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Would you go on a "socially distance" cruise

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39 minutes ago, HamOp said:

I am not one to buy anything in the first model year, be it a car, computer, or boat.

The first few years of a new product are sure to have "bugs" and I would rather let someone else work out those problems.

The first year or two when cruising returns will be the first model year of the new cruise experience.  

I'll let someone else test the waters first, and when the bugs are worked out, I may return.

Speaking of bugs, I just love yours.

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I don't think there is any such thing as a socially distance cruise.  Reducing capacity by 50% would not ensure that every one maintains the required physical distance at all times.  Reducing numbers help with physically distancing requirements, but it doesn't guarantee it.  I have experienced this time and time again when I go out.  Just yesterday I was at a big box store and while I made a point to step back from the sales clerk as he was preparing my order, another couple made it a point to get up to within a foot of him to ask him a question.


So while there are physical barriers on a ship that place challenges on physical distancing like narrow hallways, no cruise line can fully prevent mindless and oblivious passengers from getting too close to others.

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4 hours ago, Himself said:

The major news programs are warning of fact that yesterday there were 378 Covid 19 deaths.  On the average day in the USA there are 7452 deaths. But they forget to announce that.  


Ohhh! There's not enough death in America? :classic_tongue:


I'm sure that you are aware that the state reports are undercounted over the weekend?


Anyway, the truth is that the covid death toll is under-reported.


"... The 781,000 total deaths in the U.S. in the three months through May 30 were nearly 19% higher than what would normally be expected, the study said...


The researchers noted the gap between the reported coronavirus deaths and the excess deaths varied by states. For example, California reported 4,046 Covid-19 deaths and 6,800 excess deaths, leaving 41% of the excess deaths unattributed to Covid-19 they said.


Texas and Arizona had wider gaps, with roughly 55% and 53%, respectively, of excess deaths unattributed to Covid-19."




Yes, I would only cruise on a ship with social distancing. To do otherwise would be the equivalent of Russian roulette; that is suicide.


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Not Holland, but I'm going on the Carnival Dream in December 2020 (IF it isn't cancelled)!!! 


I have no problem with social distancing and mask usage. 


The ONLY reason I booked (in July 2020) is because the cruise with tax was about $500 and Carnival gave me a VIFP offer with $500 ONBARD CREDIT!!! I've never ever seen such a large amount of onboard credit! I'm not part of the Players Club (it was not a Casino rate). I just COULD NOT pass up what is essentially a free cruise! The onboard credit will pay my gratuities, a Cheers beverage package, and I'll have a little spending money left. I just need shore excursions and a premium WIFI plan, and I'll be golden.


Shore excursions that are compliant and safe are what I'm worried about most.


I'm excited to be a "pioneer" of the New Cruising Age. I'm figuring that while the ship is well booked, the ship will not sail at capacity because of cancellations from fear of COVID-19, and a disinterest in Carnival's mask and social distancing policies, and whatever changes that will occur.


The buffet will change drastically. The pools will be closed too, I'm sure. Watching people smoking with a face mask on is going to be interesting.


I'm not going expecting anormal cruise. I actually have 0 expectations except to have fun and chill.

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4 hours ago, taxmantoo said:

There is a major difference between living the last day of your life enjoying life to the fullest or living the last day of your life playing Russian Roulette.  It is your choice ... good luck!

I am not playing Russian Roulette. For me, living each day of my life as though it were my life means something much more profound than "eat, drink and be merry."  

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Yes, as long as there has been a vaccine.  We don't usually go to the entertainment and can do without the buffets.  We are very accustomed to the socially distance society by now and would have no difficulty with an adjustment in travel.

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2 hours ago, albingirl said:

Yes, as long as there has been a vaccine.  We don't usually go to the entertainment and can do without the buffets.  We are very accustomed to the socially distance society by now and would have no difficulty with an adjustment in travel.


It might be quite an adjustment if, despite all of the precautions, the virus is detected on the ship and guests are not allowed to disembark. I am more concerned about that scenario than I am about actually becoming infected.

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The answer for me is simple. Much as I enjoy cruising with 3-4 a year I will not set foot on a cruise ship if a mask is required,. If the EU suggested guideline of "cohort" and/or "by age" grouping is implemented. We go on cruises, primarily trans ocean cooler weather cruises where getting pampered and enjoying good food, entertainment and dancing. Persian gardens, therapy pools are all things I enjoy. 


Proposals that make the buffet served instead of self service and certainly acceptable, heck we've been on Holland ships where the buffet had crew members doing the serving. Reducing density of lounge chairs, and things of that nature including having a ship with 5% empty cabins are all doable. While I've never been on a ship I felt was unclean but adding UV and other sanitizing is certainly acceptable though closing all public restrooms so that you'd have to go to your cabin any time you needed to use one is not.


When the EU recommendations came out we converted the FCC we had originally selected for one of the 3 cancelled cruises to cash since until we know what the future of cruising will look like I can't say if we will ever cruise again. If it is the EU proposed guidelines from the Cruise Critic article last week, the answer will be never. If it is something close to pre covid then we will but I'm not going to spend tens of thousands of dollars to be locked down on a ship.

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