, Scott had his diving knife which he was able to use to open the door and let me out.  We have a good time with whatever is happening so we weren’t panicked or scared but laughing while we’re holding the handles and I’m locked in the bedroom.





I got ready and we went to the gym together.  We also had a knob fall off one of the bathroom cabinets.  


On our way to the gym we ran into Alex and told him about the handles and the knob.  He said to let him know when we’re leaving the cabin and he’ll have maintenance fix it.


When we got back Scott filled the jacuzzi tub on the balcony so we hung out there for a while.  Then we showered and got dressed.  We gave Alex a ring before leaving to let him know we were headed out.


We stopped at the Retreat Lounge and was able to switch our dinner reservation tonight to Murano.  We sat at one of the tables and had some fresh squeezed orange juice.  We were planning to skip breakfast and have an early lunch.  There was a continental breakfast set up which looked good.  One of  the employees asked if we wanted anything since they were putting it away so I asked if they had any croissants and he brought us a plain and almond croissant.  






We went upstairs to the Lawn since we saw open play Bocce Ball in the Celebrity Today.  When we were on the Reflection in 2018 we played Bocce Ball and had a good time.  When we got up there we couldn’t find the equipment.  One of the employees was very helpful and said he’ll call the activities team for us.  He came back to tell us it was cancelled because they are repairing the lawn.


While we were waiting for the answer Scott sat in one of the alcoves and I took a few pictures.  I don’t get the draw of these alcoves.  They don’t face out to sea but to the lawn.  They aren’t very private.  We saw a few used throughout the trip so some people must like them.  We aren’t ones to sit in one place for too long so it wouldn’t be worthwhile for us.






We saw there was a Paper Airplane challenge going on.  You make paper airplanes and see whose can go the furthest.  When we got there it was already underway so we just watched.  It was a cute idea.  The activity was over pretty quickly.


We headed to the casino for a little while.  We always have fun in the casino and time flies when you are playing.

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Tuesday 2/25/20 - Continued


We went to Sushi on 5 for lunch







I had Coke and Scott had hot tea.


We shared everything we ordered.


We started with the lobster shrimp wontons and the Kobe slider.  Instead of a bun the Kobe was on noodles.  The only part we weren’t crazy about was the sauce but it was easy to avoid.  




We ordered 3 different rolls.  Eel Dragon (Eel over Shrimp tempura), Spicy Tuna and Shrimp Tempura, and Baked Scallop (scallops over California roll).





We also ordered Eel nigiri



Everything we had was very good.  We are glad we came here for lunch.

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Tuesday 2/25/20 - Continued


We stopped at the cabin to get my kindle and Scott wanted to bring a notebook he was working on some stuff in and headed up to the suite sundeck.  Our handle on the bedroom door and the bathroom knob are already fixed.


Someone we were speaking to was raving about a sunset pina colada from the sunset bar and said we should give it a try.  It isn’t frozen but on the rocks.  The waiter on the suite sundeck said they would make their version of it for me.  It was pretty good, but probably not something I would get again.   Scott had some wine (his favorite Mer Soleil).




Scott made sure to put sunscreen on his bald head.



We hung out there for a while.   It was very nice.


At 4 we went to Celebrity Central for Deal or No Deal.  This was cute.  We have played arcade game versions of this and have seen the show on TV.  It was fun to see this version.  We weren’t chosen as contestants but the audience plays along too and you have the chance to win depending how many matches you make on your card.  We didn’t make any matches.




We went back to our cabin and Alex left us a fruit plate.  It’s nice to have healthy snacks in the cabin.



Scott took a nap.  I read my kindle for a while.  I never read books at home so it was nice to be able to just relax and do so on the trip.


I packed our beach bag for tomorrow.


We showered and changed for dinner.  When Scott was showering a light fell out of the ceiling in the bathroom and dangled on a cord.  It didn’t hit him or fall but was dangling.  Since it didn’t hurt us we found it funny since the ship just came out of it’s dry dock and we’re having so many things fall apart today in the cabin.  We left a note for Alex about the light.



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10 minutes ago, Bimmer09 said:


good to see you continuing the review.

Great photos from Sushi on 5! Everything looks delicious.


