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Who's your favorite crew member(s)?

Dori Saltzman

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7 hours ago, Dori Saltzman said:

Do you have a favorite Princess crew member? Someone you'd want to hear from or send a message of hope to? Do you have a favorite crew member memory you'd like to share? We'd love to hear your stories!


Dori, I have so many crew members that I just love that I feel badly picking just one!


This will come as no surprise to many on here..

Jovie Bueno is literally one of my favorite people in the world.  I've had the pleasure of her being a member of the crew on quite a few cruises over the years and talk about making someone feel like they've come home, well that's how she makes me feel every time I see her.  From her waving to me from across the atrium on the Regal in January 2019 and coming from behind the bar for a big hug to seeing her again on the Sky in December 2019 and her running out to hug me again.  It is truly heartwarming and sets the tone for all of my cruises!  

When people are doing a live from here on CC, there have been quite few members that are kind enough to find Jovie and tell her hello from me. There's been quite a few pictures and selfies and messages passed on various threads here on CC and it's always  so much fun.  It really is a fun thing that makes this place seem like such a community. 


Jovie should still currently be on the Sky Princess in anchorage over in the Bahamas and hope that she and every other crew member is doing well and knowing that we are all thinking about them and can't wait to be able to be back with our Princess family.  

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Carmen (I don't know her last name) from the Philippines who we've sailed with twice on the Crown Princess is the most personable and memorable staff member we've met on over 25 Princess cruises.  We met her on a 31 day LA to Rio cruise in December 2016/January 2017.  Then we sailed with her on a 14 day Norwegian cruise (round trip Southampton) in June 2019.


Carmen was the primary wait staff in Vines.  On the South America cruise we stopped in for a glass or two of wine and tapas on most evenings with my sister and brother-in-law .  Carmen immediately made us feel welcomed and she knows her wines.  We always looked forward to seeing her. It was always fun talking to her about wine, cruising, and many other things.  On the first morning of the Norwegian cruise my husband was at the IC in the coffee line and said, "I think that barista is Carmen!.'  Sure enough when it was his turn she looked up and said, "Hello Mr. Joe!  Is Ms.  Jackie getting coffee too?"  We were flabbergasted since neither of us think we are very memorable 😀.  Then she asked if my sister and brother-in-law were also on this cruise with us.  When I said no, she told us to give them her best wishes.  Which I promptly did via e-mail, noting that we must have had more wine than I remember on the South American cruise to make such an impression!


Whether Carmen is on the Crown (or another ship) now or at home in the Philippines, I hope she and her family are safe and healthy.

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Julius and Junella - both from the CB and both transferred to the SKY - have taken very good care of us in Vines and Crooners on the CB , and also Ajay on the SKY


Also remember Carmen in Vines, and I believe there was a 'Cherry' also in Vines, that I believe moved to Wheelhouse on one of our cruises


see a pattern developing ??

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Matt O, CD, of course. And Genesis, who worked the afternoon cocktail hour on one of our cruises. I can't remember the name of our favorite cabin steward, but we were fortunate to have him for two different cruises.

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Hazel Alfonso...she is a bartender who has been with Princess for almost twenty years. She remembers EVERYONE'S name and is always entertaining when she works. I"m sure many of you have cruised with her before...Leialoha and I live for the contracts where she is on with us.


Tiki Dave



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Christopher Ocampo - Taken in 2014. We haven't run into him again (yet) but he's still working for Princess and we hope to see him again.




Faye - 2015 - Another one we hope to meet up with again




Milena Markovic - Can't find my pic - Bar Server


David Juneau - Pianist - Princess crew - Another missing pic


Noel - Bar Server. Adopted him as my son on a 28 day cruise. Got some looks when my wife walked into Club Fusion and he loudly greeted her as "MOM!" with a hug. I just told people that he's fully-cooked and I'm only half-baked.



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Desmond “Dragon” from Grenada, we met him first on the Sea Princess when it used to be in the Caribbean 10+ years ago.  He is a waiter and the last few times we met up with him again on the Caribbean Princess.  His favorite line is “Check it out” and he has a mouth full of gold teeth.  He is just the friendliest guy.  


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