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Considering WC 2023 - stateroom question

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We are familiar with category C and E deck 7 staterooms on Symphony.  Limited privacy due to elevation above the promenade.  However, it is our understanding that Serenity category C rooms are at promenade level and less private.


Our budget does not allow for penthouses/suites for long journeys.  We would rather have more days on board than more square feet and a butler.  So it usually comes down to an aft veranda or an oceanview, with the oceanview usually winning.  We don't spend much time in our rooms, typically only sleeping, napping, dressing, watching an occasional lecture. 


Have any of you folks done a WC or a multi-segment cruise longer that 60 days in a Serenity category C?  Did your marriages/partnerships survive the experience?  Any advice based upon experience is welcome.

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We have done a WC in category C2. No problems at all. Even though they are listed as slightly limited view, this was not an issue. For us it was important that our cabin, for such a long voyage, is midship, and Category C2 cabins meet this criterion. We would not hesitate to book again in this category.


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Speaking as part of a couple that regularly does ten miles a week on the Promenade on Serenity, I can assure you that during the day it is impossible to see into those rooms. At night, if you leave the drapes open would be a different thing, but during the day, no! The rooms themselves are the same size as the Balcony rooms, with the balcony itself being the difference in size. If you are happy with a C on a normal cruise, and based on your professed usage patterns, you should be fine on a World Cruise where there is even more to do on a daily basis.

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flying shoes, although my wife and I have not done a World Cruise in a Category C our first full World Cruise was in a standard room on Deck 8.  The only difference is the standard rooms on Deck 8 and 9 have a verandah versus Deck 7 rooms which do not.  The room size is the same.


I think the major challenge we had was closet space.  We just had to be more creative to deal with it.  Some of that comes down to how much clothing you bring and these days we do bring less so if we returned to a standard room it would be a little less challenging.  Again this is easily addressed by keeping items required during part of the cruise in a piece of luggage under the bed. Example would be you have a couple of weeks where you need clothing to keep you warm so you keep that under the bed until you need it.  Or keeping extra toiletries that are not needed all at once under the bed in a suitcase.

Other than that we had no issues and I think your logic of spending more time on the ship in lieu of a larger room is spot on.


Your question is funny about strained marriages/partnerships.


I have a couple of neighbors who each time we come back from a world cruise will say "I never could be in the room with my spouse for that long a time because we would end up divorced."


Other than a CP if ones relationship would get stressed from a World Cruise it would not matter if you were in a Category C, or any of the other standard room categories or a PH or CP or Seabreeze equivalent.  In that case you would be better not to take the cruise.  😀



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A friend and I shared a C cabin on Serenity on the 2015 WC after our husbands had passed away, so we not only had 2 people's clothes in the the closet, it was 2 women's fancy clothes. There were some useful hacks to maximizing closet space. Most important was removing the huge wooden hangers Crystal gives us. We brought our own thin flocked hangers which made a huge difference. We also brought skirt and slack hangers to take advantage of multiple hangers in one. The other thing I found indispensable was a soft sided shoe holder that hung on the closet rack. The loss of shoes rattling around the closet was wonderful. I find the bathroom storage more than adequate so we didn't look for storage hacks there. A delightful experience, wouldn't have missed it and couldn't have afforded it if we had had to upgrade to a PH.

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