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On 4/18/2020 at 6:46 PM, jmcancruise said:

I am sure i am not the only cruiser feeling blue right now.  Cancelled our b2b May cruises for September and suspect will need to reschedule again for next year.  In the mean time I would love if people would pick a favorite cruise memory to share.  Might cheer some of us up a bit.    I will start with 2. 2005  1st cruise sitting in a glass enclosed restaurant in the middle of the jungle in Belize with new friends made here on cruise critic.  DH and I were  celebrating our 25th anniversary. 2012  2nd Falling asleep on the outer deck on deck 3 on the Freedom.  We were docked in  Ocho Rios and I awoke feeling like I was living in a dream.  Simple memory, but a special one to me.



I have tonnes of favourite cruise memories, but the ones that stick out to me:


* The friends I have made from cruising, one particular family we met on the Vista from Barcelona to New York we met a family who live hour away from where we live, we have kept in touch ever since,  we have been to family parties 18th, 21st, 50th birthday celebrations. 


* Celebrating and surprising my dad for his 80th after a journey cruise my sister and I surprised him with another week onboard. 


* Celebrating my sisters birthday on board at Chefs Table. 


* Half Moon Cay -  third time trying to get to this port of call and I did not want to leave, we were fortunate to purchase a villa on the beach, this was amazing. and we shared it with friends we made onboard. 


* being in the ocean in St Lucia with my dad who is not a confident swimmer in the water, he was able to relax in the water safely, we left the beach with him saying I really loved it here, being in the ocean. 


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On 4/18/2020 at 6:36 PM, jean87510 said:

Ive had 4 cruises canceled due to covid. Temporarily unemployed as a nurse in NJ and cannot find any work. I stay positive and am looking forward to labor day weekend which is when I will sail again. Very grateful my husband's job is enough for both of us.

Not sure if relocating is on your Radar but we need Nurses like 90 going South. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio and there is a shortage of Nurses, here in particular at the VA Medical Center. I'm a Social Worker not a nurse but everyday we have Nursing Staff calling off work. I work in the Comprehensive Homeless Center, 129 beds for veterans. We handle substance abuse, hard to place in housing, severe mental illness, and several Co-horts: PTSD, Women's Treatment Program, Gambling Treatment Program and IOP.


Just thought I would mention it for what's it worth!

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Posted (edited)

I have so many cruise memories!


1. First cruise on the Holiday back in 2001, 7 nights for my Birthday. The ship blew me away be the size of it.

2. Winning $450 the very first time I played Craps in the Casino on the Legend, Ladies Luck!

3. Going on an 8 night on the Magic for my Honeymoon and Husband saying, "I love cruising, Honey let's go on ALL the cruises". (Win - Win)

4. DH and I have magical moments under the stars at night!

5. Enjoying the calm crystal clear water and views at Megan's Bay in St. Thomas.

6. Enjoying 2 of the best excursions of a lifetime. a. Rhythm of the Nights in Puerto Vallarta. b. Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus & Nightlife with Dinner in Aruba!! 


The list goes on and on but those were my top Fond Memories 😄


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Many great memories! Some of the best are cave tubing in Belize, walking tour of old Cartagena, the incredible white sand and blue water of Half Moon Cay, zip lining in Roatan, Martini Seduction at the Alchemy Bar!

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We’ve cruised many times since 1995, and have many fond memories, but one funny one stands out. We cruised in 2007 with our son and his family, our daughter and her family, and her in laws. We docked one day in Cozumel, and the ladies wanted to go shopping. Well, they didn’t get too far, stopping at a jewelry store downtown where the merchant served them free tequila. I’m sure he figured the drunker they got, the more they’d buy. Well, they headed back to ship, and my daughters MIL was SO drunk, she realized she lost her sail and sign card. We were all up on deck looking down at them with her yelling at the top of her drunk lungs, “George! They won’t let me on the boat!” Her hubby George was able to get her card and get her back on ship. Apparently he had it in his pocket when he returned to ship. I also remember taking a pic of all the men looking down from the Topless Deck, which has now been long gone, in favor of family entertainment up there. 😂😂

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#1 15 day cruise to Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary. The descriptions of the islands do not do justice to their lushness and beauty.


#2 Cruise to Alaska. Seeing eagles, seals, orcas, humpback whales and a bear in the wild, along with the gorgeous snow covered mountains and glaciers...breathtaking!


We'd love to do both cruises again...

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With the news of more cancellations I figured I would post some of mine! 


1: First cruise for my husband and kids.  My kids were young (5 and 3) at the time, but were like fish as we had a pool in the back yard. Went snorkeling. Keeping a close eye on my 5 yr old and staying on top of the 3rd old. Problem was, the 5 & 3 yr old could swim better than my husband by a long shot! Nothing like having to get my kids on a Catamaran so I could "save" my husband. Now it's my kids job to babysit him in the water 18 years later! 


2: First cruise w/o extended family so we drove the long 21 hr drive to Tampa. We get about 4 hours away and I realize something! We didn't change the light bulb in the pantry! I had family coming to check on our cats every few days and wanted to leave this specific light on for them. 10 years later, I am still asked before we leave to go anywhere if I made sure I changed all the light bulbs first... 


3: Same cruise as with the light bulb. We get on the ship and everything is going great!!! 3 days later I get a note, that the CC we have isn't working for our account and we need to do something about it. This is a CC we had for about 8 months and had only used for online purchases in the past. Nice guy at the desk lets me call Capital One to see what is wrong for free! I call, and fall to the floor of the Atrium because I am laughing so hard! I put in the # and it asks me if I want to activate the credit card!!! The same card, we had been using at least once a month for 8 MONTHS! Everyone these thought I was bonkers! 


4 & 5th: Not the same vacation but similar at least. Changed purses before a land trip to VA Beach. Didn't put my wallet in my new purse. Try getting your 70+ yr old relative to find your wallet, and fax your ID. Did the same thing before an NCL cruise and changed purses. Didn't put my CC's back in my wallet. At least that time my oldest DS didn't go and smart phones were a thing so that was easy to fix! 


Best part about all of these things, is it doesn't matter if we are just going away for a day trip anymore. Whoever is with me, makes me check the light bulbs in the house before we leave and physically show them my DL and CC's. Lessons learned by everyone in my house! 


And my best memory ever of a cruise... went on my first when I was 7. On the Big Red Boat. This was the 80's so you know.. things were different way back then! I was given a roll of quarters to play on the slot machines... staff was okay with it, as long as I was sitting on someone's lap!! I blame this all for my gambling problem.. don't start young folks! 

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The memory that stands out for me was climbing the volcano in St Kitts to the caldera. Very hard but rewarding. It cant be done now because a golf course owns the property with access to the trail.

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