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In what class is your favorite Carnival ship?  

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  1. 1. In what class is your favorite Carnival ship?

    • Fantasy class (Fantasy, Ecstasy, Sensation, Fascination, Imagination, Inspiration, Elation, Paradise)
    • Destiny/Sunshine class (Destiny/Sunshine, Triumph/Sunrise, Victory)
    • Spirit class (Spirit, Pride, Legend, Miracle)
    • Conquest class (Conquest, Glory, Valor, Liberty, Freedom)
    • Splendor class (Splendor)
    • Dream class (Dream, Magic, Breeze)
    • Vista class (Vista, Horizon, Panorama)
    • RIP class (other ships no longer in Carnival's fleet)
    • I haven't sailed on any Carnival ships yet

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The full question is as follows for those who can't see it displayed:


In thinking of your favorite Carnival ship that you've sailed upon, what class does it belong to?


A couple of notes to help you answer this question:


  • Don't count any ship you haven't sailed on.  ESPECIALLY not the new Mardi Gras.
  • I've combined the Destiny and Sunshine classes.  Not that I expect any of them to get a lot of votes, but...
  • Feel free to comment specifying your favorite ship, why it's your favorite, and perhaps persuade others that it should be their favorite ship.


Thanks for your time!

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Thanks Honolulu Blue, fun poll to help us get through these last couple of months.


I voted for Conquest Class.   Really like these ships, not to big, not to small.   But without a doubt the biggest reason is the aft adult only pool.   Can't understand why Carnival removed this feature from most of the ships!!!

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I also voted for the Destiny class . We really enjoyed  our cruise on the  Sunrise . We liked the Red Frog Pub Venue and the extra

food outlets. And it was our first Spa cabin experience. I am hooked on Spa cabins but they have to have the Thermal suites.

Before that I would have said the Liberty. We are booked on the Mardi Gras for April cant wait to try the therapy pool. l

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I voted for Dream class because of the Breeze. I loved all the extra outdoor space on the Breeze - being able to walk all the way around the ship on the entertainment level (Ocean Plaza). The new updates - Bonsai restaurant, the Italian place, Red Frog Pub, etc. And the ship didn't feel overly crowded to me like Vista class did. If Breeze had a Havana area, it would be perfect! 


My second fave class is the Conquest class. 

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For me it's the Spirit Class followed by the Dream Class, though I still enjoy the Fantasy Class from time to time on the shorter runs. This is from someone who sailed on the Fantasy when she was brand new! 😁

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We love the Dream class. We sailed on the Magic a few years ago and fell in love. Our next cruise was on the Breeze last October.  It became our favorite ship. We rebooked the same Breeze cruise for August.  Fingers crossed we get to go. 

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I voted Vista class. While I would like a larger comedy club and alchemy bar, those downsides are outweighed by the number of bars and restaurants on the Vista class ships. And nobody that talks about the small comedy club ever mentions the fact that they have late night comedy in the main lounge 2 or 3 nights on a 7 night cruise.


I think the Dream class would move closer if they add JiJis. They can do the same thing they've done on the Vista class cutting Cucina in half to put in JiJis on one side. Another thing that weighed heavy on my vote is while I think Breeze and Magic are close to the Vista class, the Dream itself is not. No Cucina or Red Frog Pub. If there's a sporting event on you want to watch you have no choice but to deal with the smoke and ashes at the casino bar. That's 1/3 of the Dream class that's seriously lacking. 


Add in the fact that I can stream live video on the vista class. They have the bigger room TVs with better ship cams and better air conditioning...and it becomes a blowout for the Vista class for me.


Edit: And I say this having not been on the Spirit or Sunshine classes.


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I really have loved them all, but my favorite class of ship is conquest class, and my favorite ship in that class is Liberty.  Just loved the decor, the lights in the atrium, and was absolutely the best cruise of my life, taken with my Mom.  I also loved the Splendor which was similar in some ways in layout, and yes, I do love pink!.  My next favorite was Victory.  Triumph was ok too, but, my least favorite although conquest class was Valor, just did not quite like the decor on that one.  but it was a great cruise. So favorite class conquest, favorite ship Liberty.


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My favorite is the Dream class! Specifically the Magic 🤩. This is the ship we got married on so it will always be special to us. I love the layout of this ship and all the restaurant options. Also, I like that you can walk around the whole ship on the Ocean plaza deck. We went on the Breeze last year and for some reason it seemed more crowded to me and I didn’t like the layout of the Buffett. My 2nd favorite is the Liberty! Great layout and had all the food options as well and not crowded at all. 

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6 hours ago, Radiioman46 said:

For me, my favorite is the Conquest class. I've been on the Conquest, Triumph and Freedom. I hope to go on the Freedom again in August if the CDC takes their boot off the neck of the cruise lines.

For what it’s worth, Triumph was originally a Destiny class ship, not a Conquest class ship. 

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2 hours ago, jerseyjjs said:

Pretty glaring low number of votes for the newest class of ship.

That should tell you a lot about the design of these ships. I know a lot of people who frequently cruise with Carnival. However, I don’t know anyone personally who would say a Vista class ship is their favorite Carnival ship. 

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Thanks everyone for commenting and voting.  I'll do a subtle bump to get this to the top and perhaps get some more quality posts.


I'm happy that every class got votes - including the RIP class.  Tropicale fans, I demand to know who you are!!!!  Just kidding.


I'll note that I've sailed on at least one of every current class of Carnival ship except the Fantasy class.  I've sailed on all the Conquest class ships except the Glory.  My current favorite ship is actually the Horizon.  It has some nice secluded places, the other Guy's joint, and the best Carnival WiFi I've experienced.  


But enough about me.  Let's hear more about you and your favorites.

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Spirit Class ships by simple math.  Take the ships tonnage (tons of water displaced) divided by the number of passengers to get an amount of room per passenger.  No contest.  Spirit Class wins, hands down.  The Legend seems to be my favorite, based on the cruises I have taken.


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