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The Post Your Favorite Celebrity Cruise Photos Thread


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8 minutes ago, Host Anne said:

Galapogos 2017....amazing cruise!

Day 3 - Espanola (19).JPG


Day 3 - Espanola (32).JPG


Day 5 - Isobela (28).JPG


Day 6 - Fernadina (288).JPG

Great pictures, Host Anne. We're booked for an October Galapagos sailing. We will cancel at some point prior to final payment because I am sure that it will not go. A future date, perhaps so.

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Jul 7, 1991 Jubilee (Carnival) sailing, 7 Night Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles


I am violating the OP's rules and am posting a photo from a non-Celebrity cruise taken nearly 30 years ago.


My wife for a couple of years after we got married had suggested that we go on a cruise.  I had no interest in doing that.  But in 1991, Carnival Jubilee's scheduled sailing on Jul 7 out of San Pedro was coincidentally going to be in the path of a total solar eclipse when it called on Mazatlan, Mexico on Jul 11.  Moreover, Mazatlan was going to be very close to the location of the maximum duration of totality of 6 min 53 sec!  There will not be another total solar eclipse exceeding that until 2132.  In contrast, the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 had a maximum duration of less than 2 min 40 sec.  Because I was an avid amateur astronomer, she was easily able to convince me to book this cruise.


All of the passengers who booked the cruise were there for the solar eclipse.  It included many organized astronomy tour groups.  Buzz Aldrin and his wife were also on board as guest speakers (see comments in this article) arranged thru one of the tour groups (not thru the ship).


Once our cruise began, the tour leaders asked for a meeting with the ship's master, Captain Gallo, which took place at Churchill's Library.  Jubilee was scheduled to dock at Mazatlan from about 9am to 4pm (my memory is a bit foggy here).  The tour leaders asked that the itinerary be modified so that Jubilee would be out at sea when the total eclipse occurred at high noon in order to take advantage of the ship's mobility to avoid clouds from ruining the eclipse.  The Captain agreed and all passengers received a notice two nights before we were scheduled to arrive at Mazatlan saying that the ship was now scheduled to delay its arrival at Mazatlan until 1 pm to allow it to hang out at sea to watch the eclipse.


This created an uproar with another set of passengers who were planning on taking a private shore excursion to allow them to set up their telescopes and photography equipment on land because they needed a stable platform that land provided.  The ship's motion at sea would blur their photographs.


So on the night before our scheduled stop at Mazatlan, another notice from Captain Gallo was placed in everyone's staterooms.  The Captain acknowledged the need for some passengers to see the eclipse from land and so, incredibly, he announced that we would dock twice at Mazatlan.  Jubilee would dock first at about 9am to allow those passengers who wanted to get off the ship a chance to do so.  Jubilee would then sail out to sea at 11am to search for clear skies to watch the eclipse.  And then Jubilee would come back to Mazatlan at 2pm to pick up any passengers who went ashore and leave at 4pm.


My wife and I decided to take our chances with being on the ship even though my telescope and camera set up would be affected by the ship's motion.  We figured it was more important to guarantee that we could see our first total solar eclipse than to get a great photograph.  I got up early in the morning to stake out a spot on the ship's public deck to set up my telescope (I didn't know what a chair hog was back then and so i dutifully sat at that spot the whole time).  The early morning weather looked ominously bad as it was cloudy and we even saw a couple of waterspouts before the ship docked at Mazatlan.


By the time we headed back out to sea, the skies were partly cloudy and Captain Gallo was able to guide Jubilee to a spot for us to watch the magnificent total solar eclipse.  The solar corona was very large and there were two bright neon pink solar prominences that could easily be seen.  It is a sight I will never forget.  As soon as totality was over, Jubilee began sailing towards Mazatlan, and suddenly a group of dolphins began swimming and jumping along side us as if to celebrate the celestial event.


The reason I am posting this eclipse photo today is to alert everyone that there is another total solar eclipse visible from North America 4 years from this monthOn April 8, 2024, the moon's shadow will once again re-visit Mazatlan and it will head north east to Dallas, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Montreal.  It will even visit Paducah KY where my family and I observed the total solar eclipse of Aug 2017.  


Total Solar Eclipse off of Mazatlan   Jul 11, 1991.JPG

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Jan 4 2019 Reflection sailing, 14 Night Exotic Southern Caribbean


A hotbed of activity by day, the pool deck is amazingly tranquil at night.  You just have to remember that the pool is on Deck 14 on Reflection and on Deck 12 for the rest of Solstice-class.  This photo was taken on Jan 7 when Solstice was heading south off the coast of Guadeloupe.


Reflection Pool Deck.jpg

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1 hour ago, In_Steerage said:

No shortage of lounge chairs on the pool deck of the Reflection while off the coast of Akureyri, Iceland, May 2019.  First snow experience for much of the Jamaican pool staff!


I was on for an Ireland and Iceland cruise the very next month. Someone in our roll call posted a picture from your cruise of a little snowman on a railing. I think they had gotten pieces of olives and carrots for eyes and a nose. 


Thanks for bringing back a great memory!

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