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"Routine" ​ 😁 ​day in lockdown... how was yours?

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1 hour ago, Bailey & Sophie said:


Whatever you do, don't put it on fingernails. I was bored one day at work. My nails had to grow out. Nothing took it off...

OMG!  I literally just laughed out loud!  The things we sometimes do...I'm smiling to myself, thinking of something silly that me and a friend of mine did so many years ago.😁

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44 minutes ago, HBE4 said:


Found it too!! On my phone, it's on the 3-bar menu to the right of the "Cruise Critic Community" banner. Once I tap on that, its about halfway down the drop-down menu.



I hadn’t noticed a couple of things until you posted this pic like "Top 10"

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17 minutes ago, Luckynana said:

Yes, I passed the draft center every morning after getting off the Staten Island Ferry.  I began working at 2 Broadway, Moore-McCormack Lines, in June. 1966.

I worked on Maiden Lane in 1968 .That area was always mobbed .

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23 hours ago, davekathy said:



Nope. Close though. The evening of day two we heard it was a free for all. So morning of day three, three of us headed south heading for Woodstock (Bethel). Took the back roads thru small farm villages. Pulled over. Three long hairs in a van. Profiling? Hmmm. Ends up all three of us were busted for not caring our draft cards. Escorted into the village(?) paid our fines (cash) and asked not to return. It could have been a lot worse. 😉 So we headed back north on fumes. Had to wait and see the movie in spring of 1970. It was released on my 18th birthday.


June of 2020 my wife and I had plans of flying back to NY and on our agenda was take a day and head down to Woodstock (Bethel). Crap, once again close to making it to Woodstock but we all now what happened to most travel plans. Bummer. Maybe Summer of 2022?

I remember the days of having to have draft cards at all times but I cannot remember why.

I knew quite a few guys who had cards that got burned but I cannot recall how that could have happened .

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8 hours ago, Ozark_Kid said:

I am using my hot spot for this trip.  I upgraded my phone on our plan just for the hot spot service.  We are out of the hills now but still out.  Should, fingers crossed, have a good connection. 

There was an addition built near ours that drops into a valley.  When we found out it had poor cell service we ruled out moving there.



Have a wonderful time with safe travels.

6 hours ago, h20skibum said:

I came in from a hard morning of yard work (where were all those people that love it?), and found my wife watching “Love at Sea” that was filmed on Harmony.  She said it really made her want to get back to cruising.  

Speaking of cruising, we got a friendly reminder email from our TA that they would be processing our final payment soon for our First week of our Oasis B2B. Not wanting to wish time away, but I am so ready for a cruise.  I am even back in to searching for other cruises next year. 

So a question for those who love mowing, raking leaves, etc.  Does anyone have an easy way for picking up acorns?   At our house, we are just entering acorn season.  This morning, I filled one of these 95 gallon carts about half full with them.  In bumper crop years, I will get over 600 gallons from my yard, and this will be a bumper crop year. 



If anyone has found something that will pick these up, I would like to know. 


Goodness, you must have a ton of oak trees on your property!

4 hours ago, Luckynana said:

Yup...it was many years before the Vietnam Vets were recognized;  finally, a parade in their honor up Broadway in NYC.  Our 3 daughters and myself lined up to watch Jim march...

It certainly wasn't easy when Jim returned home.

Thanking Jim and all of our Vietnam Vets for their service to our country.  Same goes to all of our Vets.

1 hour ago, FromSea2ShiningSea said:

CC wires crossed again?  I don't know who @Gail604 is and I don't know why when I post on here (the above post), it is not from me but from Gail.  This is the second time now.  Too screwy.  Maybe CC is trying to tell her to "subscribe" to Dani's Routine thread.  😁  Anyway, that's my t-shirt up above.

Next time you post, it might be a good idea to put a disclaimer at the end so we know the post isn't from Gail.  Sorry you're having this problem.  Very weird!

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45 minutes ago, Luckynana said:

Yes, I passed the draft center every morning after getting off the Staten Island Ferry.  I began working at 2 Broadway, Moore-McCormack Lines, in June. 1966.

My second job was for brokerage house Reynolds in 1968 and that was also 2 broadway, I was working there when I got my draft notice in April 1969. 

