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Would you cruise in August

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12 minutes ago, atgood said:

I found this video very informative.  Unfortunately, the situation is probably being repeated a lot more than we know.  


One way Covid-19 spreads: take a patient with anxiety based symptoms and place them in a hospital room with other confirmed Covid patients.  Next, make the patient wait unnecessarily for days for their test result.  Continue to treat the patient as if they have Covid even after several negative test results until the patient catches Covid.  Continue mixing non-Covid patients on Covid only hospital floors.  Repeat. 

One way Covid kills: treat a patient improperly with a ventilator, deny the patient other treatment, try to trick the nurses to treat the patient as if a Do Not Resuscitate order is in place by the doctor when it is not because the family did not agree to it (hide this from the family), a doctor treating all Covid patients as terminal, & deny family members access to the patient so the horrible activity isn’t witnessed.  Repeat. 
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I’m not sure where you heard this but this is definitely wrong. NY has found that approximately 14% of people have antibodies to covid-19. Other states will be significantly less since it is less widespread in the community.  Once we get to 70% we will start to see herd immunity play a role in preventing the spread of the virus but most major infectious disease experts believe that is 18-24 months away. 

Too bad the antibody testing is faulty.

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On 4/27/2020 at 11:58 AM, jp2746 said:

We are planning on cruising in August if we are allowed.  We are waiting to put money down because we already have cruise credit coming and 7K in refunds that we are waiting for.   I don't want to invest more money that may take months to get back.  So, we have reservations to each port with airline miles (that can be canceled without a penalty) just in case we can cruise.  However, we also had a back up plan to go to Aruba in August and Southwest canceled flights from FLL to Aruba until August 11th, so that isn't looking too good.  But we really want to cruise before school starts!


We are in California and I am sure that we had Covid in early February of this year.  We have a 21 year old son in college who was very sick. Unfortunately, he has vaped and he thought that he had messed up his lungs and was afraid for his life at some point.  He never got to the point of going to the hospital, but he was very sick.  He had fever, cough and he had a hard time breathing.  Many of his friends at school had the same thing, so he figured something must be going around.  My younger son and myself both had a slight fever and lung issues for a while, but nothing that required a doctor's visit (although I did contact the doctor at one point for a phone consultation).  Neither of us had a cough.  We all head very bad headaches for a few days that wouldn't go away with any medication and we all had horrible fatigue.  My husband only complained of fatigue and headaches.  At the time there was very little information about Covid so we really had no idea that we could be sick with it.  I just remember my son telling me that everyone at school was sick with the same thing.  He emphasized that everyone in every single class had some sort of issue similar to his.  


I will be interested in taking the antibodies test to verify this. 

Definitely take the test.  However not 100% accurate.  Positive is considered more accurate- but negative is iffy.  Glad you are well now.

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I wouldn't cruise in August even if it was free. With the changes dictated for health reasons, and the need for the cruise to bring in so much cash to pay off debt and return to profitability, the "new normal" will not work for us.

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On 6/13/2020 at 4:52 PM, atgood said:

I found this video very informative.  Unfortunately, the situation is probably being repeated a lot more than we know.  



I had not viewed this video. If even half of what she said is true....as a nurse I cried with her.  I also would have left the first day and not returned.  I could not be a part of what she said was happening.  I’m assuming she stayed to expose the truth. 


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