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4-9-20 Thursday Weigh-In...What Can I say


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Staying inside and eating less

Sometimes good and other times a mess


What can I say

Now seems like more that a 24 hour day


Are you cooking more each week

Finding really good food you seek


What can I say

Some days we're good other times we say what the hey


Exercise is another thing we should do you know

How many say yes and others say no


What can I say

Get on the scale this morning and say the numbers your way


Bless you all that  come in to weigh and say Hello each Thursday

Really need the rest of you here to know your fine..come in and say



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Good Morning Belle, thanks for the poem.   --- I woke up this morning at 5:00 ended up getting up having coffee and breakfast ... then realized it was Thursday.  I will weigh myself tomorrow, but I'm going to assume that I have gained this week.  Jan

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Good Morning!  Happy Easter and Blessed Passover to any who observe.


Today's weigh-in was a pleasant surprise: down 1.8# (and according to fitbit I'm down .6# since May 16).  I did buy some comfort foods this round, but trying to be mindful with them.  Meals are planned for the next week, but I do need to get back to more regular exercise (been hit or miss this week).


This weeks stats:

Start: 208.6 (1/9/20) This week: 202.0

Goal by 6/5 (birthday) 20# loss - 13.4# remaining 

Goal by 10/22 (just after 25th anniversary): another 25# loss

Goal end of year: finish weight of 155#


I have 8 weeks for my first goal.  A stretch, but I'm optimistic.

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Hi all!


Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread & the poem.


Nice some of you had losses & Jan's to be determined.😉


I'm up 0.8 lbs mostly chocolate I imagine, maybe pistachios too! I'll be glad when the Easter chocolate is gone from the stores!!


This sure is going to be an Easter/Passover to remember! Have a safe one.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Thank you all for still liking my silly poems. Never know what I'm going to say..just sit and do it!

I'm down 1/2 a pound. Not eating all the right things at times but eating less of it.


Jan hope you have a surprise and at least stayed the same.


pacruise good loss and nice planning your meals ahead.


Diana a loss is a loss if even from a gain..it's gone.


Jo you have a small gain, you'll get it off.  Try to ignore the candy..I know easier said then done.


My downfall is Ice cream, I buy it but since I'm not shopping, daughter doing it for me, still getting

the ice cream but no Easter candy, thinks that's helping me at this time.


I know Easter and Passover just isn't the same this year but we just have to celebrate in our

hearts and minds. Some people have family with them but not all that they want and others

that are alone. All we can do is call them and wish them the best..Stay Healthy, Stay Home.


So however your celebrating or not..just have a nice weekend.


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Belle, thanks as always for the poem.  You have a great imagination.


Diana, pacruise and Belle, congrats on the losses.


Jo, sorry you're up.  But not a lot, so that is good.


Jan, fingers crossed for a loss.


I stayed the same.  I don't know why.  I am making healthy choices and not overeating.  I am 1.4 lbs away from getting back to my final goal weight.


Everyone have a wonderful holiday.  Above all, stay well.


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Weighed in this morning .... no loss .... gained 0.6# ... which isn't too bad ... but when I add up all the small gains it totals 10.6#.


Right now I have a pinched sciatica and my lower back is messed up and the nerves are "sparking" in my back, my hip bone near my waist and every once in a while my right leg wants to give out.  I have a wonderful chiropractor that can do wonders .... but unfortunately he isn't working right now.


Hope everyone has a good day   Jan


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😞 Ouch, Jan!  I will be missing at least 1 and probably more massage appointments and the back pain is noticeably worse.  I don't know if it would help you or not, but a few years ago I got an accupressure mat and it helps with some of my aches.  I think Amazon is still delivering. 

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Jan sorry your having pain and can't go to your chiropractor now. Glad you didn't gain much..

just say if weighed on Thursday I would of stayed the same!:classic_laugh:


Jan, Pac, Diana, Jo and Rose hope you all did well today and have a good weekend.

Hope Jenny and Robin and all the others come in. Hope no one that use to come

in are sick or anyone in their family's.


How is staying in working for you? Are you really staying in or going out at times?

Are you treating Sunday any different because it's Easter?  Or because can't see family or friends

(unless living with you) if living with you are you having a special dinner?

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Jo and Jan, bummer on the gain. It's a tough time for all of us. Jan, hope the sciatica gets better.


Rose, staying the same now is a win....


Belle, congrats on losing. 


Belle, to answer you question, hubby and I are home except for trips to the grocery store. 


Nothing much planned for Easter. Will just eat what's around the house.


Hope everyone has a good day.




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Hi all!


