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Some COVID-19 restrictions lifted but unsure I want to go out! You?

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Here in my corner of Ontario, some restrictions have been lifted, caution is the key word though. We can go to garden centers now for example but we (and friends as well) are unsure we could/should. 😱  For weeks now we have been extra extra careful, just groceries and meds pick up, and this new 'freedom' is making me anxious even with physical distancing, gloves and masks. You?  How are you handling this first preliminary taste of new normal?


Also Happy Mother's Day!!

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10 minutes ago, Bake apple said:

Here in my corner of Ontario, some restrictions have been lifted, caution is the key word though. We can go to garden centers now for example but we (and friends as well) are unsure we could/should. 😱  For weeks now we have been extra extra careful, just groceries and meds pick up, and this new 'freedom' is making me anxious even with physical distancing, gloves and masks. You?  How are you handling this first preliminary taste of new normal?

As a fellow Ontarian, I feel the same way. I have no desire to go out. I have tried to shop only once per week, and otherwise I really have avoided going out. I don't have a garden so no garden centre for me. I just wish the weather were a bit warmer so that I could cycle more (I was out last weekend but this weekend is too cold) but I still avoid the bike paths and trails, and just cycle through the side streets of my neighbourhood.

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I feel relatively safe now, with the statistics showing my state to be little affected now. But the first few days were awkward. I actually stopped breathing when passing a person. I still try not to walk "in the wake" of someone and avoid joggers who are known to spread the virus more widely (if they are infected). I am still apprehensive about shops. I thought I might have a short trip to some shops this week, those that I like and had not been to for several weeks. But then I just did not feel like it. My local supermarket is well organized with the social distancing but I have gotten into the habit of not spending more time in there than necessary. I have sort of forgotten how browsing works. I think if I wanted to go to a garden centre I would go in the morning when not too many people have breathed in it.


I fancy going back to work, but I work in tourism so meet people that have travelled which means I actually do not really fancy going back to work. I am getting a bit bored finally. (grin)




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Posted (edited)

Where I live, our numbers are still going up and we have not peaked yet. We also are in an area with lots of meat packing plants and they are getting hit hard with COVID-19.


Though - our restaurants are opening at 50% capacity starting Monday. Along with hair salons, etc.... Our malls opened over a week ago (though some never closed). Our garden centers have been open for awhile.


I have been going to work but very few have so I feel safe there. Our grocery stores are crazy. It is like a family event where people are taking everyone in the family with them.


Our Mayor doesn't want to open things up but our Governor does. Our Governor is winning.

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I'm also in Ontario, and as others, still a little concerned about going out to much.  Mind you, we really can't do much more than what we have - shopping 1 day a week and limiting that to 2 stores only.  We can't drive up to the city, as all parking areas for places to walk are closed.  We are thinking of possibly a short drive today just to get something different in our life, but it will probably be a while before we can actually "do" anything. 

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Another fellow Ontarian here...  I have been sticking to the once/week grocery shopping - which I hate.  My DH does a Costco run every 2 to 3 weeks.  We have the odd run out for bread (small bakery - usually the only person inside) and for prescriptions as needed.  We decided at the start of this to "order in" lunch or dinner once/week (not a usual thing for us...) from a local small restaurant (which one varies from week to week....) - to try to support our local economy.  I am trying to buy things on line that support local businesses. Plus, anything that gets delivered keeps that sector employed.


My concern about loosening things up is that people will become complacent.  When you add in the availability of cloth masks & disposable gloves, people have a false sense of security.  Most people who do not work in health care do *not* know how to safely don or doff said PPE - and put everyone at risk.  We really need to continue to practice physical distancing -  and, for some reason, people think they don't need to keep their distance when they have a piece of cotton over their face.  And, don't even get me going on gloves...  Seriously - fleece? Leather?  Can't see those being washed - so we have no idea how many places they have been, or how many things they have touched. 


I tend to shop where I know the store takes the distancing directive seriously...  Where they only let 1 person/family in to shop - and have clear guidelines regarding personal space at the checkouts.  And I carry lots of hand sanitizer....


Opening restaurants worries me...  as does the thought of re-opening mall space.   Thankfully we aren't there yet...



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We live on the other side of the lake in the NY Finger Lakes region.  Our region has had a much lower incidence of the virus than downstate and we have met the governor's criteria for beginning a staged re-opening on Friday.  Only construction and manufacturing will open in the first stage.  People are still required to wear masks where a 6 foot distance can't be maintained and most people are following the rules without complaint.  We have had unusually cold weather for several weeks, with a freeze warning last night and tonight.  Hoping for warmer weather so we can get outside; it would be a lot easier to stay home if I could be in our garden and my husband could play golf!


Since we are in the 'at risk' age group, we have been diligent about staying home.  We order groceries online and either have them delivered or have curbside pickup.  I have been to BJs twice at the start of their 'senior hour'.  Everyone has been very careful to give each other space, ailes are wide and one-way so I feel comfortable going there.  Still, I carry Clorox wipes in both hands, using them on whatever I pick up or touch.  Wipe down everthing I touch in the car, remove my mask carefully and put in the trunk.  We are fortunate to live in an area with many large parks and trails where we can take the dog for a hike and keep a distance from other people, so we do that every day if it isn't raining.  We do get takeout meals a few times a week at favorite restaurants that offer curbside pickup.  


I don't think we will change our behaviour much when things open up.  I think a lot of people will be out and about and many may think the worst is over and not be as diligent.  So we are home for the forseeable future, hoping the weather improves and we can spend some of it outdoors!

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I'm way down South in Houston Texas, where it's been 90 degrees & 100% humidity for a few weeks now. 

We've been smartly cautious when out & about.

Luckily our private kept our golf course & tennis courts open, although singles play only, no doubles for over a month.  Just started back with doubles & group play last week.  All tables & chairs put away, so no groupings. Club members & neighbors only, no guests/visitors.  Good to be sweating outside in the warm sunshine everyday.

Gym still closed, but we have group exercises at a 10' distances & lots of Zoom video online classes.

Grocery stores, Lowes & Home Depot always been open.

Restaurants & retail stores are now open at 15% capacity, so we've shopping & eating out daily.

We're trying to be cautious & smart, but enjoying the outdoors as much as we can...


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We’re in Virginia, just outside of DC. Our “stay at home order” goes until June 10. We’ve only been going out to pick up meds, to get groceries every 10 days to two weeks (nearly impossible to schedule a delivery) and occasionally to pick up a take-out meal.  We are diligent about wearing masks, washing our hands and tryIng to keep 6 feet away from others.  In other parts of the state, further away from DC, the governor is allowing some businesses to open around May 15. Our local governments around here have decided to keep things closed for the time being, which we think is a good idea as the infection and death rates still seem to be rising statewide. We are happy to stick close to home for now.

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