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Poll: How much will you cruise when cruising resumes?

How much will you cruise when cruising resumes?  

7,286 members have voted

  1. 1. When you are again able, how often will you cruise in the next few years?

    • I will cruise more than ever - I want to help the cruising industry get back on its feet
    • I will cruise about the same as always - Let's put this behind us quickly
    • I will cruise less than before - Some combo of health concerns, economic impact, and other forms of vaction will reduce my short term cruising
    • I won't cruise at all - Will take a few years (if ever) before things get back to normal and I consider cruising again.

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We love cruising but I have asthma. Once I can get a vaccine for this, I'll cruise like I always did. But not before. So option 3....but then option 2. 

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2 hours ago, Newleno said:

75% of the people polled say they will cruise the same or more


The biggest thing is to notice how much it's going to change, staying the same won't help the lines much. 

10.4% say they will cruise more. 25% say they will either cruise less or not at all. I doubt very seriously that the 10.4%'s increase will be anywhere near the loss from the 25%. And I'm sure that a lot of people who wold consider cruising either haven't got the funds to do it or are just scared away.

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5 hours ago, downsmead said:

I wonder if the poll was started now, would the distribution of responses be any different?


I think that it would be a lot different.  One thing to consider is what is cruising going to be in the future   It is not going be the same  My guess is will have to go up in price and lord only knows what else will change  

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On 3/31/2020 at 4:43 PM, Biker19 said:

Not sure it makes much diff - at first sign of an issue any patient will be off loaded to the nearest port/facility.


You do know that that that next port may two or more days away   ????

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On 3/23/2020 at 2:26 PM, PattiHere said:


That would be the only thing holding me back from cruising.  My doctor looked at the letter and said she would not sign it.  Hopefully this letter will not be required when we begin cruising again.   

This goes for us too..  We normally cruise twice a year.  We still have a cruise for December and one for April next year.  We had to cancel the one for May this year.

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18 minutes ago, avj43 said:

This goes for us too..  We normally cruise twice a year.  We still have a cruise for December and one for April next year.  We had to cancel the one for May this year.

A lot of us are not going to be able to cruise if this letter does not go away. Your physician cannot predict your future.

 We have a b2b booked for this Nov. and several for next year.

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The product that will be offered will be considerably different than the one offered before the shutdown due to the changes had to made for health concerns as well as the financial losses the cruise lines have incurred. I think the prudent thing to do was wait until you cruised again before you make any declarations one way or the other.

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2 hours ago, avj43 said:

This goes for us too..  We normally cruise twice a year.  We still have a cruise for December and one for April next year.  We had to cancel the one for May this year.


I have a cruise booked for September, booked a year ago before all of this began.  Also have a cruise in December.  Sure hope when this is all behind us that we will not need a letter.  I want to continue cruising, having been doing it for thirty years now, and at this age I no longer can do the physically demanding type of vacations, cruising is now perfect for me, I can be as active or relaxed as I want to be, and if my family or friends cruise with me, they can be as physically active or relaxed as they would like to be.   Great vacation to share with young and not so young!  With over thirty cruises, many cruise lines, I have never, ever been sick during or after a cruise, but I always have taken care to wash my hands frequently, that was before "wishy-washy".  

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Polls like these are interesting, entertaining at best, and very inaccurate....you're preaching to the choir. And as I have noticed, the size of the choir itself has diminished...these boards are a shadow of what they were in the past.
I come here only because I have a cruise coming up in August and coming here is a way to monitor what is happening. I fully expect the cruise to be cancelled, then I will cancel for a. full refund, then have no need to log in here anymore till I book our next cruise....which won't be for at least year.


If this poll was put to the general public, the result would be much, much different.

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5 hours ago, BillieJeanKaraokeKing said:



5 hours ago, BillieJeanKaraokeKing said:

Another important factor is that, depending on how cruising has to reinvent itself, some people might eagerly get back on board once or twice, but then decide the revised experience is no longer for them. 

Very True....
We often talk about the "Good Old Days" of cruising
Those Good Old Days may soon be referred to as 1-2 years ago.

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I probably won't cruise again and picked that choice.  Given that, I'm really glad we were able to take such a lovely cruise on the Harmony in February this year (our adjoining large balcony cabins (three) were heavenly), and it was nice to end my cruising on a nice note. 


This "No more cruising" choice for me would have been the case even without COVID 19 as I'm really not that much of a cruise person, but given that my dad loved cruising (was one type of vacation he was still willing to do), DS loved cruising, and DH didn't mind cruising, seemed like a nice thing to do on occasion for a vacation (extended family group).  Now, though, my dad will not be cruising again (cautious (and that makes sense at 83), mobility is more limited too making traveling a much bigger hassle than it used to be, and he now just wants to visit family in his home or in our homes - and not now but in the future when COVID 19 is not so great a risk), my main reasons for picking a cruise vacation in the first place is gone.  // I will, though, I'm hoping, be doing land based vacations, closer to home (maybe even later this year) and international  travel when that seems prudent (which could be a while).  (We had a Paris/Belfast trip planned for  early June this year, but that's a no go, of course, with COVID 19.)


Wishing all safe happy future traveling.

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Because of scheduling limitations I will probably not be the first one back on a ship.  That will give me a chance to watch the cc reviews and see what is happening before making a decision of when to cruise. We were on a cruise in late December and had another one cancelled for July.  We will see what the post COVID product looks like and how comfortable we feel about getting on a plane or ship.

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We cruise about 6 times a year. Hopefully we will be able to go on our B2B cruises in Sept. We already have 6 cruises booked for 21. On a side note, we are recovering from Covid 19 that we caught on a cruise. Looking for cruises for 22.

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On 4/1/2020 at 8:32 AM, EscapeFromConnecticut said:

Not so. Nobody can tell precisely which way the path beyond the next couple of days will lead, but it's very clearly headed downward and not upward.


Many of us saw this coronavirus as awfully bad news by late February (much smarter people than me were calling it as early as late January). So many folks since then have parroted the Hannity/Fox line about "it's just the sniffles" and "the drive-by liberal media's hype" ... and as late as last week, some people here on CC were still thinking spring '20 cruises might still sail.


"Gloom and doom" is a cold look at reality now; false optimism helps nothing today. I wish the world - and cruising - weren't taking this hideous hit, but the fact is that they are.








You are too political and negative for me to think you can evaluate fairly.  You should head to the political boards.

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