Belle ~ we're pretty much staying in. DH still goes for his daily walk & I  just go shopping once a week. We did go for a couple of drive/walks last week so that was a nice change.


I bought a small turkey so we'll have that but I don't think I'll bother with decorations or a table cloth for just the 2 of us.


I've had a few enjoyable experiences on Zoom. Gentle stretch exercises on a chair, courtesy of the library, a nature presentation through the Seniors' group & tomorrow Church will be by Zoom. Another group will do a travel presentation so even though we won't see each other (I think) we'll still be with others participating. I'm wondering if we can do our small book club through Zoom too.


Jan ~ did you get snow? My friend up in Orono got quite a bit on the 10th, plus a power outage


Have the best Easter you can with the current situation. It'll be one to remember that's for sure!!


~ Jo ~ 😊



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Evening Diana and Jo and to others that are reading. Hope you had a good day.

Another quiet Sat.  I'm just staying home these days. Daughter went food shopping last

night and brought my order over and picking up a few things for me tonight that she

couldn't find. (if she can fine them at other store)


Made potato salad and have a lemon pie for tomorrow but don't know what else.

Doesn't that sound like low carb and calorie free?:classic_rolleyes:


Enjoy your Easter no matter what you eat or do. We all need to have a nice day. Stay safe.

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I have been absent from the group since the virus outbreak. I'll admit that once our cruise (and everything else in life) was put on pause, I quit trying to loss weight. Did a fair amount of stress/boredom eating at first, but have settled into a new routine now.  But I saw a friend post that she was the lowest weight she had been in 10 years and it reminded me that I don't have to let the virus take my goals away, too! So imagine my surprise when I got back on the scale after a month and discovered I had actually lost 2 lbs. I'm the lowest I've been in 5 years. Only thing I can figure is since I have to work from home, I'm moving a lot more than at the office. Plus we aren't eating out so home cooking must be cutting calories. So I'm hoping to continue and stay motivated. Happy Easter everyone! Hope to see you cruising really soon.

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Mom good to see you and to know you and family are well.

Congrats on the weight loss!  Hope to see you each Thursday.


Hope everyone is having or had a good Easter Sunday even with being different this year.

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Happy Monday!


I'm only leaving the property for groceries and occasional walks to the post office (we are very rural, so easy to maintain distance from others).  I was very disappointed Friday to see so many people at the grocery stores not wearing masks and not really keeping much distance at the checkouts despite lines on the floor and signage.


We do on-line church now, and had a treat yesterday of some former pastors joining via video for some of the music.  We indulged in a lot of comfort foods yesterday: Scottish eggs for breakfast, rice krispies with lunch, an old family recipe jello salad (more sugar than we usually have) with the ham dinner.  I need to up my exercise this week since even with the 4 of us there are a lot of left overs, but the treats were nice.



Have a great week all 🙂 

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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!  Hope you all had a good Easter Sunday and had a good rest

on Monday if you didn't have to work.


I could give lessons on resting.  Everyday I'm going to get lots of things done..I might do one thing!:classic_ohmy:

So many days of not doing anything while I was away except washing clothes, now only want to do

nothing except wash clothes!:classic_laugh:


Don't worry I'll do something today..Wash dishes in the dishwasher?  That's work..right?:classic_smile:


Really I'm not as bad as I sound...only worst!:classic_laugh:





T..Tell Yourself Is Was Alright That You Didn't Do Anything TODAY


Laugh Today..Smile Always..It Will Get Better..Hugs To All

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I have definitely been enjoying the slower pace and more rest that is an effect of the quarantine.  Like most, I pray for a swift end but there have been some blessings too.  


I'm not getting lots done each day, but we are tackling some long overdue projects.  Yesterday the kids and I did more with the recipes.  I have at least 25 years worth accumulated, both from family and friends and magazine clippings or web printouts.  I at least have it sorted into entrees, sides, desserts, and mixed/booklets (those will likely wait until the end).  One thing making it easier is I'm a better cook now and can more easily tell if it is something I am likely to fix.


I did another box of filing yesterday and think I am down to things that are actually in files versus "someday I'll deal with this." DH is even getting on board with purging a bunch of his old office stuff.  Need to tackle cleaning today - I enjoy the result and usually don't mind the actual work, but dread starting 🙄😳


Have a great day 🙂 

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Good Morning,


Pacruise, I enjoyed reading your updates. Sounds like you had a nice Easter. You're doing great with cleaning up files, etc. I hate doing stuff like that but it always feels good when it's done. 


This morning I was watching the Today news show. Savannah Guthrie was interviewing the President of the Federal Reserve. He was saying 12-18 months of living low and only slowly allowing some businesses to reopen. He thinks we won't be going back to life as usual for at least 12 months-18 months.


