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Regent Refund Roll Call

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This thread is simply and ONLY to track how long it is taking to get refunds from Regent.  I will transfer the data from your posts into a spreadsheet that you can see at:


Please post the date your cruise was to sail and the date you requested a refund.  Then please come back and post again when you receive your refund.  If you already posted this information on another thread, please post it again here, because I am not going to search all the other threads to collect data. 

All the data will be transferred to the spreadsheet, and you will always be able to find it at the link in post #1.   By posting when you cancelled your Regent cruise AND when you received the refund, maybe we can see a trend and get an idea when future refunds will be coming.

Here is a fictitious sample (which I will remove from the spreadsheet after someone posts some real data):

scheduled sail date 4/22/20
cancelled excursions 3/8/20
cancelled cruise 3/11/20
no refunds as of 5/9/20

(This is my own data, but it is on Crystal, not Regent, and Crystal does not charge in advance for excursions.)

Portolan created a thread asking for input on when people get their refunds, but it has turned into a general discussion thread.  Repeated requests to keep it to a means to simply track CC members' experience with refunds have been to no avail.  Please do not repeat that experience here.   Specific suggestions on how to improve this thread are welcome, but otherwise please post your comments and stories on another thread or create a new one unless you are just offering data to put in the spreadsheet.

I would like to give a big thank you to UUNetBill for providing the example of how to do this, and for his excellent thread with cabin reviews!  Also, thank you to JPH814 on the Seabourn forum and to bissel for pointing out his thread.

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Here goes: 


Scheduled sail date (Splendor, San Diego-Miami) 03/14/2020

Regent canceled cruise 03/13/2020

Request for Refund submitted via TA on 03/17/2020

No refund as of 05/09/2020





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Thank you, MadMarine and GOARMY.  I put in your info.


Just to clarify, I will only enter the excursion date separately if that refund was requested on a separate date.  The category is mainly for those who are taking a FCC, but expecting a cash/credit card refund of taxes and/or excursions.  My example may have been a bit misleading.

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Posted this on the Other Roll Call.  Use Information as Needed.


Scheduled Sail Date Explorer July 17, 2020 Cruise- We Cancelled


3/17/20. Contacted TA to Cancel-One Day Prior to 50% Penalty Date

3/24/20  Received Confirmation from TA and Regent of Cancellation. Deposit Forfeited as Expected

4/22/20  Contacted TA who Called Regent.  Told to Expect up to 60 days for refund.

5/6/20.    TA Called Regent for Update.  Told Refund was Processed Yesterday.

5/7/20.    Refund Appeared on AMEX Account.  AMEX Wire Transfer Arranged for Transfer to Our Bank.


42 Days from CXL Confirmation to Refund. 49 Days from Initial TA Contact with Regent


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30 March ......cancelled cruise for Jan 2021 via my TA

31 March........received cancellation notification from TA

1 May..............deposit refunded from Regent to CC  minus $200 cancellation fees 


32 days from cancellation to refund. 





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Scheduled date 16/04/20 Voyager 

Cancelled  14/03/20

Request for refund by TA 18/03/20

No refund by 10/05/20


Scheduled  date 16/03/20 Voyager

Cancelled by Regent 20/02/20

Refund processed by Regent  02/03/20


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44 minutes ago, piscean said:

Scheduled  date 16/03/20 Voyager

Cancelled by Regent 20/02/20

Refund processed by Regent  02/03/20


Piscean, thank you for participating.  Do you mean that Regent sent you the money in 11 days on March 2, or that on that date they agreed to eventually send you the money?  If it is only the date they confirmed your request, it is nice to know but I am not including it in the database.  Also, I hope you won't mind if I transpose your dates into the US format.  That is how the spreadsheet displays them.

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Sail date Voyager 6/14/20

Deposit 9/14/2019

Final payment 2/14/2020

Cancelled by Regent 4/24/2020

Refund request form completed, sent and acknowledged 4/24/2020

Submitted credit card dispute 4/27/2020

Credit card refund in account 5/4/2020

Keeping money in credit card account while awaiting final disposition by credit card company....

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Scheduled sail date - 04/01/2020 - Splendor, Miami - NYC

Regent cancelled cruise and excursions - 03/13/2020

Request for refund submitted via TA - 03/16/2020

No refund of 05/10/2020


Thank you for this, Susie!

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Sail date Navigator: 4/7/20

Cancelled by Regent: 3/13/20

Refund request by TA: 3/16/20

No refund by 5/10/20


Sail date Navigator: 4/25/20

Cancelled by Regent: 3/30/20

Refund request by TA: 4/1/20

No refund by 5/10/20


Sail date Navigator: 5/22/20

Cancelled by Regent: 4/24/20

Refund request by TA: 4/27/20

No refund by 5/10/20

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Sail date: 4/16/20 - Splendor, NYC - Barcelona **sniff**

Cancelled by RSSC: 3/30/20

Talked with RSSC agent, prior to and immediately after they cancelled, asked for refund, not FCC. (I didn't fill out form.)

Checked back by email 5/8/20 - agent sez still in the works, "could be any day, but probably another 30". 

Remain on tenterhooks. 

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