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In an effort to fight off cabin fever (so far, the only fever I have), I am picturing myself in my happy place.  This means I get up in the morning and go up on Deck 6 to walk Miles for Smiles on my treadmill.  I picture myself doing a quick-paced walk through the TOY (passing by Zimmy, who is having her first cup of coffee), making my way through the baffles (the SeaDream Slalom), heading back from the Crow's Nest and holding onto the bars at the aft Bali Beds as I make those sharp turns.  My only problem is I can't remember if it is 8 or 16 laps to the mile.  Can someone assure me it is only 8, because I am doing two miles and I will get too dizzy if I have to do 32 laps.  And I'm afraid I will lose count after 20 or so.


We hope all of our SD friends and their families are staying healthy.  Let's use this thread to share how we are coping.  And no politics, please.

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Trap, once an athlete, always an athlete...🍸  We are doing as well as most here.   Weather is absolutely perfect and is even forecast to approach 90F this coming week.  Have washed, waxed, and detailed both cars and weeded the yard.  Looking at last October pictures of Jost and really getting cabin fever.  When this is over we shall be more than ready to sit at the Pool Deck or on a beach with drinks and nothing more strenuous.😎

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Must be nice, Jim, to have good weather.  Our landscaper was here last Saturday to do the spring cleanup.  It made me feel good to think that spring was coming.  The following day, however, we had an inch and a half of snow on the ground.  So much for that.  We have been sheltered in place for two weeks now, venturing out only to get curbside delivery of groceries and to stand outside our kids' homes so we could get a look at our grandchildren.  It was kind of like visiting the aquarium where everything is behind glass.  We've only had a couple of days when the weather has been nice enough to take walks.  We stand on the sidewalk and call our neighbors to come to the door so we can visit.  But the lousy weather makes hunkering down a little more tolerable.  Rain forecast all next week.


Pool deck sounds nice.  Say "hi" to Lois.

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In the spirit of the original post, I have decided to take a break from re washing the cars and design my ideal SeaDream Caribbean cruise.  I know, they are all great  but what else do I have to do at the moment?  Ok, I would start by flying into and out of St Martin (SXM).  Why?  Because I like it as good as any other airport in the Caribbean.  The airport is small enough to easily navigate and the famous St. Martin approach and landing is just one of those things that should be on "the list".  That and I am kid enough to still like playing with the big jets at Maho Beach.  Lots of good places to stay arriving a day or so early.  Embarkation can be from Philipsburg or Marigot, makes no difference to me.  From St. Martin I would prefer Montserrat.  I have flown over in a helicopter but want to visit long enough to tour the destruction as well as spend time on their beach and spend a few bucks with the locals.  From there the inevitable St. Barts.  Not because I like it so much but just because.  I would not spend two days there, just a stop long enough to walkabout a bit and get a bite to eat.  Next up Anguilla as Shoal Bay East is just about the prettiest beach around.  A few good beach bars for R&R.  It is beginning to condo up but for now still ok.  Virgin Gorda is always a beautiful stop whether you visit the Baths or not so this would make a relaxing next day. About due for a Baths hike.  And then I would finish with my favorite place Jost van Dyke.  Yes, two days there for plenty of beach time and all the great hangouts.  Evenings spent in Foxy's and the days off of White Bay with the second day the fun Splash.  Back to St. Martin all too soon.  Yes, I know this order is not the most efficient for the ship but hey, it is my fantasy trip.  Btw we got upgraded to the Owner's Suite bumping Ho-Hum and Blondie down to the Admiral's Suite.  It's good to be in charge......🍸😎

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Sounds like a great trip, Jim.  If it happens, maybe Zimmy and I will join you.  We did Montserrat on SD1 a number of years ago, and it seemed like it was the first time a cruise stopped there.  We had a fascinating tour, going briefly into the exclusion zone.  We saw the station where they monitor the volcano's activity, and the cultural center that George Martin helped to build after his studio was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo.  Like you, we wanted to spend a few bucks with the locals, but they weren't out selling anything.  Apparently tourism was still too new for them and they didn't know that cruise passengers wanted to help the economy.  Haven't been there since, so I don't know if that has changed.  The most awesome part of the day was our sailing away.  At dusk, Capt. Bjarne sailed past Plymouth, which was covered in grey mud and ash.  The silence we saw on shore was matched by the silence of the passengers standing on deck, watching.  It is one of those images that just stays with you.

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1 hour ago, Ragnar Danneskjold said:

Lets add Anagada to that ideal itinerary.  Assuming it is still there....  We had a blast renting a “jeep” and having miles long white sand beaches all to ourselves.

I will add Anegada or any other place you can take us Raggy.  Will work for toilet paper.....🍸

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Great idea, Ragnar!  

Talking about Monserrat -- our very first SD cruise (2004) with Capt Berg sailed past Monserrat.  It was surreal to see Plymouth completely covered in ash.  I swore I would someday visit.  In 2008, Monserrat was on the itinerary -- main reason we booked that particular cruise (yes, I know you're not supposed to do that -- we're still trying to get to Anegada!).  However, that was also the year I broke my leg the day before embarkation!  I was still able to board but not sure I was going to be able to take the tour.  SD was trying to help the locals restart their tourism business and charged a very low fee.  The location for the vans was too far for me on crutches so SD thumbed a ride with a woman in a truck to take me to the vans!  From there, I was able to see almost everything (could not go in the volcano station).  Towards the end, crew moved me to a smaller van so I could have a better view of Plymouth.  Kudos to SD.

We went again a few years ago (and I was in one piece) -- this time we went further into the exclusion zone, which was an unworldly experience.  It was good to see more businesses and activity than on our previous visits.  


My happy place is sleeping under the stars, completely enveloped by downy comforters and floating away.  Of all the times we have done that, the most memorable was after the spring crossing last year when we continued on from Lisbon to Malaga.  Sailing past Gibraltar at night with the rock all lit up was one spectacular sight!  And as we sailed, we could still see the rock in the distance.  Favorite memory!


Hope everyone is safe and sound!!


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It was probably on a Barcelona to Lisbon itinerary that we sailed past Gibraltar.  At 5 am, we got a wake-up call.  Zimmy and I went up to the bridge in our SD pajamas, where Capt. Bjarne had the coffee pot on.  Off the port side we could see the lights of Ceuta on the African coast.  Probably only the second time I had seen two continents at once.

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11 hours ago, Ragnar Danneskjold said:

That stool second from the left is my “usual” 🙂  (no Jim, not that kind of stool, stop looking)

Now we know why no one else ever sits there.....🍸

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