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Butter, rude shirts, and platinum gifts

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Where are all those people who complain about the food? I bet after having to cook at home for 3 weeks and counting there won't be any more complaining about the food.😁 We regularly eat out because well we're lazy. LOL! I've been cooking the last 3 weeks and today I made nachos out of taco soup. SMH!!! I think I'm going to order from Hello Fresh for next week. I'm tired of trying to come up with dinner every night, not to mention breakfast, lunch and snacks. LOL!!!  I don't even like buffets but I sure wish I had one to go to right about now. LOL!!

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1 hour ago, Theosprey247 said:

How come Carnival doesn’t....


Rusty Ships....


Do all adults in a cabin need to purchase Cheers?


I saw Fantasy on a news report, yesterday.  The rust was horrible. Christine should be mortified, but somehow I'm betting that she's the reason for it, with Arnold dancing in his tan suit, behind her. 

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This is the perfect time for Carnival to impliment wholesale changes across the board. They can return from hiatus and spring a brand new product on everybody. Then we can return to this thread and reminisce about how the worst thing Carnival had done was eliminate plastic straws so you had to chug your drink before your straw dissolved. 


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2 hours ago, WhyIsTheRumGone23 said:

Or there is my perennial favorite. "My significant other doesn't drink, is pregnant, has a medical condition. Can I get a waiver for cheers and only pay for myself in our cabin? I swear I won't share, all drinks will be for me alone!"

To add to that, my significant other has a medical condition and can't drink, other than maybe one or two a day.

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Here's Another Few.


I'm bringing my child's friend along with us on our cruise, what documents do I need to bring with me?


Do I need a Birth Certificate to cruise or do I need a Passport?


My Passport is expiring in a few weeks, can I still cruise or do I need to get another one? Or do I have enough time to get another one before the cruise? How long does it take to get a Passport? Etc. for all the Passport questions??


Has anyone been on the ____ lately? Tell me all about ____ Cruise Ship?


Has anyone stayed in # __ Cabin? Do you have any pictures??

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On 3/30/2020 at 12:54 AM, geckoaz said:

...but still don't like the change to pepsi. 


HUH? Wasn't aware of that. My soda of choice is Diet Mt. Dew, sure hope they will have it.



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22 hours ago, crooooze said:

Another reason I'll never cruise Carnival again... cabin cleaning service only once a day!


I need to shower 5 times a day. There is no way that I can use the same towel twice or just ask once that they bring more everyday. It is MY vacation.

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4 hours ago, JWGrayson said:


HUH? Wasn't aware of that. My soda of choice is Diet Mt. Dew, sure hope they will have it.



I don't drink soda anymore but WAAA on switching to Pepsi.  Even though I don't drink soda anymore sometimes I do drink a rum and coke and rum in pepsi is just wrong

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54 minutes ago, MissCruiseAddict said:

You guys forgot about the all important Chair Hog posts.  Love the aruguments that happen in those


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  • April 9, 2018
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Where are the lounge chair hogging towel mongers who haven't put there butt imprint in the seat all day.

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