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Please refrain from doing chargebacks

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56 minutes ago, RETNAVY1996 said:

PPP rules are federal. If you are “

  • Self-employed, sole proprietors, freelance and gig economy workers are also eligible to apply.”

Something is going on with your co-worker that has not really been explained, makes me wonder what the rest of the story is.


Just doing a chargeback on a cruise  they had not been on is not going to even be on the cruise company’s radar right now, unless other things were going on that have not been explained.

In her case, the client canceled and only paid the $750 deposit.  Because his trip wasn’t cancelled he was offered a FCC but didn’t want that...wanted his money, so he did a chargeback and the supplier is holding the rep liable unless she sends all correspondence plus cc authorization firm to supplier so they can contest chargeback.  That’s all I know about it.   I know I wasn’t eligible for the PPP because I asked my tax accountant for help.  I had to wait for Ohio to open the PUA...hopefully I’ll be approved.  Thank you for your service.  My son in law graduated from the Naval academy.  He’s retiring this year as a Lt Col from the Marines.  Flew the Ospreys among other things....picked a great time to retire😊

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24 minutes ago, oceanlovinmama said:

In her case, the client canceled and only paid the $750 deposit.  Because his trip wasn’t cancelled he was offered a FCC but didn’t want that...wanted his money

I can’t say I blame them for the charge back. We are in the same situation. Royal is purposely delaying cancellations to insure people are inside final payment. Some want to cruise now but many of us don’t. Only option we have is to take an FCC for our deposit or make final payment.  We haven’t booked airfare or hotels for our October Allure Cruise. We should have an option to request a refund. It is my belief this cruise is not happening. If it sails, I’m sure the itinerary will not be what we hoped for. We are definitely out of the window to request a charge back. 

It would be prudent on you to push back on Royal regarding the FCC and no refund. 

My two cents. 

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On 5/17/2020 at 1:40 PM, Baron Barracuda said:


Always thought it was dumb of cruise lines not to offer a discount or percs to those who book direct.  If they did wonder how many would continue to use a TA.

They do offer perks. It's called a sale. Sometimes it's a price drop and sometimes it's OBC. Online travel agents are a dime a dozen and most are just order takers for an online agency. They need to offer perks in order to compete with each other. The cruise lines compete by offering sales, OBC and sometimes appear to be offering extra perks like drink packages, paid gratuity, free wifi and specialty restaurant dining. However, the prices seem to jump up just before they offer the extra perks so you really have to monitor the price. Even with the upcharge it still may be a good deal overall depending on your cruising habbits.

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9 hours ago, oceanlovinmama said:

Sorry but you are wrong...when there are chargebacks, I lose money...when I’m moving cruises to next year that is work I’m doing now, but again won’t get paid for until next year IF they still take the cruise.  The hours on the phone checking on refunds and FCC’s...all the land tours that were cancelled I get nothing for...the cruises that were only deposited and wanted cancelled...work, but again, no pay.  Look...I honestly never thought this would blow up like it did...I was just sayin please to think twice...I don’t mind losing my commission, it’s the thousands of dollars they can come after me for because I used your credit card...I’m the rep for you, but when you chargeback, you get a credit and the cruiseline comes for me...we are hoping since the cruises cancelled they won’t, but they can...other suppliers are going after others in my office for the deposits etc.  


Well it did, and as yesterday there have been 27,552 deaths in my state alone and you are whining everywhere about lost commissions and chargebacks.

The fact that you cannot see the level of obnoxiousness your threads are just astounds me. 

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1 minute ago, Milwaukee Eight said:

Where is everywhere?

The OP copied and pasted the exact same post onto other cruise lines discussion groups here on CC, Princess as an example. I didn’t bother going to look at other boards, but the OP is getting the same response there as here.  

Basically spamming, which isn’t that against CC rules?  Others have been thrown out for less. 

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14 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:

Same responses there as here?

Pretty much the same on each board.  Collectively, people seem to feel that their money comes first.  Then there's the camp that says the TA should get paid bc of the work they've done leading up to embarkation...it goes on and on...

oh, and then there's the tangents, of course, that lead to when we will sail again, if we will sail again, and by what time line...face masks...vaccines.....is a TA worth the trouble?  Why some use a TA while others don't...


You get the picture 🙂

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1 hour ago, A&L_Ont said:

Same responses there as here?

I normally don’t post much and have been coming here for 8 or so years to get information and read. This post ranks up there with the worst if not the worst with the OP reposes. She has a level of self entitlement I’ve never seen before on here and sounds like many others keep calling her out on it on this forum and all the others she copied it too. If I was her client I would be transferring all my bookings.

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I did look at other pages on cc to see the comments and responses.  


It was most interesting to me that passengers are having difficulties receiving their refunds from other cruise lines. All of my refunds due are from Royal  Caribbean so  I have not looked at any other cruise line pages.



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On 5/16/2020 at 1:43 PM, oceanlovinmama said:

Cruiselines have been doing the best they can.  They didn’t realize that they would be shut down for so long and the amount of refunds requested.  Most of their employees are working from home and because of the levels of security that need to be in place to deal with credit cards, most cruise lines have a skeleton crew.  Now with the country opening back up that will change.  BUT when you work with an agent and do a chargeback, the cruise line can come back to the agent for that payment and any commission that was given to that agent, that was protected because the cruise line cancelled, Will now be recalled.  We work on commission only, and that money comes AFTER you travel.  We have had no income for the past two months and probably won’t for the rest of the year, now we have to give Our commission back AND possibly be on the hook for thousands of dollars we don’t have.  Please think about your agent!

Maybe your post identifieds the reason for delays in cancellations until the last moment.  The cruise line loses extra from paying the commission and not having the passenger on board.  For the cruise line to mitigate losses, it is in their (short-term) interest to wait until the last moment to cancel cruises.  This will make it more likely for cruisers to cancel their cruises and relieve them of the additional commission burden from a customer from whom they will make no money.  Bad situation, everyone loses.  And, it's especially hard on the agents.  Good luck!  

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