Can we let an optometrist office open? Yes, as there are not usually crowds. Can we reopen movie theaters where a theater has 100 people, in close proximity? No. Wow, when you think about where a lot of people gather in close proximity: malls, restaurants, churches, cruise ships, airports, airplanes, gyms, festivals, county fairs, sporting events, concerts, plays, etc. well, we get the gist. 


Not sure how life will be phased back in but will be different...until there is a vaccine and everyone gets it.


I told hubby, i.e., let's say theyreopen our gym. I would think some requirements will be: capacity control, so someone monitoring the front door and only allowing a certain number of people at any one time. I can see temperature checks, if you are coughing or have a runny nose-out you go, no classes and they'll have to only allow a limited amount of equipment so it can be spaced every 6 feet. And someone's job will be to wipe down equipment before and after use. 


We have beautiful weather here, 77 and sunny. Will be doing some rose trimming in the backyard. 


Have a good day everyone. 







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Hi all!


I'm pretty good at taking it easy, lol! It's been nice to have internet or Zoom activities to look forward to.

 I just watched a webinar by Ancestry & in a few minutes will do gentle stretch chair exercises courtesy of our library. I discovered that the library offers different services whereby one can read

or listen to books, watch movies & tv shows so a lot to fill one's day. Of course there's always housework but it'll keep!😉


Have a nice day. We're going to have take out for supper tonight, which requires  a 1 hour drive!


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Hi pacruise, Diana and Jo.


Seems like your all doing well with working some and relaxing at other times.


Don't know how long this is going be going on..when things will open up. 

Each person, state says something different. Who to believe? Know I'm still

staying in and think it will be awhile.  Think we will have to wear masks even

when they say you can do things again.


Would you believe got an e-mail from Princess today saying have to do boarding pass

for cruise to Alaska in May.  Their not cruising to Alaska in May..also didn't the CDC say

no cruising for 100 days?  What think happen, cruises stopped to May 10th (said this at beginning)

so my May 3rd cruise with daughter canceled, asked for money back. Then I had May 13th just me,

not canceled yet?  Still haven't got my money back on different things yet. Know it will take awhile.

You know the cruise lines are going crazy now with everything their dealing with.


How's you eating going this week with Easter and all?  I was doing good but this week not so good.

It's not candy just to many things I made with to many carbs and I'm eating them..can't waste food.


Read where someone said..Why is everyone baking and cleaning their houses?  Do I have to do it?:classic_laugh:

That's me!:classic_smile:

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Jo, I think it's great you have found some activities through the library.


We have free fitness classes through our 24hourfitness membership but I'm happy riding my exercise bike and streaming House Hunters, Beach Hunters, Bahamas Life, Caribbean Life, Hawaii Life, Island Hunters (from HGTV). Nice way to "visit" the beach.


I do want to try the online classes though, will be good to know what they have. 


Belle, yeah, housework is not high on my list and I have lots of friends who are baking....not me....my hubby likes to get involved and then the kitchen is a huge mess and he adds this and that and then the item isn't good. Ugh, can't do it anymore.......


Today I spent an hour weeding and trimming spent roses, there were so many. I also cut and dried oregano from our garden. We have a food dehydrator and it's so much cheaper (and way better smell/taste) than from the grocery store. 


Went grocery shopping today. Funny, today, the grocery store had ridiculous amounts of foods, just too much of it. So much that they had aisles spilling over with stuff. Shelves were so full, extra boxes stacked 10 high filling the aisles. It was crazy.


Where we are people are doing pretty well with distancing in the stores, wearing masks and gloves. Not sure about the gloves when our 100 degree daily some temps. hit. Hubby's hands (not mine) sweat like crazy in those gloves. 


Belle, hubby and I cancelled 2 cruises. We figured we have to wait probably 2 months for refunds. Will worry about it then.


Have a nice evening, Diana







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Like I knew they would, they cancelled my May 13th cruise.  Have a cruise to Europe in August with my

daughter, She wants to go, know that won't happen. They will cancel or I will. To soon. Don't know

if cities there are clear by then, then the airlines.  Will they be running full schedules?

I don't worry about refunds but I had money on my cruise card, won the night before. $700.

I want to know that's been sent or will be. Have deal with the casino. Hard to get through.


Diana you were busy today. gardening and shopping.  Yes their getting more food in the stores now.

Nice for everyone who didn't shop for 7 months like some did.:classic_unsure:  I have masks but not gloves but

not going out now. Gloves still in short supply.


Take care everyone..Wash hands..stay inside...don't hug or kiss unless it''s your spouse!:classic_love:

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