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Using iPhone X for Snorkeling

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I love to snorkel but only go on one cruise per year, max.  I have seen people putting their iPhone in clear pouches to snorkel.  Amazon has them pretty cheap; $10'ish.   Has anyone used these before and happy with the results, ease of taking pictures and no damage to iPhone?  Not sure if our August cruise will even take place or not but I want to be ready in case it IS safe.  And I would really love to take pictures!   Any advise, tips or general info regarding taking pictures while snorkeling would be greatly appreciated!

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I think you will be OK.  My friend dropped her iphone XR in the water while boating.  It had her id and credit cards in the case, so a diver was hired to retrieve the phone.  It was in 20-25 ft of fresh water for about 4 hours...... and it works fine  :-).  

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marysb thank you!  I noticed on out last cruise and on a recent trip to DR that many people were using their iPhones in plastic sealed up pouches and taking them in the water with them and actually taking pictures under the surface of the water.  I hated to invest in an underwater camera to use maybe once per year on a snorkling excursion if a plastic pouch would work.   I'll try to find out more on these pouches.  Thanks again..


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The latest iPhones are technically waterproof to 1 meter or ~ 3ft, as most things when "certified" I expect they are over engineered. 


I took my iPhone7plus in a ziplock and took it out and used it in and around water, the bag eventually filled with water, phone still working two years later.


I am too cheap to overpay for those waterproof pouches and fine the ziplock fine enough extra protection, but remember if you drop it, it can sink to the bottom, if there is a leak in your phone and you sizzle the insides ( salt water and electronics are a terrible mix ) there is no recourse and your life is fried.


You could easily also buy used waterproof camera on ebay for less than hundred dollars.


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You are much better off buying a cheap, used waterproof camera. You can get a used Olympus TG-4 for under $200. They take excellent video and photos underwater. They are also great little cameras to boot.

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The $10 waterproof pouches from Amazon are great.  We use them all the time when boating and on the beach.  It’s really good to have the neck strap and the balloon like edge on the bag keeps your phone floating in case you drop it in the water.  Definitely worth the investment just to protect your phone in rain or from beach sand or water.


iPhone waterproof pouch


PS.  I also an Olympus waterproof camera and I love it!!

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These are just a few samples of what you can get out of an underwater camera. The one disadvantage is, you have to take 100s of 100s of shots. The reason is you cannot easily see the screen and it is difficult to know exactly where the picture is framed. I do know for a fact that I had bad shots but may have deleted them. Lighting, depth, and being able to get what you want in the picture impacts results.


Also, none of these pictures are edited. They are straight out of the camera.





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Here is a blog http://high-tech-out.net/with reviews, I know the writer in France. He takes NO free products, he only tests them and returns them because he is a member of the press as a photojournalist. This is a side gig for when not working on assignment. He's invited to all the product launches and receives items before they get released to the public.He attends Photokina, IFA and Paris Photo. 


Whether or not one agrees with how he feels is up to you but I trust his independence, I've known him for years. You'll see no commercial endorsements or connections on the page which is the only reason I place it here. I respect his talent as a photog and his integrity so that's the only reason I place it here.


I've watch him test mobile phones in the Marne river. Amazing to watch as he drops them into the water at however it's claimed (or perhaps beyond) powered on (attached to lines) waits for a set amount of time...it's not  brief, then resumes usage. 


He has recommended certain camera phones to me but I like my iphone. It is what it is. Nevertheless, I have seen some products do amazing things. Not all of them in water, but I digress. 


(btw it says unsecure up by the URL but that happens a lot with Italian and French websites, I don't know why...)



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