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13 minutes ago, Luckynana said:

I spent many lunch hours there....so much great shopping there!😉

My wife worked on William St. We used to shop on Fulton St and sometimes walk down Broadway to the records store near City Hall.

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1 hour ago, Bailey & Sophie said:


Sounds like a lovely trip. Although I cannot help but wonder where you would have ended up with 2 more glasses of wine!

TSA should be a piece of cake. They ask a couple of stupid questions and take fingerprints.



I hope so....it will make our lives easier in October...I hate the Denver airport with a passion



1 hour ago, Ozark_Kid said:

Sharon and I did this about 5 weeks ago.  She got approved by the end of the week, mine isn’t yet.  We called and they said wait 30 day and if no approval, call back. We called back and they said they would notify the approval folks [don’t remember what they call them].  Yesterday they notified us and they said they need no additional information at this time.  If we don’t know the status we are to call again in 2 weeks.  I say all of this so you don’t waste your time on hold before 30 days have passed.  We are wanting approval before October 1.  


good to know! We'll need it by Oct 3.  Hopefully if at least one of us gets it, the other will still get it auto on their ticket....oh please please please if worse comes to worse

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50 minutes ago, Luckynana said:

OMG!  I literally just laughed out loud!  The things we sometimes do...I'm smiling to myself, thinking of something silly that me and a friend of mine did so many years ago.😁

I have a friend who I met in HS .We talk every Thursday night and all of our discussions are about cruising and things we did in HS and during the summers .We had many interesting adventures .

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25 minutes ago, singinalot said:



I hope so....it will make our lives easier in October...I hate the Denver airport with a passion




good to know! We'll need it by Oct 3.  Hopefully if at least one of us gets it, the other will still get it auto on their ticket....oh please please please if worse comes to worse

Sharon said if mine doesn’t go through she will put everything in her carry on and wait for me on the other side.  🤔 

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Spent a good part of the day by the pool today. Still hotter than can be here. Currently it feels like 82F and tomorrow it will feel like it is over 102F.

We watered the plants first thing. The grasses are coming along. 


And Lucy, she just relaxed. Spent 4 hours under a lounger, after catching a mouse. Lisa migrated from the lounger to the pool. At 85F she said the pool felt cold compared to the laying out in the sun.


She relocated after Lisa came in. 


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20 hours ago, h20skibum said:

Oh, some of those sets can get really expensive. This is the one my grandson here in PA just finished putting together. 



We bought so many for our California grandson, when he was here this summer, we had to pack an extra suitcase to get them back home with him. 


You are a very nice grandpa.  Can I join your family? For Christmas, I would like vacation to Paris Disneyland and next summer cruise to Alaska…

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Continuing with my day 6 Disney trip report:



Next it was time for another Guardian of the Galaxy ride where they drop us 13 floors again and again…


Time for the café once more for iced coffee and AC. Touring the theme parks at 90+ degree weather standing in line with thousands of BFFs isn’t as fun as it sounds…




One more quick ride on Little Mermaid with its minimal wait time as we walk counter clockwise around the park.




Time to ride the simple Carnival style rides that were part of the park when it was built.  It was these cheap simple rides that got the hard core Disney fans all riled up when the park first opened as it has no theming.


Simple rocket ship spin around ride.  Just like Dumbo except over a bigger water area. Nobody wants to be on this ride in the heat other a hand full of dummies…


It may not be the fanciest ride, but you get some breeze from it and good overhead pics of the area.










If you look closely at underneath the water area – that’s where the water of color projection water fountain is set up (see my previous pics on what that looks like).  No one knows when they will reboot that show again.




As you can see, there’s a lot more space to stretch out at CA Adventure versus Disneyland where it’s wall to wall people but the wait time for rides will be longer as they only have a handful of E-Ticket rides.


After the rock ship, the boys wanted to do the swing ride next door.  Ehhhh, the wife and I will pass.  Not looking forward to be a human centrifuge...




Then it’s time for Goofy’s sky school, which is a mini roller coaster will lots of sharp turns. Not for people with bad backs or recent neck injuries as it whips you around at some of the turns. When park first opened, it was called Mulholland Madness to try to theme it for a LA street but changed its name to Goofy after the CA theming went nowhere.


