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Who's your favorite crew member(s)?

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On 4/6/2020 at 9:44 PM, IRL_Joanie said:

My favorite 2 are:


Hunky Dory now known as Imam. He was our Lido Tray manager on our very first cruise May 2008 on the Oosterdam. Once he knew your name he remembered you forever.


Agree 100%.  Not only did he remember you and what you liked, he was always very friendly and helpful.


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I agree with Sue from Canada.  Sunshine!  We first met Sunshine on the Veendam in January in the MIX Bar where she was an assistant.  We were delighted to see her again in February, 2020 on the Nieuw Statendam in the Tamarind Bar.  We were fortunate that she saw us on our first evening on the ship dining in Tamarind.  She is a very talented bartender and a warm and friendly person.  


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I have been on three sailings with Erlickman - he was our MDR server on the Eurodam in 2018.  We were so excited to see him again on the Zuiderdam in 2019 and again in 2020.  He is a lot of fun and just a joy to be around.  We also really enjoyed a married couple we met on the Zuiderdam this year - April was our wine steward in the MDR and her husband was a drink server in BB Kings and the Seaview Bar (and he led the Zuiderdam bar hop which was a LOT of fun!).  Can't wait until we're back on the Zuiderdam in 2021!

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Special kudos to.....  Wida.   We have had the pleasure to have her at our table in the Tamarind  on both the Eurodam and the Koningsdam, most recently in February 2020. What a beautiful person, both inside and out. Wishing her, and everyone, safe and happy times during this most unfortunate pandemic.

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I have been debating about posting here, because I have been so lucky to meet the most amazing HAL folk in every venue.


But I just have to comment on the amazing psychic powers of Artha, the Oosterdam’s MDR Anytime Dining host. The first time I enlisted his help to get a table for 9 of us, he helped me pull the table together, when I only had three cabin numbers and three last names. And then EVERY night I went back - he would make the magic happen at our favorite waiter’s table.  I am still astounded by his magical powers.

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On 4/8/2020 at 7:28 AM, StLouisCruisers said:

Riris from Indonesia, waiter.  If you've ever met him, you will never forget him!  When we board we ask the maitre 'd if Riris is on board and then beg to be in his area at second seating.  He was always on the Prinsendam but no idea where he is now.

We remember him from the Prinsendam too. He was just an assistant on our first real cruise. Captain Albert! Tudor, JP, in the main dining room. 

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Another shout out for the twins.  We have seen them together on the Zuiderdam, apart on the Prinsendam and the Koningsdam.  They were reunited on the Koningsdam last December, I would have liked to have seen their reunion.  Their joy is contagious.


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From our Panama Canal cruise on the Amersterdam- December 2019-January 2020:


Eko- dining room
Asep- dining room manager
Geraldine- wine steward
Yohat- dining room server
Yasa- room steward
Adam- room steward
Tina- Pinnacle Grill Hostess

Katerina- Pinnacle Grill Server
Abigail- Customer service

Neil- Shore excursions


This was one of the best cruises that we have taken and the crew members listed above played a big part in that experience.  Given what happened with the shortening of the Amsterdam's Grand World Voyage due to Covid-19, the situation for the crew members remaining on the Amsterdam has weighed heavily on my mind.  I know that many of them are still on the Amsterdam, which is now slowly making its way from Durban, South Africa to Batam, Indonesia.  I understand that the Indonesian crew will be able to debark the Amsterdam and go home once they get to Batam.  But I worry about the health of many of these crew members; while Indonesia's overall Covid-19 cases are quite low, many cases are simply going undiagnosed and the health system there is greatly overburdened by the crisis.  I wish good health in the days ahead to all Holland America Line crew.

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8 hours ago, gigianne said:

Another shout out for the twins.  We have seen them together on the Zuiderdam, apart on the Prinsendam and the Koningsdam.  They were reunited on the Koningsdam last December, I would have liked to have seen their reunion.  Their joy is contagious.


Yes. They were our servers this January on the Koningsdam. Their smiles and enthusiasm are contagious. My wife’s identical twin sister was with us and crew member were always telling us about you got to go visit them.





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There's so many crew members who helped to make each HAL cruise special in its own way for so many years.


1971, Rotterdam V:  my Mother's first cruise; my second.  Our two European dining room stewards (one was Dutch and one was Italian, I think) in the LaFontaine Dining Room.  They went out of their way to helped to make my Mother's first cruise truly special.  And, don't recall his name, but when I asked our Head Waiter for Crepes Suzette to be prepared at our table one evening, it was done!  I still remember my Mother's surprise when they were flamed at our table! 


 Agus, first met him has a Table Captain (or whatever the title was in 2002) on Volendam's Asia Pacific Cruise and again on 2 cruises on the Amsterdam.


2002 Asia Pacific Cruise standouts:  Captain Johnathan Peter Harris and CD Gary Walker:  we guests looked forward to the "Voice from the Bridge" reports.  They were the best comedy team on the seven seas.  And, Captain Harris sailed us safely through some extremely rough seas.  I'll never forget his rather pithy comments once the last Chinese pilot had left from our last Chinese port.  (There had been many delays and "issues" due to bureaucracy that was unwarranted.)


Dining Room Steward Ronnie, his Assistant Joko (whom I met again on another cruise).  Crow's Nest Bartender Orlando and my DR Wine Steward whose name escapes me.  All were 2002 Volendam crew.


2008 World Cruise:  Roy, the most patient and kind Wine Steward one could meet.  (My table had a gentleman who thought he knew everything there was to know about wine and engaged "patient" Roy in longer discussions about wine than was appropriate.)  Captain van Zaane:  I had traveled with him before and since and have good memories of him, both as a person as well as a seasoned mariner.  


So many Ocean Bar and Crow's Nest Bartenders and Stewards:  too many to name.  But, all made important contributions to the enjoyment of my cruises.


And, the same can be said for all of the Stateroom Stewards whom I have met.  I walk out my cabin door.  My Steward sees me even if he is many cabins away and calls out a greeting.  Or, I walk by them as they are working.  They stop what they are doing and we briefly converse.  





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