Hi.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when people start a review and don’t finish them.  It takes me a while but I always complete them.  


Since we’ve been back work gets in the way so I don’t have as much time as I would like.  Even though we’re all working from home for now, it’s still been busy.  


We really enjoyed Sushi on 5 - it was delicious.

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Tuesday 2/25/20 - Continued


We went to Murano for dinner at 7




I had Sprite and Scott had Mer Soleil wine.


I had my same cute looking sourdough bread so didn’t take another picture of it.  Scott had bread that had artichoke and olives in it.  He enjoyed his bread but I don’t like olives so wouldn’t like it.



The amuse bouche today was salmon with avocado mousse.  This was OK.  I like the amuse bouche idea; you never know what you will get so a little surprise dish.



For appetizers we had the porcini mushroom risotto.  I didn’t like it but Scott thought it was OK.  We just ordered one to share; we didn’t want to get too full from appetizers.



For our entree we had the Chautaubriand for 2.  Scott wanted surf and turf so they are bringing us lobster tails too.    Not the flambé type but just regular broiled or grilled lobster tails with some butter.  We both enjoyed our dinner - it was really good.




For dessert I had the Grand Mariner Soufflé and Scott had the chocolate soufflé.  Both of the souffles were slightly undercooked for our taste.




I liked the little candy tray they brought out.



After dinner we headed to the theater for the show Uptown.  We got there just before 9 and it was standing room only.  The show was good and the audience seemed to all be enjoying it and clapping and singing along.



We went to the casino for a little while.


We went to the late night comedy in Celebrity Central at 10:30.  It was packed.  I’m surprised they don’t do these late night shows in the theater so more people could enjoy it.  It was called “Cruise Line is it Anyway?”  The premise reminded me of some of the shows at Comedy Warehouse at Disney’s Pleasure Island years ago.  People in the audience called things out and the actors did a story around it and would have to act out their death if they messed it up.  This was funny.  Then they moved onto a bit around a press conference which wasn’t as funny as the first bit.


We went back to the casino after the Improv show until maybe 1am.


On the way back to the cabin I took a picture of one of the areas near the elevators.  There are a lot of places designed for people to just relax and hang out.  This was probably the library since that was on our deck.



Back in our cabin we filled out the room service card and hung it on the door for breakfast tomorrow.  We had mentioned to Alex the butler that when we order breakfast if he could just leave it on the table for us if we’re in the gym when it’s ready.  We noted it on the card as well.


The bathroom light was fixed and was not dangling anymore.



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Noreen --  I know life gets in the way, but I am hoping you will continue the review of your cruise. I didn't realize how much I've been missing a review until I ran across this earlier today.  I have enjoyed your details -- including the road trip -- and the food photos.  I have a cruise scheduled for late in the year and I am hoping it will be able to sail 🤞.  Your review is a nice distraction from the world right now. 

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10 hours ago, mchell810 said:

Noreen --  I know life gets in the way, but I am hoping you will continue the review of your cruise. I didn't realize how much I've been missing a review until I ran across this earlier today.  I have enjoyed your details -- including the road trip -- and the food photos.  I have a cruise scheduled for late in the year and I am hoping it will be able to sail 🤞.  Your review is a nice distraction from the world right now. 

Hi.  Yes I will continue even though it takes me a while.  Thank you for the words of encouragement.

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Wednesday 2/26/20 - St Croix


We went to the gym about 6:15.


We did our usual routine of going in the jacuzzi, showering and getting dressed.


Our breakfast was delivered while we were at the gym.  This is really nice to have the breakfast there for us when we get back.  


Scott had French toast with bacon and sausage.  I did take a piece of his bacon.

I had yogurt with granola.

We both had fresh squeezed orange juice.

Scott had hot capuccino with a shot of vanilla and I had iced capuccino.


We enjoyed our breakfast.







We headed off the ship and saw turtles in the water right at the pier.





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Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued


We were excited to visit a new island for us.


We took the shared shuttle to Sand Castle.  We were the last group of day passes they let in.  When we arrived, the owner (or someone managing the place) told the driver not to bring anyone else from the ship, they were full.


It’s a nice place, it’s small and quaint.  The employees were friendly and helpful if you had any questions.