The boys want another crack at the upside down roller coaster.  As before, my wife and I passed on it. This time, we hung out by the garden area for some shade and away from crowd.







Not 100% peace and quiet as you still have the roller coaster coming above you regularly but it’s better than standing outside in the heat



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After the boys were done with their roller coaster ride, we then went on the giant Mickey Ferris wheel.  There are two types of carriages to select from – the moving ones and non moving ones. The moving ones are scary as you rock back and forth and the carriages slides sideways as her Ferris wheel turns.  Not for me. Think majority of the families thinks like us as the stationary carriage line is at least 2X as long as the other one.


The wait queue moves slowly as they have to load each carriage.  Think we spent more time here than waiting for Spiderman in the morning.  If you are in a hurry, slip this ride if there’s a long line. Although the aerial view of the park is very nice










Another carousel ride. I love this one going backwards…



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Last ride of the day at CA Adventure


Mater’s tracker ride.  The ride at HS with Aliens is based on this concept. You get tossed around quite a bit from side to side.






Few more pictures of Cars land before we head out


Motor oil corns…




Love the orange coned theme places






Time to head back to the hotel after another hot long day at the park.  As before, we are not coming back after dinner. Done for the day.  Done with CA Adventure on this trip.  Tomorrow would be our last full day in Anaheim as we start looking homeward bound.


Take out dinner is Buca Di Beppo.  Huge portions.  I ordered family dinner for 5 people that we ended up eating for 2 nights and still had some leftover.


View of the Hotel parking lot as I head out to get dinner







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On 8/25/2021 at 8:20 PM, Jimbo said:

Maybe steady hands and not much common sense comes into play bringing your boat into that harbor. That's crazy !!😲


I can see coming into the harbor wouldn't be to bad the waves are going to help you come in, either great or smash you up against the rocks.............but really you must have to gun it leaving that harbor to get up and over the waves.......and then to go out and a storm to pop up...........and it get really rough, I see no way you can bring the boat back in, must be another nearby harbor they can go into if conditions aren't perfect for bring you home..

Slack tide would be the best time to go thru there, but not everyone wants to wait around for that time. Calmer seas would definitely be a big plus. 😁


Edited by ReneeFLL
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Just now, JamesEM said:

Thanks for taking along on your vacation, great pic as usual.  Jim,

Hi, Jim,


You are welcome.  Thanks for the compliment.


Due to Covid, we couldn't get away last year for our annual "rock" road trip or a cruise so it was with much glee that we were able to go away for this trip.  We booked the trip as we were getting vaccinated thinking the coast was all clear before all the news about the delta variant surfaced.


With my 2 kids going to different colleges, unlikely we will be able to get away this Christmas due to schedule conflicts.  Next penciled in vacation in August 2022 Alaska cruise but who knows what the world looks like by then?  

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16 hours ago, davekathy said:

Kathy has told me before she's glad she didn't know me back then.😂 


Bucky is right and I know what he means. I remember rotating back to the world and was told to change out of our uniform and into civvies (sp?). Hearing about it and experiencing it was two different things. Talk about being dazed and confused. I never acknowledged I was ever in the military for a very long time. Only those close to me knew. Something I brought back with me, "it don't mean nothin', not a thing".  Crazy thing is I ended working for the DoD/U.S Air Force (on an AF Base)/Civilian (CSRS) for almost 40 years before retiring in 2014. Fantastic career for a dummy who didn't take advantage of most of his GI benefits. So I guess I turned a bad thing into a good thing. 


Enjoy you HH. Cheers to you both. 🍷


Yeah, same thing with Bucky.  He refused to admit he was in the military.  Was told the Post Office was hiring Vets over other considerations, but he would not put that on the application.  He did not get hired.  He still is reluctant to talk about being in the Army, but is getting more comfortable with it now.  Took him awhile 20 years ago to finally go to the VA, he gets full bennies being "boots on the ground"...and ended up loving his doctors there.  


Yup, another "go figure".  


And same thing...he tells me I would not want to know him then either.  Though being the "fixer upper" I tend to be...I would have tried.  😉  He tells me all the time that I saved his life.  

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