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Regent Refund Roll Call

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That is probably what we will have to do.  Having a cheque is complicated because we live in Switzerland (where we have not used cheques for 30 so years) but we could send it back to the US to be deposited.   I have spoken with our TA about a cheque but she says since everyone at Regent is working from home they cannot write cheques at the moment.  Presumably the credit sent to the "dead" CC will bounce back to Regent, at least I would hope so.   


Thanks - good advice!

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My March 14th Cruise was charged on two different credit cards that were subsequently closed, because of possible fraud. 
Even though it was a while ago, the refunds went to the old cards and I was able to have them transferred to the replacement cards. Still waiting for the checks. Sapphire was terrible to deal with, still haven’t gotten anything . Citi bank check is expected any day. 

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My recent communication with Regent.....

I have just checked on the process of the refunds for this date they are with our Accounts team now and should hopefully be with your agent  by the 12th Jun , as the refunds have to go back  to the form of payment we received them.

Our cruise was April 16th.

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3 hours ago, Pcardad said:

Upon a dispute, a bank will often immediately credit the disputed amount back to your credit card with the understanding that they will take it back if the finding goes against you. Both US Trust and JP Morgan do this.

That is why I asked @orvil which was the case.  If it is just a temporary credit pending dispute resolution (which sounded more likely than a completed refund from what I know so far), then I will make a note of it but not count it as a received refund.

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The final payment that was refunded to me was made on February 14, 2020.  The deposit was made on September 14, 2019.


The CC company refunded the final payment.  Their electronic records go back six months.  After that, it has to be handled manually.  


I received my final payment refund within a week of notification.  This was the largest of the two amounts.  I left the funds in my CC account for a month.  I stopped using the card so there would be no confusion.  I kept waiting for CC company to claw it back for the very reason that maybe they weren't finished with the investigation.  Then, I received a letter indicating that they considered the matter closed even though the September deposit portion had not been refunded.  Their reason given was the length of time.  I don't think seven months for return of a deposit was too far.  People buy cruises three years in advance.  Airline tickets go on sale nine months in advance of the date of travel.  It's specious reasoning.


I wrote an appeal email to one of their executives pointing out the illogical treatment of the two charges this morning.  I'll let you know what he says.  I have other avenues to get satisfaction, but it's a process and you have to go through all the steps.


This was a VISA account and subject to the whims of the particular bank that is attached to the account.  I am certain that if I had used AmEx they would have refunded the entire amount before the sun went down.  They have that reputation.  If you have ever been on the merchant side of the equation you know that AmEx is ruthlessly efficient.  VISA and MC, not as much.  My mistake.  


I had a separate airline reservation that was cancelled by the airline.  Those arrived in the account on Friday.  Progress.  

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I haven't gotten on the list because everything with our family trip was more recent than most I am seeing, but I will just for the spreadsheet.


Sailing date was to be 6/24/20 on Mariner, was paid in full (four suites).

Regent cancelled on 4/24/20, refund requested that day by TA and confirmed by Regent on 4/28.

It has barely been 30 days, so I am definitely not getting anxious.

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On 5/10/2020 at 6:55 PM, CruiserFromMaine said:

Sail date: April 1, 2020

Canceled: March 15, 2020, by Regent

Cash refund requested: March 15, 2020

Refund not yet received. 

I’m relieved to report that our credit card was credited last night with the full amount owed!

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sail date 4/3                                                                                                                                                                                                               cancelled by regent 3/13         

requested 100% refund on3/14

received 100 % refund on credit card on 6/1

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On 5/10/2020 at 9:29 AM, ddsun1 said:

Scheduled sail date - 04/01/2020 - Splendor, Miami - NYC

Regent cancelled cruise and excursions - 03/13/2020

Request for refund submitted via TA - 03/16/2020

No refund of 05/10/2020


Thank you for this, Susie!

Following my post above, my husband and I spoke to our financial advisor.  He advised to immediately file a credit card dispute.  Initial deposit (06/2018) on my husband's Chase card and paid excursions (08/2019)/final deposit (11/2019) on my Bank of America card.  Our advisor had two concerns.  First, the news of NCL's stock plunging and possible bankruptcy (the two billion in funding was a relief).  Second, the builder of our new home abruptly left our project declaring personal and business bankruptcies, leaving us to complete the build as general contractors and to undertake his contractual financial responsibilities (equal to three Regent cruises)!  


Chase and Bank of America temporarily credited both of our cards, May 19th.  Both credit card companies have sixty (60) days to resolve with Regent.


Thank you again, Susie, and best wishes to all Regent cruisers!  We were so much looking to our cruise aboard Splendor!


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Scheduled sail date - 04/07/2020 

Regent cancelled cruise- 03/13/2020

Request for refund submitted via TA - 03/16/2020

Refund received 6/01/2020 (at least for the final payment, deposit was made on a card no longer in use and I will have to follow up with cc company)

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Happy to report that we received a full refund on our credit card today <phew>!

Request date March 31st

sail date April 16th


No to work with the credit card company (5-7 business days) to move the credit from our Visa into our account.  At least we can officially see the funds though!

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14 minutes ago, Pcardad said:

Looks like Regent is starting to pull cruises with sail dates after April 1 to April 10. GOOD NEWS!


This may be great for all those folks waiting for full refunds from their cancelled cruise.  And for them, hooray!


Doesn't do anything for me, meanwhile, awaiting a normal deposit cancellation for a future cruise.

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On 5/21/2020 at 7:08 AM, captain5 said:

scheduled sail date 9/2/20
cancelled excursions 4/8/20
cancelled cruise 4/8/20
no refunds as of 5/21/20


Deposit less custom air fee and $100 per person


Great idea. Thank you for starting and maintaining it.



Now near 60 days and no word or status. TA was advised by RSSC it could be up to 90 days.

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Perhaps no longer on tenterhooks:

Cruise date 4/16/20, Splendor NYC to Barcelona.

Cancelled by RSS 3/30/20

Requested refund of our agent at RSS same day.  Agent called 8am next day, confirmed refund.

Yesterday, sent another friendly email, but starting to squeak. 

This morning 6/3/20 agent emailed, said refund is processed (in 5 parts, based on deposit, balance, flight biz, on board cooking events, outings).  

Haven't seen on CC yet, but hope to shortly.  Original card was compromised, had to reissue with new number, same bank.  Assume that won't be a problem.  So, hope to have all the chickens home to roost in short order.  

NOW we can talk about future cruises!  However, going to start with a 3 week road trip in south of France, see how things are going in cruise world before plopping down big coin of the realm.  

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