We changed into our bathing suits.  There is only 1 bathroom but it sort of makes sense since the people staying there have their rooms right on the beach so they could just go back to their rooms.  The bathroom was clean and a good size.  There was also an outdoor shower to rinse off.




We swam and hung out. 


We met a nice couple that retired and moved to St Croix from the United States.  They loved the slower pace of life.  They come here regularly and talked about how the owners have been doing a lot of renovations.



We were ready to head back around 12:30.  We changed and waited for the shuttle.  We both really liked S Castle and would not hesitate to go there again next time we are in St Croix.




A van came but it wasn’t the normal shuttle.  The driver said he doesn’t take the round trip tickets.  We didn’t feel like waiting so we paid him to take us back to the ship.  


Near the ship we browsed a few of the ships for an ornament which took a few shops to find.  Scott didn’t find a T shirt he liked.  








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Wednesday 2/26/20


We were back on the ship a little after 1.  We dropped our beach bag in the cabin and headed to get lunch.


We were torn between the Porch or Sushi and let the elevator decide.  Whichever came first would determine where we went.  The Porch needed an up elevator and Sushi needed a down elevator.  The down elevator came first so we went for sushi.





We both had soda.


For appetizers we had the chicken gyoza and the Kobe slider.  We shared everything we ordered.




We ordered 3 rolls:

Green Roof Tuna which had spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber

Sunset Roll which had salmon, mango, and avocado

Spicy Tuna with Shrimp Tempura







We also ordered pieces of eel



Everything was really good and we enjoyed our food.  The spicy rolls (the green roof and the spicy tuna) were a little too spicy for me, but I’m a wimpy eater when it comes to spicy food.  Scott didn’t think they were too spicy.

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Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued


We stopped at Cafe Al Bacio.  Scott had Cappuccino with a shot of vanilla; I had an iced caramel macchiato.  We also got mini eclairs.  We took our little treats to go.  I like to have something sweet after a meal.




We unpacked the beach bag and washed our bathing suits and snorkel gear.


We planned to go to the retreat sundeck but it started to rain so we stayed in the cabin.



We went in the jacuzzi on the balcony for a little while.


When we went back in Scott fell asleep on the couch.  I read my kindle and then did some online shopping.  I also got our beach bag re-packed and ready for the next beach day.


We watched some TV and just hung out.  I don’t remember what else we did during the afternoon.


Scott kept banging his head on the lights above the table and had a little cut on his head from it.  Of course I’m amused and don’t see how he keeps banging his head since I haven’t.  So he showed me where his head is when he puts something on the table or gets something from it.




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Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued


We showered and changed for the evening; we were more casual since we were going to dinner at the Lawn Club Grill.


We went to the Martini Bar.  I had a sunset martini. Scott had one called something like Sapphire London martini.  The bartenders toss around the bottles and mixing cups as they make the drinks so it’s fun to watch.








There was a photographer taking pictures so we stopped and had our picture taken.  I like this picture even though we’re casually dressed; it’s like a real everyday type picture.


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Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued


We went to dinner at the Lawn Club Grill.





We skipped the pizza and salad.  I had soda and Scott had wine.


I had the filet, 1 shrimp/scallop skewer and dirty rice.



Scott had salmon, 2 shrimp/scallop skewers and lobster macaroni and cheese.



The food was very good.


For dessert we both had a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.  This is great; we kept saying to each other that even if we have dinner somewhere else we should come here for the cookie dessert.  The cookie comes out so hot that the ice cream starts melting right away (you can see the little boiling bubbles in the picture).  Scott loves that.  I think I would prefer my ice cream on the side so it wouldn’t melt so fast.   I’ll have to try to remember to ask for it that way next time.



We really enjoyed our dinner at the Lawn Club Grill.  It’s nice to have a casual dinner sometimes.


We stopped at the retreat lounge to change tomorrow’s dinner from the Porch to the Lawn Club Grill.


We went to the theater a little before 9 and were able to find seats without a problem.  The show was Chad Chesmark who did magic/comedy.  The show was OK.


We went to the casino after the show and stayed until maybe 1am or so.


When we got back to the cabin we watched the rest of the movie we started watching yesterday, Leap Year.  

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